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Don't read if you're going onboard at Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas, Day 3

Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas, Day 3  all day sail and it was a long day to us. Hubby did not slept well, he vomit all night. I was listening and watching  him makes me sick and want to vomit as well. Little Travelentz slept well and doesn't know what was happened. 

Hubby did not eaten any breakfast as he scared to death he will going to vomit again. So mother-in-law and I asked him to see a doctor for check-up to make sure his fine considering he's only one who was sick and we think it was his dinner last night. 

We go down at the guest relation desk and hubby queue but they advised him to go down to see a doctor to make sure he had no any virus. We book our tour for day 4 and day 5 so all are set.Father-in-law and husband went down to see the doctor while mother in-law and I went to a seminar about shopping.

Doctor's advice:
The check-up went well and my husband is not sick and the doctor can't figure out what he had. The only finding he thought was digestive intestinal-as the cruise has a protocol when you vomit you have to be quarantine at least 24 hours.

I was surprised when I called my husband and ask where he is and told me the story that he is quarantine for 24 hours,I was shock and don't know what to do. I pick-up my daughter in Aquanauts program and had lunch and went down to see my husband. 

No Menu in the room:
I'm not complaining but the situation  I have and no menu at our room gives me a headache so I decided to go up and get some food for my husband considering he can't go out. I have to taking care my Parents-in-law, my daughter and husband at the same time. It was too much in my plate at that day.

Hubby regrets he went down to see a doctor considering his not really sick, he ate a bad food or something that doesn't goes to his stomach. His been traveling international only time he gets this is food poison or bad food.

Sleep all day:
I don't like to leave my husband so I decided to stay with him and put our little one to sleep. I told to my parents-in-law what happened and they are all surprise so they told just taking care of my husband and they will just get some sun.

Ice show:
I told hubby we have reservation at the Ice show but he can't go and  hubby told me I have to go so I enjoy myself considering he watched it many times and I never seen yet. 

After the show hubby was so bored to death and unhappy that he stayed all day at the room doing nothing. We are thankful he is not sick and he had no Norovirus though he was quarantine for 24 hours. 

So, if you want to know more about our onboard experience at Royal Caribbean  Freedom of the Seas you can start on Freedom of the Seas Itinerary.



  1. Oh. How sad naman. Hirap magkasakit lalo kung nasa bakasyon, but it happens. Good thing is he is fine now.

  2. oh sorry about that Mhie, I know it is worse to get sick in the middle of a vacation, but being quarantined is even more sad, but thankfully, your hubby did not really have any sickness that time, just was sensitive to the food