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A step back into history: The Hermitage, Home of President Andrew Jackson

We're a  history freak , so we feel auspicious  every time we visit this kind of attraction and one of it we can't pass is the The Hermitage, Home of President Andrew Jackson. Actually, I don't know who is President Andrew Jackson until we had the tour last weekend. A step back into history is one of a kind particularly he is the 7th President of the United States.
at the back of Hermitage Mansion 

A step back into history:
Before the tour began we watch the introductory film about the The Hermitage and  President Andrew Jackson and the film  started when he was a young boy  and how he became a President. President  Andrew Jackson  was born on March 15,1767, a lawyer and a landowner  who became a national hero after defeating the British in New Orleans year 1812 . He is the founder of the Democratic Party and died on June 8,1845 

President Andrew Jackson tomb
Audio Tours:
We decided to purchase a ticket that is self-guided tour and we were given  an audio tour to  learn more about Jackson’s farm, garden, the lives of slaves, museum exhibits, and many historic sites.Inside the hermitage mansion has a lead-interpreter tour and photography are not allowed. 

Do I recommend:
The place is huge and the hermitage mansion is beautiful which much of it is original so it's worth the visit.The President Jackson was buried in the garden together with his wife. Give yourself at least 3  hours in this tour.

Type of Tours:
Basically the type of the tour are walking so wear comfortable shoes for walking. Some stairs inside the mansion  but not too many. Stroller are not allowed so we leave it  outside the house but most of the pathways are smooth and easy for the stroller.

Little Travelentz enjoy wandering in the garden.
It is located at 4580 Rachels Ln  Nashville, TN 37076. General admission  for adults-$19, children (6-12) $9 and children 5 and under are free.



  1. I learned something bew today too:)

  2. I so love the red tulips! Hehe anyway, a self guided tour can be more memorable.

  3. I need to search more about this US president to fully appreciate the post. Nevertheless, visiting Historical site is a privilege to have.

  4. Beautiful home of the pass president :-) I love historic place and it is wonderful to learn the history and things happen in that special place :-)

  5. This is indeed a nice-looking mansion. The garden and the lawn are well-kept.

  6. love going to historical places to Mhie, somehow, it is inspiring to learn from the lessons of before that were part of how we are now. and little M is so cute in that garden.

  7. the place is huge indeed, the flower garden is surreal, awesome.. parang plastic lang na tinanim.. very nice.. :)

  8. It's great to visit historical places such as that one. You are one quite traveler I might say.

  9. wow, 7th President? di ko rin alam yun ah. haha! the place is huge, i love the beautiful red tulips!

  10. The tomb of President Jackson is unique. It is a big place to explore. Looks like little travelentz is enjoying those lovely tulips.

  11. I always marvel at historical landmarks. It's great that you're able to have a little adventure here, Mhie. I am sure the little travelentz was very happy.

  12. its always great to know facts about historical places. thanks for sharing about this to us...learn something new today! (parang kanta lang!) :) anyway, look like little M's enjoying the garden...cute!