Benefits of Audio Books

One of my favorite books lately are the audio books. I usually listen while I'm driving or i'm at home. Hubby is the one who use a lot considering he had no time to read but he has time to listen while driving every day to his work. As you know he drives 2 hours every day so he listens an audio books.

When I was teaching in Thailand,I used audiobooks at the classroom and gives better understanding to my students,especially the different expressions of the narrator that caught their interest.

The benefits of Audio Books:
  • Improve listening skills.
  • Ability to multi-task.
  • Improves speaking.
  • Ability to understand different accent.
  • Saves your time.
Perhaps audiobooks is good for me but not for everyone. All of us have different taste and its up to us what we choose between textbooks and audiobooks.



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