How to travel with Kids less stressful?

Traveling with kids can be stressful if you don't plan ahead of time. I traveled with my child when she was 3 months old.When you are traveling with kids it is important to know what's best for both of you or ask yourself on  How to travel with kids  less stressful? You know your child better than I do so make the best planning  that keep your sanity when traveling with kids.

Kids will always be  kids they are curious and ready to explore.They can't be seated for a long hour without entertaining them and sometime kids have a  "MELT DOWN".

How to travel with kids  less stressful:
1. Planning-When you know your destination, start planning on what you can bring to make every one happy on the trip.Be realistic on packing. Try to jot down making sure everything is on your check list.
  • Prams-It seems like a great idea to bring a Baby Pushchairs/Prams your kids doesn't have to walk-which means you can get  easily in your destination faster  and they might even fall asleep in the prams, giving you a bit of a break and them some rest and most of all it  something to help with carrying the bags.
  • No Sweets-I have a toddler so I avoid giving sweets  before arriving on the middle of a strange place with a sugar rush.
  • Toys-Bring your kids favourite toys that make her happy and play for a long hour. Like my daughter she's happy and content with her stuffed toys cat-fall asleep with it.

2. Gadgets-With the fast technology today,there are so many things you can download that can occupied your child on the trip.
  • movies-I  buy 2 movies during our trip and gives me peace of mind while my daughter's glued on her movie.Make sure it's her favourite movies.
  • games-I choose wisely of what she can play, this would comes down  with your own preferences.
  • Writing apps-My daughter likes to write or scribble on her iPad.She can do it for an hour without disturbing me.

3.Expect the unexpected-With proper planning, there is unexpected things  might happen so be prepared all the time although its not what we want to think on our trip.
  • First food for your kids-If your kids had never eaten any of those food/snacks/fruits, don't let her try to taste it. I learnt in a hard way. I keep giving my daughter so she can try and ended up vomiting all the time and a pain on me. When my family  traveled I check all the foods that my kids can eat before they put in their mouth just to make sure.
  • Don't let your kids go swimming without adult supervision-I am overprotected mom and my kids can't go swimming in the pool nor in the beach without a lifeguard on guard.Better be safe than sorry.
  • Allergy-This is the biggest problem make sure you supervised all the food your kids are eating especially the ingredients.
  • Travel insurance- It's important you are prepared all the time. Do not travel without travel insurance. Its worth every penny if something occurred.
Traveling can be stressful for every one who is not well prepared. You know your kids very well and understand what is best for them. Make sure you know where to go during emergency and keep all the medical insurance.Health is wealth.

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The Best Apps for Hikers, Campers and Outdoor Lovers

Do you love the idea of spending your vacation hiking through the wilderness and sleeping out under the stars? Whether your idea of heaven is hiking, camping or just spending time outdoors, there are a few must have apps that you need on your phone. Even if you're deep into the backcountry and miles away from the nearest cell tower, you'll still find these apps useful on your trip.


You can spend days checking out websites, writing down notes and keeping track of trails, or you can just download the AllTrails app. More than one million users downloaded this app after taking a look at the number of trails documented. Not only can you view some of the more popular trails, but you can also create and share your own trails. If you love taking pictures on your journeys, you can add images to your trails before posting them for others. AllTrails offers basic information for free or a premium membership for $50 per month. Premium membership gives you complete access to all the trails and maps from National Geographic Maps.

U.A. Army Survival Guide 

The U.S. Army Survival Guide is an app suitable for beginners and expert hikers alike. Every time that a hiker goes missing, the media documents every fact relating to the case. Those who recover talk about how they found or made shelter, stayed hydrated and discovered food. If you wonder how they managed to do all that and more, this is the perfect app for you. This app relies on the same information found in the survival guide used by the United States Army. You'll have access to a database of plants and other foods that you can eat, where to find safe drinking water and what types of shelters are best in different situations.


Have you ever stumbled, hurt yourself and wondered what you should do next? With the GoToAid, you'll never again worry about how to treat yourself or anyone else hiking with you. This app shows you different types of injuries and gives you step by step instructions with detailed diagrams on how to help yourself until you can reach medical attention. If you ever take your pets out with you, this app is perfect for you. It goes into details about how to treat injuries that affects your four-legged hiking partner.

Backpacker Checklist

Packing for an outdoor excursion may be more frustrating than you expected. With Backpacker Checklist, you can use one of the existing lists or create a customized packing list that details everything you need. Hiking enthusiasts like Maxim Gorin can benefit from the fact that this app also lets you keep records about where you store your tent, hiking boots and other gear and equipment. This helps you find the things you need faster and finish your packing quicker. Though you do need to pay for the app, you will never again find yourself in the middle of the wilderness without the things that you need.

Downloading a few apps to your smartphone can help you stay safe when hiking or camping. You'll know what to do when you injure yourself, always have the right gear and supplies on hand, understand how to take care of yourself in the wilderness and have access to trails and maps.
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New Orleans Vacation: St. Louis Cemetery No. 1

When my family decided to go vacation on New Orleans, hubby and I decided to visit the St, Louis Cemetery No. 1. Yes, It's a cemetery and  one of the most popular place to visit so don't miss the opportunity to see and stepped your foot.

St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 is the oldest and most famous attractions in New Orleans. It was opened in 1789, as the main burial ground when the city was redesigned after a fire in 1788.

Saint Louis Cemetery  was name of three Roman Catholic cemeteries in New Orleans, Louisiana  in the 18th century and 19th century. Most of the  graves are above-ground vaults.
It was hot and sunny during our tour in St. Louis Cemetery No.1. Little Travelentz didn't appreciate this kind of stuff so we don't stay longer after the tour we headed to the Welcome Centre. The story is interesting so you might consider checking this most popular destination once you're there. 

Tips in Visiting St. Louis Cemetery No. 1:
  • Bring water
  • Bring your Camera
  • Guided tour
  • Small cemetery  so don't expect too much. The history is amazing.
  • Located at: 425 Basin Street New Orleans, LA 70112

Interesting history
Some of the tombs

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Learning an Instruments

When my daughter starts to learn playing an instrument, I am a happy mom when she's showing an effort an interest to learn. At the very young age she's learning how to learn music by ear which amazes me.

 I was busy browsing for  a summer  music camp and I found this website that caught my attention zildjian percussion. I just wish my daughter is ready for another instruments.

Learning  different instruments can hone their mind and thinking. It makes a huge difference to those who study.
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A Quick Stop at Waffle House

When we went home up North,my family had a quick stop at Waffle House for breakfast.Hubby is so simple, he only likes over easy eggs,toast bread and a bacon. As I like more fancy breakfast if I am at home,on vacation.

Little Travelentz is in seventh heaven with a waffle and I ordered for her. One thing I like in waffle house the price is descent and affordable.

My husband and I has the same order.Travelentz has a happy tummy after we finished our breakfast.

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Using Online Information to Plan Your Vacation

Planning the ideal vacation that you and your family will enjoy can be a challenge. When you want to make sure that you get access to all of the enjoyments and amenities that you wish during your vacation, you can find out more when you use this website online. Through this site, you can look at pictures, schedule your visit, and also compare rates so that your vacation fits well within your budget. This site is available around the clock, letting you do this pre-vacation research before or after work or when you have a day off later.

Along with checking out the rates for resort amenities, you can also use this site to find things to do on your vacation. Many people sometimes want to soak in the local culture, which requires that they find out what festivals, celebrations, and tourist spots are close to the resort. When you want to take your family on a trip that will be fun as well as memorable and perhaps even educational, you can use the link on the side of the page to check out things that you all can do and enjoy together.

Likewise, when you are away from home at the resort, you will want to eat your regular meals. Rather than pack food to take with you, you can check out the nearby restaurants near the resort, as well eateries in the resort itself. This information can help you plan your meals.
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Happy New Year! 2 Days had been past on 2015 and I don't have time to write about my travel goal, .I just arrived from  holidays where I spent at in-laws place.

This year would be a big difference compare last year. Hubby and I already talked about not going outside the country because of my in-laws health issues and we need to save some money as well. 

Family time:
My in-laws are not getting younger anymore. So many complications about their health and the bottom line they have so many  doctor's appointment. My partner planned to spend more time and travelled with them and stay in one place where both of them can enjoy the place and so my Little Travelentz.

I am planning to continue my blog as this is my sanity outlet away from my hometown and I enjoy documenting my travel experience.

As I say, local destination would be the best in my family this time. If given the chance I would love to visit these State:
  • California
  • Las Vegas
  • Texas
  • North Dakota
  • Missouri
  • Florida
  • Memphis
  • Virginia
  • Washington DC
  • Wyoming
  • Upper Peninsula of Michigan
Well,I wanted to do more nature this year.
  • National Parks
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Beach
Healthy Lifestyle:
Aside running errands ever day, I want to have better healthy lifestyle this year. I'm excited the neighborhood pool would open this year:
  • Biking
  • Hiking
  • Swimming

If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal,not to people or things.~Albert Einstein~
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Weekend in Richmond: Get Your Ghost On

It's probably not surprising that a city as immersed in history as Richmond would have a reputation for ghosts and paranormal activity. Going back to its role in the nation's founding through its pivotal importance in the Civil War, Richmond has more than enough cemeteries, monuments, and historical residences to house a veritable army of ghosts. If haunting is your thing, check out these ghosts in Richmond.

The Lady in Red at Wrexham Hall
Even if you're only plan for an overnight stay at any of these Richmond hotels, you can still visit one of the area's most infamous ghosts. Wrexham Hall in Chesterfield, an easy drive from RIC, is a popular wedding venue — and home to the ghost of Susannah Walthall, a wraith-like figure in a bright red dress. Local lore says Susannah lingers at the 1770s home because a later owner disturbed the family's graveyard, depriving her of a final resting place. Guests at Wrexham Hall report chairs that mysteriously rock when no one is in them, footsteps on empty stairs, and objects that disappear and reappear at random.  

Robert Coulter at the Byrd Theatre

Image via Flickr by Gamma Man
The historic Byrd Theatre was completed in 1928, and was the state's first theater with a sound system. The theater's original manager, Robert Coulter, remained in charge from the date the theater opened until the day of his death in 1971. Apparently unwilling to relinquish his role in operations of the theater — even after death — Mr. Coulter is rumored to haunt the theatre, helping to bar the doors at closing time or perched in the balcony taking in a show. You might even see a bonus ghost, the spirit of a little girl who lurks in the women's restroom. 

The Ghost Children at the Edgar Allan Poe Museum
Though Poe himself never lived there, the Old Stone House, the oldest home in Richmond, serves as the location of the Edgar Allan Poe Museum. The museum contains the largest collection of the writer's artifacts, from his boyhood bed to his early manuscripts and writing utensils. This beautiful house in Richmond's Shockoe district is also reportedly home to two youthful spirits, a blonde boy and girl, who wander through the courtyard gardens. Locals believe they are the children of the German immigrants who built the house. 

The Soldiers at Hollywood Cemetery
Hollywood Cemetery, overlooking the James River, is the final resting place of three U.S. Presidents, two Supreme Court justices, 23 Confederate generals, and thousands of soldiers. There is also a 90-foot granite pyramid standing tribute to the 11,000 unknown soldiers buried there. Visitors report moaning and crying coming from the pyramid, believed to be from the spirits of the unknown soldiers seeking to make their presence known. A bit behind the pyramid lies the grave of a young girl guarded by a cast-iron dog. Groundskeepers and visitors alike claim the dog moves spontaneously and growls if anyone gets too close to the little girl's grave. 

If you like paranormal activities and chasing ghosts, why not use Hipmunk to book a flight to Richmond for a haunting weekend getaway? If you're an experienced ghostbuster who's explored the city's haunted places, share your tips in the comments below!

Sheila Westin is a freelance travel writer and food blogger who writes about the charms, cuisine, and culture of the places she visits. When she's not on the road, Sheila enjoys exploring the excellent restaurants and jazz clubs of her native Washington, DC. Sheila is a writer for the #HipmunkCityLove project. 
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