10 things I love in Lego kidsfest in Nashville

I have an opportunity to experience the first Lego kidsfest that was held in Music City,Nashville. I love everything  in Legokidsfest and the most 10 things I so love about in the said festival."EVERYTHING is AWESOME!!! yes! it's awesome to be there and enjoy with my family especially my daughter.I see the real happiness in her two eyes when she saw all the lego are all over the floor and waiting for her to start building something.How awesome is that?

Legokidsfest is for all ages who  loves Lego and they have variety of things to do for kids aside from Lego. It was fun watching the kids using their imagination and creativity.

10 things I love in Lego kidsfest in Nashville.
  • Big Brick Pile zone-My daughter doesn't want to get out in this zone. She has a blast. 
  • Lego Model Museum-Incredible! If you've been in the festival, you'll be amazed with all the display.
  • LEGO Disney Princess-You all know I have a girl, so princess thing for a 5 year old is big deal for her. She was tickle to see the princess made of Lego.
  • LEGO Retail- OMG! the price was very reasonable and I can't resist  to buy our newest collection Lego ELVES.
  • Photo opportunity with the Master Builder-Yay! my husband grown up with Lego and he was excited to met the master builder and had a photo ops.
  • Star Wars- My family and I are big fan of Star Wars so just imagine the excitement.
  • Imagination Playground- My husband and little girl had so much fun playing and making something.
  • Pump it Up-my daughter loves this area. 
  • Lego Art Gallery-It was  creative things to do and display your art in the gallery.
  • Monochromatic Builds-You have a chance to play by group and win some prizes.

3 Words I could describe  the  Lego Kidsfest in Nashville

1. Incredible-I was grateful with the opportunity that I attended this kind of event with my family. All the displays and works they put all together is incredible.They have smooth and well plan activities.Worth every penny.

2. Awesome- I watched the movie and the most words that you would never forget " EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!!!! they got it right. 

3. Imagination- turn your imagination into reality.Build something you wanted to build and create it. I think this was all about.Don't be scared to build and use your imagination.

Disclosure: Thank you  Lego Kidsfest for  the complimentary tickets. However,I will always share my honest opinion  about my  travel experience.

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Four Ways to Choose the Best Resort for Your Next Vacation

Choosing a resort for an upcoming vacation is supposed to be a fun and exciting time, but the problem is that too many people soon realize that there are conditions for any form of excitement. Not all resorts are reputable, not all are affordable and not all are safe. There are many different features, too, for all kinds of travelers. Here are four good tips to help you find the best resort for your next vacation.

1. Where Do You Want to Go in the World?

Decide where in the world you want to go on vacation first. Researching the most popular areas both in and around your home state might be necessary, and don't be afraid to think outside of the box. Some resorts are located in front of beaches, while others are found nestled in mountains, does one appeal to you more than another? Also, consider the proximity to the central city and shopping areas. Wherever you feel the most comfortable and excited is where you should go. 

2. What Do You Want to Do?

Decide which activities you want to do both inside and outside of your resort. Decide if you want a resort that provides an upscale restaurant or one that is placed near a wide restaurant area. All-inclusive resorts provide almost everything you need, including rooms, bars, restaurants, swimming pools and more, but you also might not experience everything the area has to offer.
3. Read Reviews Online

Know how other people have spent their vacations by reading customer reviews online. The Internet is full of sites that allow happy customers to express their gratitude and angry customers to vent their frustrations. Browsing social media is a good way to find businesses like Bluegreen Resorts on Facebook, which help you find top vacation spots all over the U.S. 

4. Look for Deals and Special Offers

Look for special deals that allow you to choose a favorite resort. Through these deals, an expensive vacation could become more affordable than you ever thought. You can call the resort directly and ask if they are providing any discounts.

Resorts are quite luxurious and relaxing, but you also need to make sure you are making the right considerations before booking. Affordability, proximity, popularity and amenities are a few factors to consider. The amount of research you do is reflected in the amount of excitement you create for your next travels.
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Moving to a new Place

Most of you knows we just moved in to our new place. I'm so thankful to  my husband that as of now we have a so called "home sweet home". It wasn't an easy transition for the family-too many things to do so little time. Furnishing a new home is not that simple as I thought. You become more attentive in all decors,furniture and color matching. I ended up hiring an interior decorator to help out  and  my first priority was to Check these chairs out at Home and Patio D├ęcor Center!

Finding a new home is an adventure. I couldn't simply express my words when we have a final walk in our house before closing. Stressful, excitement at the same time. Considering my husband and I have so little furnitures so we did  not hire a moving company-it was a big mistake and it took us a week to moved our stuff.

Tips for moving to a new Place:
I've learn in a hard way and it wasn't easy as I thought. 
  • Hire a moving company:If ever I will move to a new place,definitely hire a moving company to move your stuff.Moving all the boxes and furnitures by yourself is not worth your time and money.The first we moved out in the State we hire and it was an easy transition. I was able to enjoy the new environment.
  • Box all the stuff by yourself: The first time we move out, I box all the stuff by myself and the saves a lot of time by doing it every day. It wasn't exhausting. I do whenever I am more relax and in mood.
  • Sort out the things you really needed: When you know you're moving to a new place, you have to ask yourself what do you need. You can sort out the things you needed the best and leave some of or donate it. Paying and hauling all the boxes are sometimes not worth your money and time to unload it.
  • Moving Sale:Consider a moving sale before putting your stuff in a boxes. You'll be surprise when you move to your place you don't want your old stuff and you'd rather buy a new decors that suit to your place.
Moving to a new place isn't easy, but one thing I can say it is an adventure to treasure,new faces, new environment and new descoveries in life.

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Colorado: Finding a good hotel

When you plan going in Colorado,you need to find a good hotel in the area. I found the Montrose Colorado hotels  that is in my price range and has the amenities that I wanted.The location is desirable and has nearby attractions that a traveler could ask for more.

How to say you're in a good hotel:

Being in a good hotel is important for a traveler. That's why there are so many hotels out there willing to accommodate your needs. Bottom line its all about your presence and style in life.
  • Willing to help out you: Friendly staff and willing to help out you during your stay is very important for me. That's why I only choose the hotel that has a friendly staff so far I'm grateful they're all and I don't have complain yet. 

  • Amenities: Having good amenities like free breakfast, wifi is a big plus when booking a hotel. 

  • Clean and Comfortable: I don't need to stay in a suite just to have a comfortable and relaxing day. I'll be happy to stay in the a room that is clean and comfortable ambiance. For me, this is the most important were I can close my eyes without bugs and fly in my room.

Nearby Attraction: Top priority when booking a hotel. Driving an hour just to get in the attraction is  simply important for me enable not to get up so early and be in the long queue to get in. I don't want to waste my time to be in the road. 
  • Restaurants: Having a good restaurant onsite is a winner for me. If I feel lazy to get out, I can simply call and deliver it my room or in the pool side.

Going in Colorado is like going to a different place and it's just beautiful that I couldn't hardly find a good adjectives to describe.It's completely a new adventure for me and to my daughter.I've visited the place last couple years and I so love it. Hoping we will have a chance to go back in the area and explore more what Colorado to offer for a family.
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Best way to consider when booking a hotel

When going on a vacation, the first thing I thought is looking a hotel like the Durango Colorado hotels. It is important to plan your vacation ahead of time and talk to your family about it. In my experience, my husband rely on me to plan our vacation.

Best way to consider when booking a hotel:
  • Price-Whether you're in budget or not, price is the first thing to consider when booking a hotel and the amenities that is offered. I'm grateful so far, the hotel we stayed  have the best amenities that a traveler could ask.
  • Cancelable-I do my best to booked a hotel room that is cancelable to have peace of mind.Paying in advance without security is like throwing your money. I can't control my life and I'd rather pay an extra amount of money or just get a room that's cancelable.
  • Location-It's very important for me and to my family. Location is my top priority when booking a hotel. You can find a good deal when you have  patience and more time for your vacation.
Traveling could be enjoyable even planning a vacation. It needs to have excitement when booking your temporary home.Remember this would be your temporary home and it needs to be comfortable, relaxing ambiance that you don't want to leave the place.

How to book a hotel:
Booking a hotel it seems to be very easy but once you're about to book your temporary home-you'll feel wanting the best all of it and face the new challenges:

I myself likes  booking in advance enable to split the cost of my travel expenses.I want to go in vacation that is enjoyable and not to worry the cost after my vacation. Paying ahead of time gives me more peace of mind and excitement of my vacation.

Here are my favourite things to do when booking a hotel:
  • Subscribe  travel website: I find this very important to check what's on the market that has affordable rate and go from there.
  • Compare:As a traveler you need to compare hotel ratings in the website. Sometimes going to direct booking gives you more flexibility and the rate is fair enough.
  • Do your homework: I think this is very important to do your homework before going on vacation. You need to learn when is the peak season of the destination you're going to go. Prices vary in every destination and it fluctuates easily.
  • Join Travel Rewards Card Membership/Loyalty Program: I am member in one of the travel rewards and it pays some of the amenities were we love it. We have  free upgrade room and sometimes free breakfast, wifi and snack on arrival.
Travel is my favorite leisure in life.It gives colour and renewed my sanity from the real world.
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Have you ever heard this?

I was wondering when one of my friend told me about his passion and buying all the accessories for his instruments. My friend play a guitar and he is so good. It's sad that I live far from him and he can't teach my child.

He asked me, one day to check the 5881 and I told him, I never heard this, he explained. Have you ever heard this kind of product? If you play music instruments you'll know what I'm talking. Playing music is fun and  great for every day.I enjoy listening and it makes my day.

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5 Fun Gifts for Her

Is your anniversary approaching fast? Or maybe you're looking for a sweet token to mark Mother's Day. Here are just five gifts that are sure to please any woman in your life.

1. Robes
Robes are a luxurious present that she'll appreciate every time she steps out of the shower. Include a gift card to a spa or salon to really make her day.

2. Customized Bags
All women love a good purse, and monogrammed bags are even better; they'll give your gift a personal and thoughtful touch. She'll also be less likely to lose her bag among a pile of similar bags!

3. Candles
Candles are a bit of a generic gift, but if you can turn them into special mementos of times you've shared together, she'll treasure their scents forever. For example, if the two of you met at an outdoor concert, buy a candle that smells like the daisy you put into her hair.

4. Chocolate
Chocolate is suitable for women of all ages and relationship statuses. Friends will enjoy gift baskets; lovers will swoon for boxed chocolates; relatives will appreciate chocolate desserts.

5. Traditional Jewelry
Jewelry can be a hit-or-miss gift unless you really understand her taste, but no woman will ever say no to akoya pearls or glittering diamonds.

These are just a few gift ideas for birthdays, holidays and anniversaries. Whether you're shopping for your six-year-old niece or your 60-year-old grandmother, the most important thing is that your present comes from the heart.
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