Chicago With Family: Aquatic show at Shedd Aquarium

The Aquatic Show at Shedd Aquarium was impressive. I love all their shows. They have 3 sets os shows first is the Dolphin, Belugas dance and the Sea Lion. 

 We have fun, and they explain in the show how they taking care the Dolhins, Belugas and the Sea Lion. Taking care the animals is like taking care of your own kids. Good thing this is included in our ticket and worth our time and money.

The Dolphin in Shedd Aquarium:
Taking a pictures during the show was a big challenge, first you don't know what they will do, or when is the best to take a pictures.
Another challenge of taking pictures during the Dolphin show was the metal fence that's the reason why the above pictures.

The Sea Lion:
It was fun and Little travelentz loves it.

The Beluga:

The beluga is also known as  white whale-is an Arctic and sub-Arctic cetacean
What do you think all the aquatic photos in Shedd Aquarium?

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8 Best Jellies travel shots at Shedd Aquarium

As I told you before in my previous post about Shedd Aquarium. Here are some of the photos I took that I consider my 8 best Jellies travel shots at Shedd Aquarium.Sorry I forgot some of the name of the Jellies.

Purple Striped Nettle Jellyfish:

Flower Hat Jelly:
Blue Blubber Jellies:
Blue Blubber Jellies1:
Lion's Mane Jellyfish:
Japanese Sea Nettle Jellyfish:
Upside Down Jellyfish:
Gosh! dunno the name:
So what is your favourite Jellyfish? I'll be honest I was amazed all the Jellies I saw in Shedd Aquarium Exhibits.If you know the name Please let me know :)
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Chicago with Family: Fun at Shedd Aquarium

Chicago with Family is so much fun for us. Good thing we don't need to pay any getaways for our daughter yet. Shedd Aquarium is  part of our  itinerary in Chicago as we purchased the City pass to get a good deal and accessed most of the exhibits without additional fee. 

Since we have a City Pass, we immediately went to the entrance and get in the Aquarium, and the employee who got our ticket doesn't know also and did not advised us to get our ticket so we can accessed all the exhibits that we need to go. I went back and asked to one lady about our City pass if how to get in the exhibits and surprisingly she told me we need to have a ticket...oops, so I explained to her we don't know and on the entrance he doesn't advised us to get a ticket but he just let us go and got our ticket. We went back to the entrance and told him and we waited for almost 5 minutes to resolves the issues. We're very thankful they understand us and give us some ticket since its not our fault.

During our visits in Shedd Aquarium in Chicago was too crowded, lots of students ( field trip).You know what's student looks like sigh:).The Shedd Aquarium was pretty neat and impressive aside from the students. We decided to go first in Jelly exhibits and went to the other exhibits we don't saw. We spent half day in Shedd Aquarium and saw all the exhibits.

The exhibits we went and included in our ticket:
  • Waters of The World:
  • Amazon Rising:
  • The Abbott Oceanarium:
  • Polar Play Zone:
  • 4-D Experience:
  • Shedd's Aquatic show:
  • Jellies:
Family Tips:
  • Go early or in the afternoon to avoid the students field trip.
  • City Pass is not a ticket-is only an easy way to fall in line and they will give you a ticket or wristband to allow you to get in the exhibits.
Do you have any Family tips for Shedd Aquarium you want,please let me know and I'm happy to add it. 
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Museum of Science and Industry with kids-Fun for Family

We went to Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry with kids and its fun for the whole family. There are a lot things to do and see. Exhibits are impressive. We bought a City Pass to save more time and its a good deal. We arrived around 1:00 pm and went out 5:30 where the museums of science and industry closed. The museum is huge and loved the hands on exhibits in science storms.  Only we don't like is the parking fee that cost 20 bucks just to visit the museum not including your ticket to get inside.

Museum of Science and Industry Exhibits that Travelentz went:
  • All Aboard the Silver Streak: Pioneer Zephyr:Little travelentz love the train.But we are running out of time and the exhibits was about to closed and good thing we let us  saw before he  closed the exhibits.
  • The Idea Factory-Little travelents had a blast and doesn't to go out in the exhibits. They had so much to do inside the Idea Factory exhibits.

  • Omnimax theather-We chose to watch "Born to be wild" and end up not to finish the movie little travelentz was antcy inside the theater. 
  • Earth Revealed- up-close and near “real-time” view of our planet Earth in the new Museum of Science and Industry.
  • Farm Tech-This exhibits is very details to me and I amazed how creative they are.The "highlights of the exhibit will challenge you to out-milk members of your group using new robotic milking technology; learn how farmers turn poop into power; steer a tractor and combine". We love this exhibits.

  • Henry Crown Space Center-It reminds me the Space Center in Alabama that we visited.
  • Petroleum Planet-This is cool and Little Travelentz scared.I guess she's still to young for this exhibits.hehhehe." Petroleum Planet is an innovative and interactive look at this humble liquid and its impact."
  • Science Storms- This is one of our favourite exhibits. This is impressive exhibits about even natural phenomena—lightning, fire, tornados, avalanches, tsunamis, sunlight and atoms in motion. 

  •  Ships Through the Ages- "collection of authentic ship models ranging from reproductions of the first sea craft that dared to sail the ocean nearly 5,000 years ago to luxury liners of the mid-1900s."
  • The Great Train Story-This is one of Little travelentz favourite.Its about  model railroad allows you to witness more than 30 trains running on 1,400 feet of track, completing the winding journey between Chicago and Seattle. 
  • ToyMaker 3000: An Adventure in Automation-I guess this is not my type. But my hubby told me is really educational exhibit that will take you through the entire manufacturing process of creating a toy. 
  • Transportation Gallery-"Explore all the most fascinating aspects of how humankind has flown, soared, chugged and sped throughout the years".They have a rides about the Simulators Ride - We don't do even we have a ticket there still a line and we don't have much more time left.
  • U-505 Submarine- you have to pay to go onboard and experience the  inside the real U-505—the only German submarine in the United States.The submarine is very cool outside. This reminds us one of  our tour USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park.

  • YOU!The Experience-"More than just a body, you are a complex blend of your choices, your personality, and your environment. Who you are depends on how you care for yourself and enjoy your life." Make you think that you need to eat healthy food.
Above all the Museum of Science and Industry is huge and impressive and one of the things that you should visit in Chicago.You will be educate and gives you an idea about the past and the presents.During our visits a lot of students are there for their field trips so expect crowds.

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Skydeck Chicago with Kids: breathtaking view

view from Skydeck Chicago-I guess this is the north side which is the Lake Michigan

Skydeck Chicago with Kids is really amazing. They don't have fear with any especially of  heights. I guess it is a perfect time to bring kids in Skydeck Chicago they ran and enjoy the view.During our visits on Skydeck Chicago a lot of people there. This is one of the top attraction in Chicago,Illinois.I'm not scared of heights so we went to the The Ledge’s glass boxes.A lot of people waiting on line to go on the ledge.

The busy high-way of Chicago-From the Skydeck observation deck.
Skydeck Chicago is a self guided tour and one of the most popular attraction in Chicago.

Skydeck Chicago facts:
  • Willis Tower (formerly named Sears Tower. 
  • Located on the 103rd floor of the tower, it is 1,353 feet (412 m) above ground. 
  • The Ledge’s glass boxes extend out 4.3 feet from the skyscraper’s Skydeck.
  • Opened on June 22, 1974.
  • Address: 233 South Wacker Drive, Chicago, Illinois 60606.
  • The Skydeck attracts more than 1.3 million visitors annually who enjoy views of up to 50 miles and four states.
"dare to step and look down the Ledge's glass boxes-its only 1,353 feet to the ground if you fall.lol

Skydeck Chicago Fun for kids and family:
  • Kids  have more fun in the Ledge of the box while some adults are scared to steps on the box.
  • Kids enjoy using the telescope. 
  • Great family picture at the Ledge of the box.
  • Best on Photography.

She had  a blast with the telescope-she need to eat more... to reach it.hehehe

We parked  at North side  and walked to the Skydeck Chicago.I was impressed to see the panoramic view of four States from the deck.Above all if you like an Architectural Buildings,Towers, Landmarks and Photography  this is for you. 

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Our 3 Days Trip: Top things to do in Chicago with kids: Fun for the whole family

Took from the Skydeck Chicago
As I  told you in my previous post, we went in Chicago for 3 days, first to renew my passport, second to get my marriage registered in Philippines and third to see what is Chicago looks like. I've heard Chicago has lot things to do with Kids and fun for the whole family. Even though we had  3 days in Chicago we did our best to see the top attraction in Chicago by doing the City Pass where we saved 50% in 5 attractions which has 5 tickets.What a deal?  Besides its a good deal we access most of the exhibits with out any charge and some  3D or 4D movie is included as well. City Pass also avoid a long line which we are happy about it especially when we are in Shedd Aquarium.

 3 Days Trip: Top things to do in Chicago with kids: Fun for the whole family: Travelentz Itinerary in Chicago:

Consulate General of the  Philippines in Chicago- This is main reason why we need to go there, to renew my passport and registered/report my marriage.Too bad no divorce in Philippines..hehheheh

Millennium Park- This is a walking distance from Philippine Consulate. After I finished my passport we decided to walked in Millennium Park and ate in Park Plaza for lunch.

Skydeck Chicago- This is one of the popular tourist attraction and breathtaking view. Good thing I am not scared in heights. 
Taken at Shedd Aquarium
Shedd Aquarium- One of the nicest Aquarium in Chicago and the Jellies exhibit is impressive. Having a City pass saves us some money.

The Field Museum- One of the biggest museum I ever been. You could spend whole day if you really want. McDonald is also inside the museum so you don't have to worry if you are hungry.

Adler Planetarium- Adler Planetarium is about exploring the space. Is a  cool place if you are interested about space, but its not  our type to go back again.

Taken at the museum campus/park.

Museum of Science and Industry-Museum of Science and Industry is really cool and huge.They have   cool exhibits for kids as well as for adults or whole family.

Grant Park-Its free one thing I like in Grant Park is the "Buckingham Fountain". Why we stopped  here because I want to take some photos..hhehehe...
Little Travelentz
Marriot Hotel- We stayed in Marriot Hotel this time.Good thing in our hotel has a pool during our last day in Chicago  we spent in the pool and relaxed in the  whirlpool.
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Free things in Chicago with kids: Fun things to do with Family

Cloud Gate-Little Travelentz is excited to go under the Cloud Gate

There are lot things to do in Chicago with kids  who wants to save some money or want to break the bank account.  We stayed 3 days in Chicago for family travel and renewed my passport. First we checked everything what we really like to do as a family that is kids friendly. I am very thankful the renewal of my passport took only one hour and went well. Good thing people in Consulate office are  friendly and very helpful. 

Free things in Chicago with kids: Fun things to do with Family:

a. Millennium Park- This is one of the top free things in Chicago with kids and fun things to do with family. You don't need to pay any penny as long as you are  there you can enjoy the park.One of the popular tourist attraction why people go in Millennium Park is the Cloud Gate where I decided to put another entry in my blog. ( Parking fee you have to pay by yourself. )

b. Lincoln Park Zoo- is open every day and free to everyone who wants to enjoy the park and the zoo. This is another fun things to do with family if you don't like to break the bank.They have some festivals and host a private events.

c. Grant Park-is public park that is a Chicago's "front yard".  This is also popular for tourist because of the " Buckingham Fountain".
Buckingham Fountain

d. Chicago Cultural Center- This open for public free events. The stunning landmark building is home to two magnificent stained-glass domes.

e. Chicago Children Museum- this is free during Thursday night as they have " Kraft Free Family night" and open to everyone. For more information call before you go there.

f. Navy Pier- One of the popular things to do with kids in Chicago.

g. City Gallery-This is free and open to the public where you can see all the displays of photographs about Chicago. 

So what do you think about our visit in Chicago for 3 days? Find out more on my upcoming posts.Free is always good.Only I could say I had fun and my foot are sore from  walking on  3 days.My husband told me this is a MARATHON and not a vacation.(lol)

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Park Grill with kids @ Chicago

Outdoor bar of Park Grill
We went to Chicago last week, that's why I don't have time to update my blog.This time is not a vacation plan but needs to renew my Philippine passports. Good thing I was married where it is Chicago Jurisdiction so its easy to drive going in Philippine Embassy.

After I renewed my passport and got my report of marriage we walked to Millennium Park. The park is free but you had to pay a parking fee that cost us 50 bucks for that day in Chicago and had a chance to saw the popular Cloud Gate.After an hour walking in the park we are hungry and good thing they have a Park Plaza and decided to eat in Park Grill.

We ate as they call  outdoor  under the umbrella. The setting was good enough to see the buildings and enjoy the nice windy Chicago downtown.

Traveling with kids and looking food is one  we always consider. Good thing that time they are not busy yet. The order came fast.
Little Travelentz enjoying the complimentary crayons from Park Grill.

Chicken Wings with ranch:
This is my launch..Imagine that I survived without rice.hehhehe...the Chicken is really good I like the spicy they put.


My husband likes sandwich and that is really his lunch.For him it taste good.Above all the Park Grill has a good food a little bit pricey for us. ( My apology photos are taken on my phone)

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6 Best New Mexico Travel Shots: Ice Caves and Bandera Volcano

Here are my 6 best shots during our Family travel on Ice Caves and Bandera Volcano or you can check here:

As we walked saw the tree on Bandera Volcano:
Cactus: Took this on our way to Ice Caves:
I've learned that people will forget what you said,
people will forget what you did,
but people will never forget how you made them feel.
- Maya Angelou

A piece of tree that tells us story: on our way to Bandera Volcano:

Flowers makes us smile: Took it on our way to Ice Caves:
 I don't know this name but I like the flower:

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8 Best Alabama Travel Shots: Birmingham Zoo

Here are my 8 Best Alabama Travel Shots taken in Birmingham Zoo during our visits: To find out about the Birmingham Zoo:

Great Horned Owl:
Southern White Rhino:
Blue and Gold Macaw:
Caribbean Flamingo:
Ring-necked Ducks ( not really sure but I know its a duck):
I'm not sure the flowers name sigh:) but I want to include as one of my best shots I took in Birmingham Zoo:

Carousel in Birmingham Zoo:

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