4 Must-Do Battlefield Tours

An increasing number of people are making trips around the world to pay tribute to those who valiantly put their life on the line in the name of freedom. From historical interest to personal journeys, there are a number of reasons why taking a battlefield tour could be one of the most rewarding trips you make in your lifetime. Here are 4 must-do battlefield tours from around the world.


Being present on the cliffs of Gallipoli for the annual Dawn Service on ANZAC Day is a life changing experience. There are a range of amazing tours of Gallipoli which will guide you through the battlefields of Anzac Cove, Lone Pine, The Nek, Quinn’s Post, Chunuk Bair, North Beach, Shrapnel Gully and Cape Helles. Visiting the graves of so many lost soldiers reminds you of the sacrifice that has been made during the war, and is a poignant and stirring moment for all. No matter where you come from, a trip to Gallipoli will forever remain in your heart.

Pacific Islands

A battlefield tour in the South Pacific allows you the chance to retrace the footsteps of the brave soldiers who fought in the World War Two campaign in New Guinea. With most strictly accessible by ship, the New Guinea battlefields are considered to be the most isolated in the world. The spectacular scenery sets the stage for your tour through the sites of Milne Bay, Cape Gloucester, Rabaul, Buna, Lae, Gona and more. Walk the iconic Kokoda Track and listen to the incredible stories of the soldiers who fought and died during the fight against the Japanese.


Some of the best tours of Vietnam have been set up by groups of Vietnam Veterans who dedicate themselves to sharing their battlefield experiences with anyone who wants to share this unique tour with them. Covering the battle sites as well as important historic attractions, these tours let you gain a deeper understanding of not just what went on, but how it felt to be involved in the war that changed this beautiful county. Sample the amazing food and rich cultural diversity while learning about the historic battles that took place in Vietnam.

Somme Battlefields

25 nations were involved in the war which has forever scarred the Somme battlefields, etching them deep into the histories for many different countries around the world. As one of the largest battles in World War 1, it is also as recorded as being one of the bloodiest with over 1 million casualties sustained during the fighting. A tour of the Somme battlefield will take you through the beautiful French landscape which witnessed the duration of the battle. Cemeteries and monuments are found throughout the amazing scenery of rolling hills and the meandering river to commemorate the fallen. What is now such a peaceful place holds memories of immense tragedy and loss.

From the banks of Gallipoli to the rugged terrain of the Kokoda Track, there is a battlefield tour for every interest and sentiment. Take the trip of a lifetime and spend time exploring the amazing battles that have taken place in some of the most challenging landscapes around the world.

Emma Jane loves traveling and is currently traveling through Turkey with her family. She enjoys tours, as it is a convenient way to enjoy herself without the stress of planning it, then writing about her experiences to share with others.


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