Family day at Mackinac Butterfly house in Michigan

We usually traveled with my parents-in-law and we call it a "FAMILY DAY". Last year we spent a day in Mackinac Island, we don't need to sleep in the area considering our cottage is closed by so we save a hotel from then. 

There are a lot things to do in Mackinac Island and the place is relaxing. Motorized vehicle is not allowed. People public transportation are most likely a bike, horse and by foot. Imagine yourself living this kind of civilization and I love it, perhaps a day or 5 days fine with me.

One of the attraction we visited was the Butterfly house and it is a small house but lots of butterfly that would land on you so before you go out check yourself maybe its in your head or your back. 

The price are unlimited visits as long you show them your wristband  given after you purchase a ticket.

Adults (12 & Up) - $9.00
Children (4 - 11)  - $4.50
Toddlers (3 & Under) - Free 

The Original Butterfly House
and Insect World
6750 McGulpin Street
Mackinac Island, MI 49757



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