Buying Gold Coins

I'm planning to buy  a gold coins as my investment. As you see the  price of silver and gold are down today.As I'm watching the price graph os silver  its shows the market is getting better. So, I am thinking it if it is the right time to buy.

Silver and gold is a good investment if you want to keep it for a long time and wait the right time to sell and buy. Timing is always important if you're not in a hurry to sell it.As for me,whenever I have a chance and extra money I would plan to buy some gold and silver as my investment.I worked before in Jewelry shop and I experienced how to check the real gold but am not good at in silver considering my boss is focus more in gold bar.

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  1. Business woman ka rin pala Mhie:) I am not good at it.
    I am more on using the blessing now and kinda invest in God's kingdom instead:) But it is really a good idea!