Do you know this?

I was surprised when my husband told me he's going to buy a salt soap, what? why? and he told me he likes it and its good for your skin and as you know Sea salt get toxins out of the skin, will naturally lead to feeling rejuvenated. Sea salt, by nature is grainy  and it makes for a great scrub, when using it,other than that it improves blood flow and allows for the skin to relax the ingredients from other items more effectively. So when we use salt soap we used it  will be benefits the complete advantages from the bar - like moisturizing.

I guess i'm too ignorant about many things, but thanks to my husband who never tired to explain  me what are the things that I needed to know. So every time I go shopping I buy one for my husband as this soap is one he uses.

How about you? Do you know this soap? 


  1. Meron palang ganyan soap. la pa kong nakikita dito:)
    Now I know!

  2. I didn't know about salt soap.. But I do use salt scrub pang exfoliate ng skin, hehe..