Starting your Own Little League

One of the most popular sports across the US is baseball. Everyone loves watching their team step up and beat the competition, and if you’re in any doubt as to whether this is true, just check out your kid’s school. Little League is a rite of passage for most children and if you’ve got your own kids, you may be tempted to get started with your own Little League team.
Starting a youth baseball team with a PayPal working capital loan is a great way to get kids out into the sunshine to play sports, meet other parents and help children to build healthy, competitive relationships with each other. The kids who are interested in playing baseball on a team are usually excited about increasing their skills in various areas but are also thinking ahead of what they could put onto their college resume one day. Sports are a great way to hand kids self-esteem, a competitive spirit and it gives you a chance to run a mini-business. You could get your team kids fundraising for away games and contests and you get a chance to be involved in a sport that you love.
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It’s not a light thing to consider, starting a baseball team. You’ll be managing rosters and players while also managing parent egos on the field. You need to contact the right associations in your area to register your team and each baseball association usually has annual fees that team coaches have to pay to keep their teams legally registered. You won’t be doing it all by yourself, either. You need to ask others to help you to coach, and each coach should be background checked and cleared to work with children. It doesn’t matter whether this is full time or not, you need to ensure the safety of the children while you provide them with something fun to do after school and on weekends.
Before you get started, you and your coaches should attend a few youth baseball games. This will give you a good idea of which age group you’d like to recruit and the level of competition out there that you will have to contend with. There’s no use in recruiting kids who won’t be able to manage, and you need to discuss with your coaches a roster of training that the kids you bring onto the team can manage. Then, you need to hold tryouts. Advertising should be done in local schools in your district, community centres and even your neighbourhood. Don’t just advertise for players, either – advertise for parent helpers who can come and assist during game times and training sessions. Find a baseball field that you can block out time during the week on and set your sessions.

Once you’ve done all that, you can work on the team name and colours and think of a message that you want your team to spread. You’re a community, and this means working together to have fun and be responsible. Batter up – it’s your turn to shine!
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10 Reasons Why Indonesia Needs To be Your Next Travel Destination!

When it comes to travelling, there are a lot of people who tend to stick with the obvious destinations, assuming that if they go somewhere, that's either incredibly popular or that they've never been before, they're sure to have the best possible time. Now, there is definitely something to be said for that kind of method of travelling; it does mean that you may well end up missing out on some truly incredible opportunities. For example, you might have visited Thailand many times and discovered a lot of truly wonderful things about it. However, if you head south just a little bit to Indonesia, you're likely to find a place that is totally unique and genuinely amazing that a lot of people wouldn't even consider as a travel destination. However, this lesser known Southeast Asian nation has so much to offer a traveller that it can actually be kind of staggering. With that in mind, here are ten reasons why Indonesia needs to be your next travel destination.

1. Jakarta

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If there's one reason to visit Indonesia above just about any other, it's almost certainly going to be its capital city of Jakarta. If there was ever a place that summed up the phrase "melting pot" more than Jakarta, I haven't seen it. It's one of the most bustling and exciting capital cities in the world with people from all walks of life connecting with each other. With the balance of Indonesia's long history and some truly amazing modern architecture, there really is no city in the world quite like Indonesia's capital.

2. Sumatra

Of course, if you want a completely different experience then Sumatra is the kind of sprawling natural playground that you might have thought only existed in your wildest dreams. Whether you're there to see the beautiful rainforests, or to get up close and personal with the elephants that guard the northern rainforest of Tangkahan, Sumatra is the kind of place that can make you feel as though you've spent into a fantasy land that you might have assumed only ever existed in stories.

3. Java

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A lot of people are unsure about visiting Java when they first hear about the population. With more than 140 million residents, it's easy to assume that any trip to Java is going to leave you cramped in with so many other people that you can barely breathe. However, that's simply not the case. The truth is that there are plenty of areas of Java where you can go and get away from it all. Java is home to some of Indonesia's most breathtaking national parks as well as some truly awe-inspiring volcanoes!

4. Incredible diving

You might think that the great barrier reef or some areas in the Caribbean are the best places in the world to go diving, but that's just because you haven't experienced the magic of Indonesia's Coral Triangle. Heading out into this water by boat and then diving in the incredible reef is an experience like no other. Not only are you going to see more of the world's known coral species than just about anywhere else, but the thousands of reef fish that you see at the same time and likely to leave you utterly breathless.

5. Amazing business and career opportunities

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Of course, you might not be in Indonesia for a vacation at all but rather an opportunity to relocated. Luckily, Indonesia isn't just known for its incredible sightseeing opportunities. It's also a thriving and exciting centre of business and commerce. Sites like can help you find the kinds of business premises that you need, and there are huge amounts of skilled people in the country who can help any business that you start get off the ground. You might not have considered somewhere like Indonesia to be the best place to start a new career, but the number of opportunities available to you is simply too high to pass up.   

6. Bali

Of course, if you're looking to get off the grid and avoid the hustle and bustle of city life entirely, then Bali is the perfect place for you. It's long been the ideal destination for backpackers looking to spend some time away from the rush of the world for a while. From the volcanoes to the gorgeous beaches, Bali can be the perfect place to rest, relax, and spend some time on your own. Then again, if you're not really into camping and roughing it, then Bali also boasts some genuinely incredibly luxury hotels.

7. The indigenous tribes

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Borneo is an area of Indonesia that has always had a serious reputation among adventurers for its indigenous tribes. While many places have found their indigenous culture diluted by the presence of explorers, the tribes of places like Kalimantan are relatively untouched and almost completely preserved from interference by the outside world. This means that there really is no better chance for you to experience what it's like to live life away from the rest of society.

8. The culture

But it's not just the indigenous culture of Indonesia that's worth your attention. Places like Yogyakarta, the country's second-largest city, are genuinely amazing cultural hubs that need to be seen to be believed. With concerts, restaurants, museums, exhibitions, and so much more, it's the kind of place that's just brimming with life and energy. Being able to immerse yourself in a totally new culture that you might never have previously even imagined can be one of the best and most gratifying experiences in the world for any traveller.

9. Spiritual history

You could visit Indonesia every year, maybe even multiple times a year, and still never see every temple that it has to offer. The country has a remarkable spiritual history that is at once beautifully preserved and carried forward into the modern era. From the well-known temples of Borobudur and Prambanan to Pura Ulun Danu Bratan in Bali which looks as though it's floating in the middle of a lake. If you're the kind of person who's interested in the traditions and history of wherever you're visiting, there's enough in Indonesia to keep you happy and occupied for the rest of your life!

10. The price

If there's one thing that stands between more people and their travel dreams than any other, it's money. Money dictates the way we live our lives, and, no matter how you like to spin it, travel isn't cheap. However, Indonesia is actually one the cheapest travel destinations out there. With the cost of everything from food and drink to hotels to beaches being far lower than the average for other, similar destinations. Now, whether that will continue to be the case as more and more people start to realise just what an incredible destination this nation is can't really be said for certain, but as it stands there are few better travel options available to you when you're working on a relatively limited budget,

Of course, Indonesia is just one of millions of different places that are waiting for you to discover them. The key is not to get too wrapped up in the obvious places to the point where it starts to prevent you from being able to fully appreciate all of the amazing things that the world has to offer you. If you're just willing to open yourself up to new opportunities and discoveries, then you'll find that there is almost always a new adventure to be had out there in the world.
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California Dreamin' : The Essential Sights

California is a state full of contrasts, from its vibrant coastal locations to its sleepier, rural interior. A fabulous location for a trip with friends or even a family break that goes beyond the tired cliché of theme parks it's perhaps better known for. Delve deeper into this fascinating location and plan a break that gets you to the heart of the Pacific Region, from the majesty of the Sierra Nevada mountains to the Mojave Desert, the scenic San Francisco and the movie magic of Los Angeles. Here’s what you shouldn’t miss:

Wine Tasting in the Napa Valley

Napa Valley produces the most prestigious and well-regarded wine in California, so a trip round some of its many vineyards is not to be missed. Winemakers here have been growing crops since the mid-1800s, digging caves and planting vines into the steep hillsides.A narrow 5-mile wide valley provides the wine-growing territory for 30 miles length and is lined with wine tasting venues. You can find a guide to the best ones to visit here.

La Jolla Coastline

If you’re after an upmarket seaside experience, La Jolla, home to Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve, is sure to impress with its breath-taking rugged coastline. Sweeping ocean vistas, excellent rock pooling and some amazing restaurants provide the perfect escape from a hectic road trip itinerary. If you like golfing, the location offers some great courses plus ocean attractions such as kayaking, paddleboarding, surfing and scuba diving. The San Diego Marriott La Jolla makes a great base to explore the resort.

The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

As one of the most photographed structures in the US, this iconic structure has appeared in countless TV shows and movies but loses no grandeur for that when you see it in person. A landmark feature of engineering prowess, it was the first bridge support ever to be constructed in the open ocean. There are plenty of viewing points on and around the structure itself along with gift shops and cafes. Walking onto the Bridge itself can be a dizzying feat, rising to 220 feet above the water at its mid-span. There are free, regular walking tours if you’re keen to learn the history surrounding this amazing structure.

The Hollywood Sign

No trip to Los Angeles would be complete without a snap for your Instagram feed of the iconic Hollywood sign, erected in 1923. Initially reading ‘Hollywoodland’, the surviving nine letters face into the Los Angeles basin and are visible from several points. Best viewed on your way to something else, you shouldn’t pass up the chance to get a shot with the sign looming in the background – note that it is not illuminated at night, so you’ll need to go past during the day. It’s a fun and completely free thing to do if you’re in the area.

Yosemite Valley

If getting back to nature suits you, America’s second-largest national park is a jewel in Cali’s crown. Home to the tallest waterfall in the US, the world’s largest granite monolith, the powerful Mariposa River and an abundance of wildlife, it’s a perfect escape from the hectic pace of modern life to wonder at the beauty of nature.
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