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Family Cruise itinerary at Freedom of the Seas - Royal Caribbean International

I'm so happy my family went on cruise for 7 days as we celebrated the 50th wedding anniversary of my Parents-in-law. We had 12 days vacation including the cruise on Caribbean Island.

It flew  so fast and I had a great time and so  my parents-in-law were happy we brought them on cruise for their 50th wedding anniversary as a gift and they're already planning for their next cruise vacation.
It is always the simple that produces the marvelous.~Amelia Barr ~
Family Cruise itinerary at  Freedom of the Seas - Royal Caribbean International:
Life is like the ocean, it goes up and down.~Vanessa Paradis~  
Day 1- Pick up my parents-in-law in the airport
Day 2- Shop 'till we drop around Tennessee.
Day 3- On the Road 6 hours and stayed in Gainesville, FL.
Day 4- First Day onboard Royal Caribbean Freedom of Seas.
Day 5-Second Day onboard Royal Caribbean Freedom of Seas at CocoCay, Bahamas
Day 6- Third Day onboard Royal Caribbean Freedom of Seas at Sea.
Day 7- Fourth Day onboard Royal Caribbean Freedom os Seas at Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas
Day 8- Fifth Day onboard Royal Caribbean Freedom of Seas at Philipsburg, St. Maarten
Day 9- Sixth Day onboard Royal Caribbean Freedom of Seas at sea.
Day 10-Seventh Day onboard Royal Caribbean Freedom of Seas at sea
Day 11- Eighth day Arrival at Cape Canaveral,Florida
Day 12- Home sweet home.

Good things,may come to an end:  

We're all surprised when we got home and the weather is so cold 37°. My parents-in-law went back in Michigan with snow.Can't wait for spring.

See you on my next post: Day 1 All aboard Freedom of the Seas,Royal Caribbean International.



  1. So many events! Nice to hear. Im on the way to the phippines:)

  2. Wow, two weeks, that must be awesome and at the same time exhausting. I have never experienced going on a cruise but it looks so much fun!

  3. oh, that is such a beautiful gift you gave to your parents in law Mhie, and 50 years, theirs was one of the greatest love stories ever told. love the pictures.

  4. What a wonderful way to celebrate a wonderful occasion. Happy 50th anniversary to your parents!

  5. wow, congrats for that 50 years...:) and you and your family's so sweet to give them a treat like that, i bet they are so happy with it. beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing.

  6. A great gift to your in-laws, 2 weeks vacation. Sure each one did have a fun experience.

  7. Wow! Those 12 days were amazing! Hope I could also experience a cruise trip with my loved ones :) Sounds exciting!

  8. Happy 50th wedding anniversary to your parents in law sis. I am sure you all had fun during the cruise. Looking forward to read more about the trip.

  9. What an awesome family adventure!your parents-in-law's marriage is so beautiful! It takes genuine love to lasts that long...may you all be blessed always with everything you need and cherish...looking forward to reading about part 1 of your trip...happy weekend and thank you for the virtual tour :)

  10. I always say this every time I see posts about cruise and all, I want to experience it, too with my family.. May okasyon man o wala, sarap sigurong magbakasyon na walang ibang iniintindi kundi kung anu ang susunod na gagawin.. Hehehe.. You guys looked like you all had a great time! =)

  11. wow, that's a great gift to received, i bet your in-laws enjoyed it. :) i am sure everyone had great time, can't wait to hear more stories about your cruise. :)