Why letterhead is important

Letterhead is one of the important factor that create a first impression of your business  or  a shadow of a person. This is the identity of the said company or a person that people recognize immediately when they receive a letter.   Today, you can create your own letterhead or you can use your fingertips in a second  and you're ready to go. One of the website that I found  a letterhead printing online that allows you to order in online in two ways. First is you can upload your complete artwork or you can design your own letterhead on their website.

Looking your own design for a letterhead is kinda  hard but a proper research and inspiration of what do you want would guide you to have a perfect letterhead.With your own letterhead and logo the customers/persons would easily to  remember.

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Summer Camp

As you know, schools closed during summer in US unlike  other country where summer is there school days. Most of the  schools closed from  June and the kids usually go back to school around September. Isn't that good for the kids, right? meaning they have a long break and most parents are not happy considering some kids are going nuts without doing anything while they're on a school break.

Being a new mom, I decided to find things for my daughter during the school break,or else I get nuts everyday to think what should I do just  to entertain her. I find this  Teen Camps where you can surf any activities for your kids.
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Heater Pool

As you know we have pool in our home today, but it's so sad we have an outdoor pool so we can't use when the season starts to cold or autumn to spring. We got a lot of use during summer and we really love it. How I wish we have an  pool inside our house so can enjoy swimming even it is winter or cold outside. 

I  talk to hubby if ever we will buy a house if we can afford to have a pool inside our house and buy like the raypak pool heaters so we can enjoy all year round and no need to worry about the cold weather. Is it that a good idea right? As of now my daughter and I enjoying our bath tub time where she can play in the water.
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What is your retirement plan?

What is your retirement plan? Hubby and I talking about our retirement plan and our daughter's college. This is our serious discussion most of the time. We're planning  for our retirement but we don't know when we have to start so one thing I've been doing lately is surfing and more and it was interesting to know their history.

As of now am not sure yet, what is our retirement plan and what should we do. As of now I wanted to retire in my hometown when my daughter's finish  college. For my daughter's College am not sure yet considering we are not sure were we going to settle down. 
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Why we need helmets?

Helmets is important to all of us whether we are riding our bikes, motorcycle, sled and skiing. The main reason why we need helmets is for our head protection in-case if we fall during these kind of activities. Remember it only takes a second when we hit our head and have a brain damage.

Most of the helmets are design to protect our head from the impact if in-case of accidents may occur during our motorcycle. That's why most of the State it is a law to wear a helmet even when we just riding our bicycle.

Some helmets are very cool and you could choose a lot of designs, it depends how much you want to spend.
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Is silver a good investment?

Investing something for our future is one of the important things we could done in our lives. There are a lot things to save for rainy days.

Investing silver-is one of the low risk if you want to save money for rainy days. When the recession hit in our Country a lot of people are selling their gold and silver in-exchange of money to have food in their plate or some are their emergency funds. Considering I worked before in gold/silver businesses I know how to checked and how important to have money in hands with our own convenience without borrowing to other people. I told my hubby before that if he has extra money he needs to buy gold/silver in-terms of savings and not just saves all our money in one mutual funds and need to be diversified all the savings for the future. If we have a spare money we usually find some website but be careful buying online and always check if it is reliable website and their return policy for your own safety.
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Why I like backpack?

Backpack is one of my favourite style when I do hiking, traveling or going in tour. It's easy for me to have one backpack rather than a shoulder bag. I remember when I was in grade school I used to have backpack.

Today, backpack is my carrying bag where ever I go even in a short trip or carrying my camera. I have couple of backpack but I can't get enough buying when I see a great deal.I am eyeing some in north face back packs.I'm just glad I found purple one considering it is on of my favourite colour.

How about you? what do you like most and what is your style in terms of bags?

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Looking for good stereo stands

After we sold our house, and moved to another State, we don't bring all our furniture because of all the cost of transporting appliances to another State is not worth.

Though, we bring all the things we needed especially my daughter's stuff and as you know most of our stuffs are only for my daughter. Husband and I decided to buy new things in our house rather than dragging all the furniture in our old house. After we settle down in our new home we immediately look for  standsandmounts stereo stands. 

I was kinda excited for our moving considering I could choose and helped out my hubby in choosing what we needed inside our house.

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First-Time Cruisers: What to Expect

There is no doubt that going on a cruise for the first time is very exciting, but despite everything you might have read from your cruise line operator, do you really know what to expect? The guide below is intended to help first-time cruise passengers know what to expect from their cruise ship.

Boarding the boat:
When you arrive at the cruise terminal and are ready to embark, the process you will encounter is much the same as in an airport (X-ray scanners, bag checking, etc.). When you go through the check-in process you will usually be provided with some sort of identification card. This will be used by you to make on-board purchases. In some cases, the card also acts as your on-board identification and the key to your cabin. This is one card you definitely do not want to lose! The most popular UK port for cruises to depart from is Southampton - to find great deals on cruises from Southampton.

The accommodation on board cruise ships is not renowned for its spacious qualities unless you have booked a state room or some other equally luxurious and expensive accommodation. What you can expect from standard cruise ship accommodation is either twin beds or twins that convert into a double, as well as an en suite bathroom and plenty of storage. After all, many cruises last for longer than a fortnight, so you will need somewhere to store all those clothes. If you pay extra you will be able to benefit from a cabin with a sea view, rather than having an inside cabin with no view.

Eating and drinking:

Most cruise ships feature several restaurants that offer a huge amount choice for eating in the evenings. Tables in any of these will either be allocated to you and your party or you will need to make reservations. This is something to check with the operator. As well as these, there will be buffets available throughout the day and evening in various places on board the ship and these will usually be indicated on your on-board map. The vast amount of food on offer is included in the price of your voyage; however, you will also want to drink on board and this is where the card you were given on embarkation will come into play. Alcohol on board is an additional cost and can be charged to your account. Most ships do, however, serve non-alcoholic and hot drinks free of charge.

Leisure and entertainment:
As well as eating and drinking there are plenty of other things to do on board. During the day you will find many organised leisure activities, such as fitness and dance classes. Alternatively, you can do your own thing, such as swimming in one of your ship's pools, playing golf or having a spa treatment. If you have children there will be plenty to keep them entertained too. Once you have had your dinner, you may want to enjoy the evening entertainment. This can range from participatory ballroom dancing to discos and casinos.

Although one of the benefits of going on a cruise for your holiday is that you get to see many different places on one trip, if you are a first-time cruise passenger then life on board the ship can prove just as exciting as visits to shore. You may find on that first holiday you do very little off the boat, but this just sets you up for all those cruise holidays to come.

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What is a carpet cutter?

Carpet cutter is a devises that used to cut the carpet during the installation to make sure to get the exact design of it.

We usually have a carpet in our whole house considering we live in the Northern part and helps to warm our feet during winter, basically I like walking in the carpet barefoot than the floor. Last time, we change our carpet and we just ask hired people to install our carpet for us.

The problem of hiring to install your carpet if you're not around is the quality of the job has done. Having a husband who is handy and a perfectionist in-terms of the quality of the job has  done  would not fit in his taste especially if his not around during the installation. Instead of calling them and asking to re-do the job, hubby taking care of it. Though he has no tools for carpet cutter so he told me to research some carpet cutter and I found this website  carpet cutter from MartorUSA.com. 
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Looking for Goggles

Looking for goggles? If you are looking for goggles or sunglasses there are lot to choose nowadays? One thing to consider is the quality when buying stuff. When I was looking for gadgets I came across the  Native goggles and sunglasses.They're pretty awesome and had some choices from polarized to pali polarized.Isn't that cool? Aside from protection your eyes it's more fashionable that people want it.
For me, I like to buy both gadgets that offers high quality and fashion. I guess this two words are important in buying the latest gadgets.
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Discover the beauty of Fragrant Garden

 We went to Savannah, Georgia last year with my Parent-in-law during Thanksgiving week. As we roam around in Forsyth Park, we discovered the beauty of Fragrant Garden. I can't stop my self but amazed how they taking care the garden, all the flowers are blooming on autumn and they plant some plants as well.I know some of you knows that I love to capture,so here are some of the beautiful shots I took.

                                      I love how they design? Isn't that beautiful?
 “A single rose can be my garden...a single friend, my world.”~ Leo F. Buscaglia ~

Don't ever take a fence down until you know why it was put up. ~Robert Frost ~

Fresh lime from the garden.

"Keep a green tree in your heart and perhaps a singing bird will come."

~ Chinese proverb~  

Remember: "A garden is a friend you can visit any time."
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The Beginner’s Guide of Walking Holidays

People are unique that's why people has its own taste in terms of holidays.Some enjoyed simple things in life like traveling with family and friends while others are content in their own comfort zone and scared to take any adventures in life.

No matter what people want, but in Travelentz we love adventures and seeing new places and try different kind of holidays.

One of the holidays that are getting popular is the walking holidays.Yeah! you're right walking holidays is getting popular in travel tour and  have a great benefits why people loves to go on this kind of holidays.

The Beginner’s Guide of Walking Holidays:

Planning-It is is important to plan your walking holidays. First you have to ask yourself what do you want? Another option you can do is to booked in any travel tour/agent or just do it by yourself and do some research

Physical fitness-It is important to know, how physically fit you are to do the walking. Most tour are easy and they usually ask you what is your preference and interest.

Destination- Choose when do you want to go and what are the things you need to bring during your walking holidays.Some need documents and it depends where do you go.

Walking Gear-Before you go, walking gear must be in your packing list like sunscreen,water,proper clothes, backpack, and hiking boots. Hubby has a walking boots but I need a new pair and I discovered this website that has a good selection of walking boots.

Walking Holidays is great way to discover the unseen beauty of the countryside and has a good benefits in our body and  one of the best exercise that we could do while enjoying the beauty of nature.

Have you ever been on a walking holidays?

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How to plan a Camping holidays?

Camping holidays is a great way to see and experience outdoors.Before going the holidays it is important to plan properly to avoid unhappy campers. Remember this is the time to spend quality time with your family and do things together in a simple ways. 

How to plan a Camping holidays?

Weather-It is important to consider the weather. First you have to identify when do you want to go. Most people   go on camping holidays when their kids out of school.

Packing-One of the essential  in packing is you need to have a checklist of what you need before you go on camping holidays like clothing, first aid kit,food and tent.Speaking of tent,I need to get a new tent and other accessories that I need for camping holidays  and I  saw this website Cotswold.

Inquiry-Book online or call ahead, before you plan on going a camping. It is important you know the basic information and the rules of the campsite/ campground.Some has its own regulation and others need license to go on camping for safety.

Whether we like it or not planning makes a big impact in all activities we want to do.And always prepared considering we can't predict Mother Nature. 
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What to pack on Ski Holidays with Family

When you know what you're doing, things are simple and easy.Planning to travel with family is kinda headache if you don't know what to pack on Ski holidays with Family,remembered it is important to be prepared when traveling with kids.

 Nowadays, there's a lot or resources that would help your travel and packing  simple,its all in your fingertips how do you want to make your holidays easier and fun.
No two snowflakes are  alike 

What to pack on Ski Holidays with Family, choosing the right skiing gear is important when you do all the packing and I was browsing in the web I found this website Craigdon with loads of ski gear. Without further ado here are some lists that might help on your Ski Holidays with Family:

Ski Clothing:
  • Fleece
  • Ski socks
  • Gloves/mittens
  • Underlayer 
  • Turtleneck
  • ski pants
  • ski jeans
  • hat
  • google
Ski Gear:
  • ski boots
  • helmet
  • poles
  • bindings
Remember to bring extra clothes for your kids,considering you know better what your kid's needs.Have you been on a ski  Holidays?

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Palawan's Hidden Hills Giveaway

You can enjoy this free accommodation and relax in the tranquility of Palawan when you win in this amazing getaway sponsored by the generous owner of Hidden Hills Private Resort. The whole prize will total to $400 excluding transportation and yours free when you win the amazing getaway prize! Hidden Hills is your exotic vacation home in the Philippines, situated in Puerto Princesa, Palawan. The exclusive villa is a lovely rustic chalet which sits on top of the hill with an additional loft built downhill to accommodate additional guests.

The whole villa is a masterpiece and truly a place to enjoy a quiet time, to de-stress and marvel at Mother Nature's best! To get more info about the property and view the gallery.

The Prize:

1 winner will be chosen to avail the 2 nights/3 days free accommodation. The prize is for 2 persons in one accommodation.

Prize includes:

  • Accommodations : Exclusive use of the entire property 
  • Welcome Drinks 
  • Welcome Pack / Fruit Basket 
  • Daily Freshly Picked Flowers From the Garden FREE 
  • Unlimited Coffee or Tea&nbsp
  • Mineral Drinking Water 
  • Eat-All-U-Can Fruits & Veggies in season whatever grows in the farm FREE!!! 
  • Cutleries & beddings / towels/ flip-flops / rain boots / beach mats provided for use 
  • ONE BOTTLE OF WINE (Seasonal Welcome Compliments) 
  • Cleaning services (daily) 
  • Cooking Assistance
NOT INCLUDED: Transport. The winner will shoulder his/her plane/boat/land fare and visa for a foreigner winner must be the sole responsibility of the winner.

Important notes:

  • The dates chosen by the winner will have to be discussed with the owner of the Hidden Hills for the availability.
  • The prize is NOT convertible to cash and is valid for a year upon winning
  • The winner is responsible for his/her plane/boat fare, if applicable. Visa formalities, if required, will be the sole responsibility of the winner.
This will run from 15 January to 15 February 2013 (12:00 a.m. Dubai, UAE local time or +4 GMT and close at 11:59 p.m.), and a single winner will be chosen via rafflecopter.com after all the entries have been verified.
This giveaway is open WORLD WIDE.
Join now and next thing you know, you may just find yourself relaxing in Hidden Hills!

Disclaimer: Travelentz.com did not receive any payment from the sponsor to host this event. The prize will be awarded by the owner of Hidden Hills as soon as the entries are verified.
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6 Ways to simplify your air travel

 The more you simplify your  air travel the more it get easier and enjoyable. After booking for many years, I've began to understand what I want to do to make my booking easier and faster without stressing myself. Having a kid, traveling is not fun that's what all people think,oops, they're wrong,if you now how to simplify your air travel its more fun with kids.

Flying is like a rose

 4 Ways to simplify your  air travel:

1. Book advance- Most airlines or travel agency are happy if you  booked  in advance. And some airlines have a zonal route pass, and have a maximum flexibility and choose your flights. Is it that great to take advantage of booking early and allowed to change your flights-I saw this website when I was looking a UK flights from Easter Airways .

2. Baggage/Luggage- All airlines have different fees in baggage/luggage.It is important you know all the  restriction or else you will end up paying a ridiculous amount of the luggage. You have to consider what are the things you can bring on board and check-in, so you don't waste your time during the baggage check-in process.

3.Travel documents- all your travel documents must keep on handy, like passports,visas,and flight information.Contact number is important as well, to keep it on hand, you never know what will happen and when you needed.

4.Punctual-This is  true in all things.Mostly if you travel by air, you need to be there at least 2 hours before your flight especially if you go international flight.Don't be like my friend she missed her flight every time she goes home in her hometown. 

5.Travel forecast- One of the important factor when traveling. Always check the status of your flight, so you have an idea what's going on.

6. Outfit- Dress properly and remember ladies you're  not going to the  party nor the beach and friend's house for a sleep over. 

Do you have any ideas how to find ways to simplify your air travel?
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3 Reasons to Spend Holidays in Spain

Spain has one of the largest number  of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, other than that its known of its festivals,beaches and food.Whether you want a simple breakaway or a romantic,Spain has to offer.

 There are a lot of reasons to Spend Holidays in Spain for some reason.If you are a person who are an early birds  or like the last minute deals,  sometimes you can get a budget package according to your taste and  I was browsing to find a cheap holidays I came across the website  cheap Holidays in Spain.

Without further ado,here are some reason to spend Holidays in Spain:

 Festivals-  Spain is loaded of its festivals all year round. Some of the festivals that last for a week is the Semana Santa ( Holy Week)-a religious holiday that are attended by people around the World. If you missed the Religious festivals Running of the Bulls, Pamplona will give you more adventure by watching the running bulls that will take every July 6–14 and is broadcast live in national Television.Another popular festivals that I want to witness is the San Fermín Festivals  in the city of Pamplona (Navarre, Spain).

Architectural/ Ruins-You'll see a lots of interesting Architectural/ruins in Spain and understand the historic influences left by the Celts, Visigoths, Romans, Moors and Christians. Some has been rebuilt and restored to keep the history and remind us of what happened in the past and the result is breathtaking.Spain is known in ruins like Aqueduct in Segovia and Baelo Claudia.

Cuisine-Spain is known of its wine and great food like paella,tapas, Jamón iberico and pisto. The Spanish cuisine has its own wild chef imagination, diversity and an incredible  tastes. 

No matter if you're a first time traveler in Spain you'll fell in love the mountainous and breathtaking cliff. 

Have you ever been to  Spain? What is your reason to spend holidays in Spain?

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Look Back from 2012 Family Travel

Look Back from 2012 Family Travel. 2012 is not easy for us,we had ups and downs and I made a post of our  12 worst family travel moments . Since 2007, I traveled with hubby until our "Little Travelentz" born and the three of us hit  on the road to explore and show to "Little Travelentz" what is outside in our comfort zone.

2012 Family Travel:

Florida: -We traveled with my Parents-in-law and stayed with uncle P and P in Venice for a week.  We visited some attractions like Legoland,Florida and stayed for  3 days at Cocoa Beach and 4 days in Venice, Florida.

Chicago:  3 days in Chicago was the best thing we did and renewed my Philippine passport and saw top attraction in Chicago.

Michigan: we come up in Michigan to visit my Parents-in-law and visited my hubby's friend as well as.Sometime, we stayed in our  Cottage for a short period to relax and enjoy the scenery.

Disney Dream Vacation Cruise: Dream come true when hubby granted my dream vacation. 4 days cruise was amazing and the best vacation I ever had.

Savannah, Georgia: We traveled with my Parents-in-law in Savannah,Georgia during Thanksgiving week.

Weekend Getaways: We usually had a weekend getaways especially if we have a long weekend.

Day Trip: When boredom strikes,  we don't stayed at home instead we go on  day trip around Tennessee or  neighboring States.

I am excited for 2013 for our family adventure and looking forward to see some new places. What is your plan for 2013?
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