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Taste of Taiwan Mango Cake

Taste of Taiwan Mango Cake is another food snacks I bought last week in International Market. I was tempted to buy because it made in mango. I was not disappointed and I love it.

There are 8 pieces in the box, me and my daughter  eat like there's no tomorrow, hahahha, that's only tells you how yum the mango cake.
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Parasailing adventure: Things you need to know before you go

Fly like a bird
My first  Parasailing adventure,Vietnam was exciting and thrilling. I'd be honest I'm so excited floating on high even  I don't know how to swim at the same time anxious.

Being little sometimes is a big advantage, we parasail and flew together with hubby. We started in the inland and landed off the beach.

Safety first:
Getting ready
As you see my husband arms-good thing we took off so slow and pull his arm from the rope.

They gave us some instructions what to expect  and where we going to take off and landed, we chose to take off in  inland  and landed off the beach where there are 4 crew waiting patiently to help us.The only problem we had was my husband right arm had scratched due to the wrong position of tow rope where he hold on  and he didn't noticed  the  rope that attached to the harness was  in his arm before we took off.. Other than that, it was a great experienced.
The crew is ready 

I don't felt scared because my husband is with me,hehhehe. The ride was exciting and thrilling, once you're on top  of the sky you saw the beautiful scenery of beaches and coastline from the bird's eye view.

Parasailing tips:
a. wear swimming attire.
b. don't forget to put some sun screen.
c. Make sure the tow rope that attach to the harness is not in your arm to avoid injury, scratches or injury. ( check the 2nd photos).
d. They will give you a life jacket.
Ready to land
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Kodak ZX3

Kodak ZX3-waterproof camera

Kodak ZX3 is one of our gadgets that we usually used especially if we're taking some videos and photos in the pool or beach (we love it). This kind of camera can venture up to 10 feet under water in full 1080p HD.I'll be honest the photos and videos are  not bad. The image stabilization is pretty good and no complain of what we paid.This is not good in indoor especially in night,low light is the main problem, you notice the videos are dark since it has no flash and video light.

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iGirly with my daughters' hand
I design and polished my own nails and my  daughter wants her nails  done, so I gave what she wants.When her daddy arrives from work, she was so happy to showed her nails done . 
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Nha Trang:The best adventure for family with kids or without kids

Nha Trang is popular of seaside resort- town.This place has a lot things to offer for family to see and do things together. I'm glad we did this  vacation when we are in Thailand before we moved to US. The tour in Nha Trang is less expensive if you do by group. Our tour in Nha Trang is booked from the hotel where we stayed at. We did the tour from private to group tour. 

How to get there:

By plane-Is the quickest and easiest if you don't have enough time.We flew from Ho Chi Minh to Nha Trang airport just an hour.

By train-Is less expensive but you have to spend 6-8 hours in the train.
By bus- Takes 10-12 hours from Ho Chi Minh
By car-If you want to have your own privacy and do some sidetrips. This is good to rent a car.

City tour:
The view from Po Nagar Temples
The tour is half day, where we booked from the hotel we stayed at.We did the private tour which is not really expensive, from 8-to 12 noon.We have our tour guide that is from the hotel who could speak fluently English. 

Island Hopping:
Tri Nguyen Aquarium in Nha Trang, is one of the place we went during the Island hopping.

We did the group tour,where are 4 people in one boat. The tour is whole day starts from our hotel and relaxed in one of the island for lunch, swimming, kayaking and parasailing.

Nha Trang offers the best scuba diving. We booked the tour through in our hotel and they arranged  us in one the of the scuba diving in Nha Trang. The diving is just half day. You can bring your kids and do the snorkeling. 

Yang Bay Waterfalls:
Yang Bay Water Falls

Is one day tour,where we booked in our hotel where we stayed at. Lunch is included in our tour. The best thing in this tour since it is exclusive we have our own time. We do swimming, relax and enjoy the beauty of Yang Bay Waterfalls. After a couple hours in Yang Bay Waterfalls,then go to Crocodile farm, and Dien Khanh Citadel. You have had  a chanced to see the south road  in Nha Trang, the farmers activities.

Vinpearl land:
Cable Car-going to Vinpearl Land

Is an island, amusement and water park. Kids would love here.The ride is quite exciting, over sea cable car.The cable car is included when you purchased a ticket of Vinpearl Land. I'll be honest the place is worth to visit for a day. 

We stayed for 7 days in Nha Trang and we really enjoyed the place. Everyday we went different excursions and enjoy the beauty of Nha Trang. 

How To get around:
Getting around in Nha Trang is by taxi, rent a car, bicycle.If you have to ride a taxi make sure you have to tell him by meter. 

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Taste of Mexican Grill

Last Sunday, we went with my family in Chipotle Mexican Grill, after church.I'll be honest we love this place.

The service is really good, where you had to  follow the queue and it is fast. A huge printed menu board is  hang above and you can tell them what you want.

Usually, I order a bowl of chicken burrito and told them;dine-in and to go ( mean, my order will put in the bowl that is ready to go).
Bowl of chicken burrito-with cilantro-lime rice,chicken,lettuce,black beans,and cheese. 

Food Tips for bowl of burrito:
a. chips- is additional cost if you order.I don't like their chips.
b. guacamole-you have to pay additional if you want it.
c. sour cream-complimentary and included if you want it.
d. salsa-is complimentary for bowl of burrito.
e. cheese-is complimentary.
f. sweet corn-is complimentary if you want it.
g. rice-they have 2 choices, white or brown rice.

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Glimpse of Vietnam

We went in Vietnam last 2008, with my hubby. It was a great experienced for both of us.I'm glad we did it before I moved to USA.
@ Ho Chi Minh 

Since, I'm an Asian,I have  30 days allowed to stay in Vietnam without applying a visa. My husband who is American, he needs a visa before he can visit the country. What we did, for my husband visa is, we apply a visa on online "Visa upon arrival"-mean we apply and fill up the application letter  in online get the "Visa approval letter" bring it with you and it will process in the airport of Ho Chi Minh and Hanaoi.

3 Days in Ho Chi Minh:

Notre Dame Cathedral

We stayed 3 days in Ho Chi Minh, before we went to Nha Trang for 7 days.This place is one of the largest city of Vietnam, that is known as the "Paris" of Asia.We went to Notre Dame Cathedral, and expect lots of bicycle on the road.

7 Days in Nha Trang:
After in Ho Chi Minh, we went to Nha Trang by air and enjoyed the beaches and some attractions.
Nha Trang,Vietnam

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A taste of thai

A taste of thai,mean I miss Thailand;food, the beaches,my friends and my job as an ESL  teacher. Yeah! I stayed in Bangkok for 4 years.I remembered the first time I had eaten thai food-What is this? I don't like the taste because it's spicy, mostly thai food they put chili on there food and I don't used to it. 

In the school  where I worked, we had free lunch everyday, and sometimes we had to dine-in with my director and the food was so good.I'll be honest I don't see any authentic thai food around my place as of now.

Here are some of my taste of thai food, that I cooked and bought in the store:

Pad Thai-made in noodles that has chili, egg,shrimp,sprout beans,and peanuts.

Pad thai-my own version
Som Tam- (Green papaya,Papaya pukpok)-made in Papaya,chili,fish sauce, palm sauce,tomato,garlic,lime. You can make it green mango the same recipe.
Som-tam-just bought in the store
Noodle soup-made in chicken,chili,basil, cilantro, onion,golden needle mushroom, sprout beans, lime, and napa cabbage.
thai noodle soup-I made by myself and hubby likes it.Even "little M'' ate it

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Photo of the Day: 3 tips on how to used wilted rose

Valentines day is just around the corner, roses is one of the flowers that will be given away. My husband gave me roses last valentines day with chocolate. Of course chocolate will be the first that is gone. As you know I am a chocoholic.
I used  rose petals in my bubble bath.

Instead of throwing the roses that had given to me. I usually find how to used it in simple  ways.
1. Add a rose petals in your bubble bath-I got this idea when we checked in, the 5 star hotel in Thailand.
2. Make a crafts with your daughter when it is dry by hanging it first.
3. Add rose petals on your floating candles by sprinkling it-this idea, borrowed when I attended 18th birthday party of our friend.It was really pretty neat.

Do you have any idea how to use wilted rose? 
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2 days in Niagara Falls with kids: Fun things to do

Our 2 days in Niagara Falls with kids are fun and full of memories that I will keep and document for my daughter.

It was another day full of adventures and happiness to spent time with in-laws.As we arrived in Niagara Falls, our adventures began in Skylon Tower as we enjoyed the lunch buffet and have had chance to saw the panoramic view of Niagara Falls.

As my in-laws babysit their granddaughter, me and my husband went the tour Maid of Mist it took 30-45 minutes tour we're we experienced almost in  edge of the horseshoe falls and got soaked.

It was time to checked-in, and relax for a little bit and get ready for the night.After an hour we decided to go out and checked some attractions for kids.
Let the fun begin

Fun Things to do in Niagara for kids:

Niagara Falls, is not only falls attraction but some thing that family with kids could do together.First we checked the Clifton Hills, where you could hear the laughter, exciting, screaming and other stuffs. They have Skywheel for kids and family.Fun House is one of our favourite, where your kids can crawl, climb,roll. It was really fun.The following day we spent in Victoria Park, that is located nearly in horseshoe falls. The park is free.

Watching Fireworks:
Since it was friday, the fireworks was scheduled for viewing that night. We are exhausted and tired already after we spent time in Clifton Hills with my daughter. We go backed in our hotel and glad we still saw the fireworks in our bedroom.

Spent time with friends in Niagara Falls:

I called my friends to met in Niagara Falls. After breakfast, I met my friends and my family. It took us an hour before we met,she's not familiar the Victoria Park. After we talked and introduced my friends to my in-laws we decided to have had a tour in Journey Behind the Falls. We spent an hour in Journey behind the falls,then we met her friends and we became friend till now.I invited my friends to had ice cream with us and said goodbye after the treat.

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Journey Behind the Falls @ Niagara Falls

More in Family vacation in Niagara, Please check here
Niagara Vacation
The Journey behind the falls is another tour that you have  chance to look closer the Horseshoe Falls.This is a self guided tour where you just need to buy a ticket and they will give you a poncho . There is a guided tour will lead you to the elevators descend 150 feet  through the tunnels that lead to the viewing behind the falls massive sheet of water. They have an observation decks at the foot of the falls. The mist is so strong that made you soaked.
Even though it is self guided, they have some information where you can read.

The view from the tunnel behind the falls, they put a railing for safety

Actually I like this tour where you have time to explore and enjoyed in  the observation decks and  awed the God's creation.
I was worried this time, my camera has no filter lens.I took  few pictures in the observation decks, the mist is strong. 

There are tunnels under the falls which give a spectacular perspective  of  falling  water and you can hear the thunder!

the Horseshoe Falls 

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Panoramic view of Niagara Falls

The Panoramic view of Niagara Falls in night time is much spectacular with the colorful illumination of the falls.

Before the crowd, we decided to have early dinner with my in-laws, and talked to them we want to go in Niagara Falls and watched the fireworks. Our concern, is my daughter since it's a little bit breezy and late for her. We're thankful my in-laws offer to babysit my daughter and she could stay in there room while we are on date.
the colorful illumination at night

Before we left the restaurants my camera bag fell down (DSLR camera). I was a big dork that I don't checked my camera and my filter lens broke. I took a lot of pictures when we sat down and checked I was surprised there are some white spots. Good thing it was the filter lenses.

Travel Tips:
a. Bring tripod.
b. Find your best location either sides offer the spectacular view.
c. arrives early before the crowd starts.
d. Get a premium hotel that has a panoramic view of Niagara Falls.
e. Bring extra battery or lenses.
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Maid of Mist tour in Niagara, worth the time and money

Our vacation was worth especially we did the  Maid of Mist tour in Niagara, Canada.This time we didn't brought "little M" in the tour. We're lucky to have my in-laws during the family getaways. It was an unforgettable experienced for us, our time ,money  and spent a day was worth, indeed was truly a happiness for us.I felt, I was standing in the river.

The Rainbow Bridge at Niagara Falls is an international steel arch bridge across the Niagara River gorge.
One of a kind:
American Falls, Amazing view

Maid of Mist, is a boat  tour in Niagara,Canada where you have a chance to look closer   the Bridal Veil Falls, American Falls and the Horseshoe falls. Expect to get soaked even  you have  poncho.The mist is  strong like as if  rainy.The poncho is thin and included in your ticket. You have an option to  keep as your souvenir or return to it.

the boat tour at the edge of Horseshoe Falls

Travel Tips:
a. wear comfortable clothes and flip flops.
b. don't wear socks, or bring extra one if you want.
c. don't bring your little one at least age 2- she/he will get scared on the mist.
d. bring waterproof camera case/ or waterproof camera.
e. take picture before you get soaked.

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Family getaways in Niagara Falls,Canada

the falls in the left side is called-American Falls and the right side is called-Canadian"Horseshoe" Falls. Both Falls are impressive and unique.

We spent our family weekends with my in-laws in Niagara Falls, Canada last year. We drove 4 hours and we're in Niagara Falls, Canada. My family is always been there, since then,I'm the only one that never been there, so hubby wants to show me the Niagara Falls and met my classmate in College, friends and my "kumare" at the same time.My friend "I" lives in Toronto, but we decided to met in Niagara Falls so it is easy for my family especially for "little M" . If my memory is still good she's 45 minutes away from Niagara.
"little M" worn-out and slept in her stroller. Yours truly-the background is the American Falls

Timing is Good:
We planned this getaway so I can met my  friend "kumare" and see the impressive falls at the same time. Well, I don't regret the Falls is impressive in day light and evening. Fireworks was scheduled that night around 10:00 p.m. and the weather was perfect.

My in-laws was a big help for us, we did the Maid of the Mist tour with my hubby  and Journey behind the falls tour with hubby and "I" as they watched "little M''. We decided not to brought "little M" in the tours because of the mist and probably she cried, and my in-laws volunteered to be watched her.Good thing to have an understanding in-laws.
Skylon Tower- will give yo a chance to see the Niagara Falls.It has a restaurants and observation deck.You have to pay to ride to the top, but if you have to dine in, it's free to ride to the top.

Impressive Falls in any sides:
The Falls is free if you just want to see it in any side but you have to pay for the tours.I'll be honest, I want still to go back here, 5 years from now,"little M'' is old enough and she  remembers and there's a lot things to do with kids in Ontario aside from falls and the tours.
the view of Horseshoe Falls,taken from the top of Skylon tower during lunch time.
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