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How to visit St. Thomas,US Virgin Islands in one day

We went in St. Thomas, Virgin Island during our family cruise last month.The place is beautiful with interesting history and  the panoramic view is spectacular with blue water and sunny day.What else could we ask and those days back home is snowy.
"Little Travelentz" enjoying the view of Magen's View
Though my father-in-law can't walk for a long hour so we did the the land excursions for 2 hours for  sightseeing tour  and drop off to Magen's Beach with an open-air vehicle.The highlights of the tour  are:

 Beacon Point:
The panoramic view from Beacon point
Our first stop was Beacon Point and the photos above greeted us with spectacular view of St. Thomas 

Skyline Drive:
Panoramic view of Charlotte Amalie harbor
In second stop is the overlooking of Charlotte Amalie harbor and the town and one of the popular stop of sightseeing tours. Its quite busy when we arrived at skyline drive. Good thing our driver found a parking space so we're able to see this spectacular view of Charlotte harbor.Aside the panoramic view it has a small market that you can buy souvenirs and food.

World Famous Mountain Top:
 Magen's Bay Beach listed as one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world according to National Geographic
Our third stop is the World Famous Mountain top and the best part is the overlooking of Magen's Bay. You have to go inside the store and you will see at the back the deck observation point.It is also know as the inventor of the famous banana daiquiri.

We went to Magen's beach for couple hours. The place is huge and well maintain.After in the beach we went back and done some shopping.



  1. Great place you have visited. Ah, enjoying the site aboard an open vehicle, that's a big deal.

  2. that is a beautiful island to explore and have fun, adventure with the family :-) beautiful pictures as well :-) We have never been to St. Thomas but my sister-in-law got married in that beautiful island :-)

  3. indeed a lovely island to visit. cruising is one of the many things that i would love to do with my family in the future.

  4. beautiful pictures, must be really awesome to be there! :) i bet you all had great time.

  5. Wow! What beautiful place you have visited sis! That looks like paradise right there! I don't think a one day visit to that place would be enough! I would need at least a week to enjoy the scenery myself! :D

  6. Amazing views sis, you have such a great eye and skills in taking great photos.

  7. oh, so lovely Mhie, and so love that picture of little Travelentz looking out, added really more impact to the beauty of the place, a little girl drawn to the beauty of the blue blue sea. love all the pics, and the mountain top is such a sight to behold.

  8. I live in Florida, where most of the cruise ships dock. But I have not experienced going on a cruise. My husband once asked me about it, but I declined. I do knot, but I am just too scared to be stuck in a ship for more than a day.

  9. all your photos make me want to jump in a cruise already. haha! spectacular views! the wanderlust in me is awakened. :D

  10. What breath-taking photos! I would love to see this place for myself if circumstances allow.

  11. I am so green with envy with all the beautiful places you've been to and your fam, Mhie. It must have been loads of fun and adventure. Thanks for sharing all these marvelous photos.

  12. Lovely place. I'd love to visit this! Thanks for sharing the photos! I totally enjoyed it! ♥

  13. Heavenly beautiful!

    Little Travelentz is so Lucky to experience this great and wonderful things early, unlike me :( joke hehe. She's lucky too for having parents like you siempre.