It’s a long road ahead – mobile games to play while travelling

The rapid-fire development of smartphones can seem ridiculous to those who have just saved up for one, only to watch a newer version trump its predecessor in a few months’ time. Smartphones are truly the way forward in modern communication technology. For most modern professions, having a smartphone is seen as indispensable.

Of course, smartphones don’t always have to be about business. You can have tremendous amounts of fun with them too, particularly with the wide range of games available. The best thing about playing them is that you can really make the time disappear on long commutes.

Unpleasant Horse
A seemingly off-kilter take on My Little Pony, Unpleasant Horse is a mobile game that has the player commandeer a horse, making it jump across the sky without falling into a series of unpleasant and gory deaths. It’s hilarious and perfect for those who like seeing the medium of classic, cute cartoons being contaminated with offbeat humor.

A great example of this is how the horse can be directed to jump on the pretty ponies, sending them hurtling towards their doom in order to save itself. It’s a great game to avoid chatty commuters from disturbing you…particularly if they have a glance at what exactly it is that’s gotten you so amused.

Mobile Bingo
For gambling aficionados who don’t have the time to go to casinos or Bingo halls, the proliferation of gambling apps and games is a godsend. It’s no surprise that the game is having a strong resurgence on tablet computer and smartphone platforms.
There are hundreds of different gambling games, including slots and Bingo, but you should take care to go with some of the more reputable companies,

Plague Inc.
This is another game that those of you with a twisted sense of humour will really enjoy. Plague Inc. allows you to design and commence your very own pandemics and widespread diseases. The aim of the game is to nurture your own pandemic and let it grow from a petri dish into a fully-fledged, catastrophic, global emergency.

 Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Exercise
Dr. Kawashima, the genius behind the Nintendo DS, has developed a game that’s primarily aimed at non-gamers, which is perfect if you don’t play games but still want to use your smartphone to knock time out of your commute.
The game consists of a series of brain-teasing tests. You’re only allowed one test a day and your results and progress are monitored by some very professional-looking graphs.


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