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Weekend Trips: Fontanel Mansion with kids

Fontanel Mansion is our first weekend trips for 2013.Though we've been in Michigan last Month but I don't have a luxury time to blog ,yet. Winter is killing us this time, ups and downs in our health and a lot of virus is running around. I've been sick for 2 weeks then my daughter. I'm thankful we're all fine as of now but it seems hubby's not feeling well today while I am blogging in  bed.
3 little bears
Going back to  my post about our Weekend Trips: Fontanel Mansion with kids is a  good day trip considering it's close we're staying  right now. Today, Fontanel Mansion is open for public tour. 

Without kids, home are too big:

The place is huge and a log  home but all the kids are grown up so they decided to down sized which no different with other families. Just imagine the  Fontanel Mansion is a 27,000 square foot log home on 136 acres and formerly owned by Country Music Hall of Fame name Barbara Mandrell. Actually , the mansion has over 20 rooms, 13 bathrooms, 5 fireplaces, 2 kitchens, an indoor pool and even an indoor shooting range. How do you like to sleep and stay in Fontanel Mansion? If you ask me, I am happy to sleep over for a night with friends and family.
Yours truly
One of a Kind:
I've been in many tour, but the Fontanel Tour is one of the best tour we ever have in US so far. The tour guide has talent too, he can sing and play a guitar. You could see  and touch  all the cool music  memorabilia.
The Fontanel Mansion
Feel at home:
The tour guide  sang us a couple song  and felt us we're at  home and not a traveler who wants to visit the museum. In fact  you can seat in the couch while he explained about the Fontanel House and  you can play the guitar too, if you want. 
The tour guide
Recommend for all ages:
The place is impressive from staff to the tour guide.If you ask me about one of the top attraction in Nashville, this would be my first place to visit.Its not the history but the log home itself is impressive because of the tour guide who give value information  of every details that the travelers need to know about the Fontanel Mansion.
Great Room
Café Fontanella:
After our tour, we went to Cafe Fontanella to check their lunch menu.
Pizza for lunch
Fontanel Mansion & Farm
4225 Whites Creek Pike
Nashville, TN 37189

Ticket: Open 7 days and the tour starts 9:00 a.m to 3:00 p.m.( Always check before you go, it may change without prior notice) 
Adults $22
Seniors (60 +) $20
Youth (6-15 years old) $12
Kids (6 and under) FREE

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4 Places to Visit in Florida

There are a lot things why people wants to live in Florida. It depends with your needs and wants. Like my Parents-in law they want to retire in Florida because they have enough with the cold weather in North and they told me they're snowbird. 

First you have to ask yourself what do you want? Where do you want to stay? What is your preference? Where do you want to travel?
I wish I was there now

Here are the 4 places to Visit in Florida you might be interested:

ORLANDO- When we heard the word "Orlando" it means Theme park where Disney World is.But remember the city has a lot things to offer for all ages and fun all year-round.One of the most visited cities in Florida.
CAPE CANAVERAL- is known because of the " Kennedy Space Center." Other than that closed by Cocoa beach and Merrit Island where you can enjoy the beach.
What do you think?
KEY WEST- is located in the Southernmost part in USA.I've been in Key west and its beautiful and the beach has an emerald blue waters.The top attraction are the  Tropic CinemaKey West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory and more.

MIAMI-offers a multicultural experience.They offer fun for all ages through all year-round. There are lot things to do in Miami like visiting the zoo,museums,and beaches.

Have you been in Florida? If not, what places do you want to visit in Florida?

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Fossil Key Per Black Swan handbag

Last week I bought a new fossil key per black swan  handbag in the Mall. So happy I got the right colour I wanted. It suit in any type of clothes I want.
The colour is just perfect for everyday.
The bag is not big and not too small for me. It has 19cm (L) x 20.5cm (H) x 2cm (D).Other than that I love the feature and styles:
  • Vintage style across the body bag
  •  leather trim
  • Single adjustable strap
  • Zip closure
  • Fossil key charm
  • External slip pocket with flap and 3 card slots
  • inside pocket
Now, am ready for our outdoor excursion wherever our feet goes.

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Nassau Bahamas: Historic tour with family

One of the excursion we did during our Disney Dream Cruise was the Historic tour and booked the shore excursion through Disney cruise line. 

We decided to booked on that day without taking any consideration of  the weather and  oops, it was rainy on Nassau, Bahamas, and the tour was delayed and waited in the AFT room. It was funny  we're lost and didn't know where is the meeting room for the historic tour.

We visited  4 attractions, and when we are at the  Queen's Staircase it was pouring and no chance for photo ops,all I do was to  protect my camera and hide it considering I don't have a waterproof casing.

Nassau Bahamas: Historic tour with family:

Junkanoo Expo- is a small museum and the tour guide are amazing. The history are interesting and fun for all  ages and felt we were on the festivals. The tour is more on extremely interactive as you learn the Bahamian tradition from instrumental music, costumes and drinks. I'll be honest the Junkanoo Expo  is one of the best historic tour we ever have.
Little Travelentz is busy in her bell at the same time wondering what is the crepe paper for?
Fort Charlotte- The tour guide gave a little bit of the  background about the Fort.From the top you'll see the amazing view of Nassau Bahamas.
The fort has never been used in battle
Fort Fincastle-Don't expect too much, this is the smallest Fort we've visited but the panoramic view was spectacular.Lots of photo opportunity and the Fort Fincastle was at highest point in the island.

Queen's Staircase- the last place we visited. The place is impressive and has 65 steps and made of natural limestone. I don't took  a lot of photos though it was rainy and I have to hold the handrail and watch my step.
Hand carved by slaves in 1793-1794 to honor Queen Victoria.

Historic tour tips: 

Stroller-If you have kids who doesn't want to walk  for a long period of time  bring a stroller, and you can use it during shopping time but in the Fort and Junkanoo Expo you don't really need it so you could leave it in the car. After your historic tour, your guide tour would drop you all in the shopping area and this is the time we were ops with hubby because we don't bring our stroller and it's a pain.
Chocolate Rum Cake

Tipping- As it says "gratuities are always at your discretion".

Launch- Is not included in our historic tour, after window shopping in Bahamas where we don't buy any souvenir except the cake rum for my Parents-in-law we head back to our ship and ate lunch there and it was pouring during that time.

Fort Fincastle- Water Tower

Identification- Bring your Id's  or passport and  your cruise card or else you can't go back to your ship.

Green Card- If you're a Green card holder it is important to bring it for your own convenience.

Money- They accept cash in US dollar so no need to worry about currency exchange.

The historic tour is impressive and good for all ages especially for kids who loves history and culture. I would highly recommend the historic tour if you love history and culture.

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Vinyl banners

Vinyl banners is one of the least effective ways to promote your business if your target market are people locally. Of course you need to determine your location where there are a lot of people that pass by on the area. After you determine your location you have to think the design and all the eye catching words to write on your banners. Once you decided and all set up you have to find  vinyl banners printing. 

Marketing strategy is important in your business.I remember when I studied my degree and the marketing subject was kinda fun and exciting during those days. After a couple years when I applied it in my job marketing needs more time and consideration before you launch it that's why no wonder companies hired marketing strategy to do so.
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