Fire Dance in Boracay,Philippines

Fired Dance is one of the things you will consider to check out when you're in  Boracay. Its a dance where the dancer has a number of small warp speed bins and dances freestyle or based on the kind of songs they are dancing while the audience are enjoying the drinks and the breeze in the beach side.
Some of these professions are relevant to balancing or baton twirling, and there is also an appreciation between flame dance and stroking gym. Fire dancing is often conducted to songs. Fire dance has been a conventional part of societies from all over the world, and contemporary flame performance often contains visible and stylistic components from many customs. 

We did not go in bar considering we have a little ones so we just watch the Fire dance that is in open to the public and it is in the beach sides were they have a beach lounge chair  you can sit and  order some drinks.

After the show's done you have a photo ops if you want and you can give gratuity at your own discretion.



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