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Give Your Children A Taste Of Europe

Children love holidays. At least they like the parts they enjoy. They like the getting wet parts. They are not so keen on the long journey part. The like the being in a new place and discovering things part. They like the adventure. But most of all they like the eating part. Get that right and everything else falls into place. With that in mind it might be fun to think about a trip to places where fun food hits the bill. If there is ever a place that is child food heaven, it has to be Europe. As a wise and educated parent you’ll be sneaking in all those other cultural treats at the same time and everybody will be having a fantastic holiday.


France has the best breakfast ever. It does not seem to matter if you are in the capital Paris or in some small rural town in Brittany or the Dordogne. France is breakfast feast made in heaven. For a start there are French sticks. These may be in every supermarket around the world but trust me there is nothing to compare with a fresh French stick from a bakery in France.

Baking like this is addictive and that is before anyone mentioned the word Croissant. These delicious light and buttery pastries just have a way of melting in your mouth. Adding jam is all part of the fun and messy attraction. You don't even have to dip them in chocolate but then a bowl of hot chocolate is something else the French do particularly well. Breakfast has never been so easy and so messy. And we haven't even come close to pancakes or crepes. Anyone who invented an entire meal of pancakes will have the children’s vote for ever.


The Spanish know how to cook their eggs, sausages and garlicky chicken dishes. They are pretty good at baking too, though in a Spanish pastry dipped in sugar sort of way. The further down south you go, the spicier things become. The humble tomato gets reinvented in Spain and they even have a festival to celebrate it. The hotter it gets the more the Spanish seem to delight in their mouthwatering fruits. The kids love nothing better than chomping on cool and refreshing watermelon and big hunks of pineapple. Just perfect after a hot day at the beach.


Nobody who ever raised a child could ignore the contribute Italian cuisine has made to the world of feeding the smaller ones. It might have something to do with the fact that the Italians love children. So it’s a great place to bring the kids. The Italian holiday atmosphere is simply one of the best in the world for families whether you eating out on a simple outing or staying in a fabulous villa. The list of food goodies begins with a classic Neapolitan Pizza. That might enough on its own but who could forget pasta? In all its shapes and forms from spaghetti to lasagne and all the shapes in between. In Italy food is culture, art, lunch and fun all rolled into one. And who would complain?
Take the children to Europe on a voyage of food discovery and you might just find that you will have lot more fun than you thought along the way. Besides all that food will give them heaps of energy to work off in the pool and ocean, giving you just a little more downtime.
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