Nighttime Is the Right Time in New York City

The bright lights of New York City beckon and bedazzle travelers like few other destinations. More than 62 million people visit the Big Apple every year, taking in towering attractions like the Empire State Building and historical landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty. Some flock to the shops on Fifth Avenue while others enjoy a restful day in Central Park. No matter how you fill your day, exciting opportunities await once the sun goes down.

Take in a Show

No trip to New York City would be complete without a visit to the Great White Way. With 41 professional theaters, Broadway is a destination for spectators the world over. Musical theater classics and daring new productions abound, but the fun isn’t limited to Broadway alone. Dozens of off- and off-off-Broadway theaters offer a variety of plays, new york city cabaret shows and other exciting productions.

Explore a Museum

New York City is famous for its museums, and access to these spectacular sites does not necessarily end at 5 o’clock. Many popular museums, such as The Museum of Modern Art, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, the Rubin Museum of Art and the Brooklyn Museum, are open late at least one night per week. In some cases, the late hours come with free or reduced admission and other special events.

Go to a Club

If you prefer to get off your seat and onto your feet when nighttime comes around, there are no shortage of clubs and live music venues. Although disco may have come and gone, dancing is still alive and well in New York City. From wild to mild, countless clubs offer an eclectic mix of ambiance and entertainment. Renowned jazz and blues clubs attract discerning listeners looking for a different experience. Other legendary landmarks played important roles in rock ‘n’ roll history and continue to offer exceptional live music today.
Whatever your personal preferences, New York’s got you covered. Be sure to take in some of its nifty nightlife the next time you are in "The City That Never Sleeps."

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How to Enjoy the Best of Greece on a Family Vacation

Greece is a country famed for its beauty, ancient roots and family-friendly culture, and as such has been a firm family favorite for decades. If you’re planning on taking your family to the jewel of the Mediterranean this summer, you’ll want to extract the very best experiences from your time spent abroad. This article guides you through the must-dos and must-sees of Greece, helping you plan the itinerary of a memorable trip away to Greece with your loved ones in tow.

One of the world’s most scintillating and exciting capital cities, Athens is whatever you wish to make of it. With the Parthenon located atop the city’s acropolis the only must-see, the rest of your time spend in Greece’s bustling capital is open for improvisation. Some ideas on how to spend your days:
  • Shopping in busy local markets for European goods with Middle Eastern charm
  • Finding the most exquisite restaurants and cafes with delightful sea views
  • Walking the old town and its atmospheric narrow streets
  • Gobbling up more culture in the city’s stunning archaeological museumsOnce you’ve had your fill of this endlessly mesmerizing city, it’s time to move on to slightly less busy areas of this beautiful country.

Natural Sights
Greece isn’t exactly a haven for the world’s most exciting wildlife, but it does make up for this (and then some!) with a series of stunning natural vistas and rural communities that are well worth visiting. Renting a car to get between these is perhaps the most practical option for families, and it’s quiet and safe on the Greek roads. Look up some of the destinations that most suit your family beforehand, whether it’s those bubbling hot springs, towering mountains, or forests in which hikes acquire a mysterious and atmospheric quality.
Island Relaxation
After all that exploring, it’s time to take the tempo right down by heading off the coast and into the Aegean Sea. Here, you’ll find a generous dusting of delightful islands to satisfy your family’s yearning for solitude, peace, and relaxation. Luxury holiday villas in Mykonos are perfectly suited to the needs of a family and are situated within a walk or a short drive from small urban areas with traditional restaurants serving fresh and frightfully delicious cuisine. Book yourself in for a villa stay in the middle of your trip to build up the family’s energy before your next adventure.
After your villa stay, during which you’ll have spent plenty of time eating great food, tanning on sun loungers, and heading into the sea from your private beach, it’s time to get onto a chartered yacht to explore some of Greece’s other islands. There’s something almost exciting about sailing between outcrops of land, and it’s something the kids will find particularly beguiling, feeling like conquerors of new territories. Have your seaborne fun on tranquil turquoise waters to round off you fantastic, action-packed trip to Greece – the jewel of the Mediterranean. 
Take your family on vacation to Greece this summer to experience an ancient culture, incredible cuisine, beautiful villas and swashbuckling fun that is sure to delight grownups and kids alike.
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