How do vacation club points work?

How do vacation club points work?

There have been many instances in the past where bad publicity has attached itself to the vacation club and timeshare markets for vacations. There have certainly been some poor selling techniques relating to timeshares in particular, but the concept is very good because you can buy into an opportunity with vacation points to have a wide range of choices to vacation worldwide.

What is a vacation club?

Vacation clubs are different to the traditional model of timeshares. With a timeshare you buy the rights to a particular unit and you can go there every year. It's a comfortable way of vacationing because you know what to expect.

With a vacation club you'll pay a certain amount upfront to join – costs differ depending on what type of package you decide to buy – and you'll get a number of points that you can redeem each year, but for different vacations. It's not the same as buying into a timeshare because you will have a wide choice of destinations available.

If you really want to explore different places for your vacation then joining a club is a great way to go about it. If you've bought into a timeshare for a fixed week or two then you will probably have to make a commitment to go there at the same time every year. A vacation club gives you much more flexibility, and though you may be restricted by the number of points you have bought, you still have ample opportunity to choose where you want to go.

Are vacation clubs a good deal?

When you're thinking about your vacation options you need to weigh up whether investing in vacation club points will be the best way ahead for you. You might want to consider a timeshare instead, but be aware that there is a lot of supply out there, and although over a period of years you are likely to save money over just booking a resort hotel, you're not likely to have much in the way of equity when it comes to selling up.

You should also be aware that both vacation clubs and timeshares have an initial upfront cost and that you will also be paying an annual maintenance fee, so check that your budget is able to handle that.

With a vacation club it comes back to the flexibility you can have when choosing your vacation destination. If you look at what a good quality resort hotel will cost you for a week or two every year and set it against the costs of vacation club membership, especially for a family, you'll find over a number of years you will have saved a lot of money.

Explore your options

As with any new venture, you'll want to look around and see what suits you best. Why not have a look at Royal Holiday's YouTube to get the bigger picture, and take the first step towards rewarding you and your family with fantastic annual vacations?
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Top 5 Benefits of VPN for Travellers in Canada

A trip to or through Canada shouldn't mean missing out on your favourite websites or being locked out of accounts. Further, the last thing you want to worry about is the security of your internet connection or the safety of your personal data, whether that be log-ins or browsing history. The best VPN when you are in Canada should protect you from censorship, account lockouts, theft, and piracy. Keep reading for more information on what a VPN is and the five best reasons to use one while travelling in Canada.  

                                                                      Royalty free photo
What is a VPN?
A virtual private network (VPN) is a secure and private gateway to the internet. It is like a private home network, the internet provider box, that encrypts data travelling to and from your computer and the internet databases of the world. A VPN, however, is virtual, more like remotely accessing the internet from your home network, but much safer over long distances. There are VPN servers all over the world that you can connect to, to privatise and secure your wireless data. 

Five Reasons to Use a VPN while Travelling in Canada

1. Censorship
Canada has begun censoring and monitoring internet usage and data. Sadly, hackers can use this mechanism to easily bypass security protocols and see sensitive data. The last thing you want when travelling in Canada, or even living in Canada, is missing out on your favourite blogs or websites simply because the Canadian government doesn't agree with the opinion of that country, company, journalist, or blogger. Further, if you really want to access world news in other countries as it happens, that might be censored too. Canada has their own versions of the SOPA and PIPA bills. 

2. Media
Accessing media while in Canada or travelling from Canada to somewhere else, might mean missing out on your favourite news channels or TV shows simply because that company doesn't have the rights to broadcast on the internet outside of the country they are licensed in. Complicated agreement rights between networks can make it nearly impossible to access TV shows and TV websites like HULU, Spotify, CBC, and more. A VPN can grant you access to TV channel and music websites in other countries, so you won’t have to wait until it gets released in Canada. 

3. Restricted Content
Prominent social networks, search browser services, VOIP services, and P2P networks are often cut, restricted, or banned, especially during times of crises, when certain companies fear losing revenue to them, or because they make data hard to collect for government collection programs. Further, even some city blocks, WiFi hotspots, or apartment buildings may block certain websites they feel may threaten their networks. A Canadian VPN can help you stay in touch using the services your foreign friends have at their disposal.

4. Banking Lockouts
We all know to call our banks and credit card companies before travelling abroad to prevent lockouts, but did you know that simply accessing your bank accounts, credit card accounts, and sometimes even email accounts from another state or country can also cause you to be locked out of your accounts and sometimes permanently? How difficult will travelling be if you have your emails or funds frozen simply because you tried to access those accounts from a different IP address. (For instance, without a special security key code you get for travelling out of the country, PayPal can lock you out of your accounts and even freeze your assets until you have jumped through enough hoops to get them back!) By connecting through a VPN in your home country, these accounts can remain open as you will have an IP address from your home country.

5. WebSurf
A VPN can enable you to surf the entire World Wide Web on any WiFi network with the added bonus of the security of your private data and no censorship by the free WiFi owner. A VPN will protect your data across openly accessible WiFi networks and their only slightly more secure WEP encryption relatives. Surf safely and securely from any WiFi hotspot and rest assured your data and private information is uncensored and safe.

Use a VPN When You Travel Canada

Fortunately, VPNs allow you to access any data, anywhere privately and without the worry that what you are reading is putting you on some government investigation list. A private VPN will keep your data channels open and your data safe from the prying eyes of the government and hackers. A VPN account is relatively inexpensive, costing as little as $6 per month or $50 per year. It is a small price to pay for internet freedom and an added wall of security to your finances.
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Best Winter Destinations In Canada For Non-Skiers

Canada is much more than a skiing destination for those that visit during the winter. It is a shame to notice the fact that there is such a misconception. In order to shed it, here are some really impressive travel destinations that you will want to consider if you want more than skiing this year. 

Whistler is known as the ski capital of Canada but it is also a great destination for non-skiers. There are many resorts that will offer a multitude of non-ski activities from ice climbing and snowmobiling to winter fishing and sleigh rides. You just need to equip yourself with the best VPN when you are in Canada and you can even visit when you have to be contacted at all times as you are connected to a business. As a recommendation, make sure that you will try zip lining since the experience is awesome. 

La Mauricie National Park
You can enjoy a stain in an otentik, which is a cross between a tent and a rustic cabin. This gives you access to a really interesting outdoor activity that gives you the chance to experience the La Mauricie National Park as it should be experienced. The entire family can enjoy activities like snowshoeing, winter hiking and Nordic walking, while the nights will be cozy. Try to visit during the Defis due Parc Nordique festival. 

Cambridge – Ontario
The main attraction point here is Langdon Hill, a resort that was voted as being the best Canadian hotel by the Conde Nast Traveller magazine. It is a great inn and gives you access to popular gourmet getaways. Food lovers will love what is offered, together with spa treatments and archery lessons. This is a great location if you just want to relax and get away from your busy daily schedule. 

Lake Louise – Alberta
If you are looking for winter sports, Lake Louise is a popular destination. If you do not want to go skiing, you can always enjoy horseback riding, dogsledding, skating, ice-fishing and snowshoeing here. If you are in the area, you will want to consider the Canadian Rocky Mountain Resorts. It offers a really interesting ice-lounge that is close to Lake Louise. The experience there is quite romantic, which is what you will love. 

There are so many outdoor adventures that can be experienced even within the city’s limits like ice-skating and even cross-country skiing. Experience Mont Royal with a pair of strap-on snow shoes and try to go to the city during the Montreal en Lumiere, which is a culinary festival that takes place between February and March. 

Gatineau National Park

You will love this park. It is located really close to Ottawa and gives you access to snow-shoeing and winter hiking. You will want to consider the Lauriault Trail and the SugarBush Trail and you can have a guide with you if you never enjoyed such an activity before. Skating is available and the foodies can even enjoy a culinary class at the renowned Le Cordon Bleu in the downtown Ottawa area. 
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What Is Site-To-Site VPN?

What Is Site-To-Site VPN?
The world of Virtual Private Networks seems simple at first glance but as you start to learn more about them, you automatically notice the fact that there are many facts that you were not aware of. For instance, a lot of people have no idea what a site-to-site VPN is. If you are among them, you should not be ashamed since we should mention that the majority of users think that all VPN services are the same. 
You need to be sure that you learn all that you can about the virtual private networks since this is what will help you out the most in making a suitable choice. Because of this, we will now discuss site-to-site VPN and explain what you have to know about it. 

What Is A Site-To-Site VPN?
This is not related to a website, although many think so. The site-to-site VPN is a type of VPN that allows various offices found in multiple locations (fixed) to establish a secure connection with each other through the use of public network access points. The VPN will extend the existing network of a company, allowing access of users, no matter where they are. For instance, the best VPN when you are in Canada can be used to access your company’s offices, computers and shared files in USA. 
Two types of site-to-site virtual private networks exist:
  1. Intranet based site-to-site VPN – if one business has more remote locations that should be joined in one single private network, the intranet VPN is created and connects separate LANs to one WAN. 
  2. Extranet based site-to-site VPN – when there are strong connections that are established with another firm (like a partner, customer or supplier), the extranet system is used to connect the different LANs. In this situation the VPNs allow the companies to easily work together in an environment that is completely secured, while sharing network files without being afraid of possible file transfer security breaches. 
The main purpose of the site-to-site VPN network is different than that of the remote-access VPN network but almost the same equipment and software is utilized. However, with the use of site-to-site VPN, there is no need to use dedicated VPN client software since the infrastructure is different. 
The site-to-site VPN system is the most common one at the moment and it is currently offered by dozens of really good service providers. Make sure that you understand whether or not this is what you need since the remote-access system is also really suitable for some companies. Making a correct choice means that you would automatically gain more efficiency, which is exactly why you implement the network in the first place. 

Have patience and make sure that you choose a provider that also offers support so that it can take care of absolutely all the problems that may appear at the end of the day. Only in the event that you do know everything about how to establish such a network you should work alone and do your very own system network, without third party services. 
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Why You Should Visit Jungle Island

When I was planning our vacation going to Florida, I research all the things to do  that's   family  friendly  and  the Jungle Island caught my attention, it is  one of a kind  and I'm impressed all the exhibits and animals they have. There are many reason that you should visit the Jungle Island.If you love animals,  animals live show and friendly atmosphere this place is for you.

What is Jungle Island?
  • 450 extraordinary animals from around the globe.
  • lives up to its name with its lush tropical jungle setting filled with unusual flora, from the extraordinary African sausage tree to a collection of rare cycads.
  • Building upon a rich tradition that began in 1936.

  • Located at:1111 Parrot Jungle Trail, Miami, FL 33132 (305) 400-7000

I know your first question "Why You Should Visit Jungle Island":

Family Friendly:This is my first requirement when I'm looking for an attractions. Being a mom, it is very important to me.My daughter had fun at the same time my husband and I enjoyed and impressed of what they offer to their visitors.

Animal Live Show: If you visit the Jungle Island don't forget to check the show. It is spectacular and worth your time. I've been in many zoo but I never seen this kind of live show and animals.It's amazing.
  • Winged Wonders-located in Parrot Bowl
  • Wild Encounter-Jungle Theater

Close-up Encounters-Unlike the zoo, Jungle Island has different style and it's make them more appealing and has a close-up encounters of the animals. Seriously, I was amazed with Lions, ligers and more. I feel they will eat me anytime and I never been to closed with those animals only in Jungle Island.

Experience and savor it: I'm grateful, I have the chance to visit and share with my family and to you. 

Disclosure: Thank you  Jungle Island for  the complimentary tickets. However,I will always share my honest opinion  about my  travel experience.

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An island to shop ‘til you drop!

When it comes to holiday shopping, whether you go for souvenir shopping, or whether you want to stock up on presents for yourself, it’s always good to know that you’ve saved enough to be able to treat yourself whilst you’re away. Saving up for your holiday might be hard work at the time, but it more than pays dividends when you’re there and enjoying yourself!

I love a bit of shopping when I’m away, and I often dedicate a day towards the end of my break to this, one of my favourite activities in life. When you visit the sunshine island of Gran Canaria however, you’re more than spoilt when it comes to shopping ‘til you drop, because most resorts have a huge shopping centre or two, and even those that don’t are in very easy reach of those that do! When you decide where to stay in Gran Canaria, factor in how far you want to travel for your retail therapy needs. 

I’m not suggesting you spend your entire sunshine holiday in the shops, because relaxation is of course the name of the game, so make sure you begin your break in that exact manner. I always find checking my flight status online reduces my pre-flight stress, which if you’re not careful has a nasty habit of creeping into the beginning of your holiday. When I flew recently I was regularly checking the EasyJet flight tracker online, and I knew exactly what was what with my flight, feeling calmer and reassured as a result. Try it for yourself, no matter who you fly with.

Calm, collected, ready to relax? Gran Canaria offers you plenty of opportunities to do just that, no matter where you’re staying on the island, but if you’re wanting to take advantage of the island’s duty free status then you’re best heading to the south of the island, which is handily where most of the large tourist resorts are based!

Remember that you are only allowed a certain amount of goods to bring back to the UK, and that includes 1 litre of spirits or 2 litres of wine, and 200 cigarettes, or 50 cigars. You will find customs are clamping down on imposing these limits, so don’t take the risk.

You will easily find alcohol, perfume, tobaccos and plenty of electronics in the main resorts, but if you are wanting to buy electronics cheaply, then make sure you test them out first, just in case! You don’t want to get them all the way home and find they’re sub-standard, or don’t work properly.

There are several weekly markets dotted around the island, which are certainly worth a wander around for more unusual souvenirs to take home, with plenty of handcrafted goods on offer. Alternatively, if you prefer a more shopping mall experience then you have plenty of choice. Las Palmas is probably the biggest shopping area on the island, with Las Arenas a great centre for retail therapy. If you’re staying the hugely popular resort of Playa del Ingles, then Yumbo and the popular Kasbah Centre are great choices too.

One thing’s for sure, you won’t struggle to find something to spend your money on in Gran Canaria!

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Reigniting Your Child’s Passion for Learning in the New School Year

Reigniting Your Child’s Passion for Learning in the New School Year

Your child is beginning a new school year, and while you may have started the first school day with a sigh of relief, signs of stress may be once again rearing their ugly heads. An increased reliance on technology and a growing number of distractions have you wondering whether your child will be able to take away as much information as you’d like from their current learning environment. 

While it’s true that today’s students are learning and developing in ways that are dramatically different from what you probably practiced growing up, there’s no reason they shouldn’t be able to receive an equally well-rounded and effective education. 

Education Sets the Tone for a Successful Adult Life

The learning techniques, tips, and habits your child adopts during their early educational career will last long into their adult life, and can even make the difference between a thriving, profitable career path and one that remains stagnant. Students who successfully develop a passion for learning at an early age are more likely to attend college, and less likely to experience a teen pregnancy or become subject for incarceration. 

Review the inforgraphic below for an array of critical information regarding the importance of instilling a passion for learning in your child. The actions taken now will affect your child for their rest of their life, so the best way to ensure your child’s future successes is to stage an early educational intervention.

Presented by MyChronicleBooks
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5 things I learnt in Visiting Disney Magic Kingdom with kids on Holidays

I've visited  Disney World during holidays weekend and I learnt it's completely different from a normal days.This time I have a 5 year old girl and she is fascinated with Princess Belle  ( from the movie Beauty and the Beast) and Princess Elsa (from the movie Frozen). My husband and I debating if it is the right time to bring our daughter in Disney. I wrapped-up all things I needed and decided to give my daughter dream come true.

We went to Orlando Florida for a week and picked the day of Monday to visit the Disney World Magic Kingdom. Little M was  excited and woke up so early whilst I'm still sleepy but no choice when my big boss was awake.

Around 7:15 we arrived in the park and it's already crowded and immediately went to the pier to go in Magic Kingdom.From there I learnt the:

5 things I learnt in Visiting Disney Magic Kingdom with kids on Holidays:

1.Don't walk when the Stroller behind you-Watch  out for yourself. Some parents forget their etiquette,they're in a hurry to go and run you.It happens to us many time so my husband told me don't walk when the stroller's behind you.

2.Reserve with  Fastpass-It is important to skip the long queue or else you're wasting your time all day. Like the Princess Hall where you can see the Princess Elsa and Anna.The waiting line was 240 minutes if you could believe it.
Little M first ride

3.Arrived 15 minutes before the live show-During holidays it's a lot of people out there with there kids, friends and family. Make sure to plan your spot so you can enjoy the show without worrying your kids and listening the whine " I can't see".

4.Stay in the Disney Resort- We did not stay in the Disney Resort at this time and my husband and I regret it.There is a full benefits staying the resorts, not to mention the extended theme hours and you can go back to your hotel and let your kids take a nap if it needed.

5.Buy at least 4-day ticket-If you want a good saving and enjoy the theme park, you need to buy at least 4-day ticket and not rushing and pushing yourself in the middle of the crowd.
Under the Sea

My daughter already asking when we're going to go back in Disney World. I experienced the peak season so I decided to go back during off-season were I can enjoy and not experiencing the same  or much crowd and waste my time in queue.

More Photos:
Enchanted Tales with Belle
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
We dined in Be Our Guest Restaurant
Dream Along With Mickey
Frozen-Little M is in seventh heaven when she saw her favorite Princess

Disclosure: Thank you  Disney World for  the complimentary tickets. However,I will always share my honest opinion  about my  travel experience.
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Modern and Impressive Cabin Retreats

Cabin getaways have been popular for decades. With all the hustle and bustle of city life, sometimes the thought of getting away from it all is highly attractive.

Some people, however, love the outdoors but are not that enamored of staying in extremely rustic cabins without any of the amenities that they've grown accustomed to, such as plumbing and electricity.

Modern cabin builders are aware of this and have been anxious to accommodate these types of renters. These days, it's possible to stay in amazing and incredible cabins that look rustic on the outside but are filled with cozy luxuries on the inside. Cabins exist that can house up to 16 people and come with up to 5 or 6 bedrooms and an equal amount of baths. There are cabins for couples and cabins for families and cabins for groups of friends or co-workers. Many are pet friendly. They also come in every style imaginable, from one-level on the ground to lofts to spacious two-levels.

Most of these modern masterpieces feature decks or balconies, from which one can stand and enjoy the majesty of the surroundings. The cabins, while being fully modern and equipped with everything to make city dwellers feel at home, are situated in places where the views of trees and mountains and wildlife are magnificent. These beautiful cabins are truly the best of both worlds.

If these retreats sound appealing, looking at the offerings of places such as Pigeon Forge Cabin Rentals is a great starting point.
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Saltwater Grill in Fairhope, Alabama

We went in Fairhope, Alabama last year and had a chance to dine-in on Saltwater Grill Restaurants. During our vacation it wasn't busy and cold,good thing I brought winter coat or else I'm oops. 

Thanksgiving week is just like miss or hit the cold spot and it was freezing cold and windy so we ended up headed back home after 5 days. I'm thankful I had the opportunity to see the place and enjoy sometimes. My family was with me and my in-laws which makes our vacation memorable especially for my daughter.

One night we decided to dined in Saltwater Grill  which is a casual dining and  friendly family restaurants. It wasn't busy at all and we got a table  without waiting.

The food was good but nothing great. My husband order the oyster which he told me is average.

Here are some of the yummy foodies:
I think this the corn bread
Caesar Salad

He order oyster all the the time

Over all I had a great time and I enjoyed our vacation Alabama vacation where you can read here.

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3 Must-Visit Tourist Attractions in South San Francisco

Home to the San Francisco International Airport (SFO) and the San Francisco Conference Center, South San Francisco is generally viewed as a mere stopover point. But, with affordable South San Francisco flights, several budget-friendly hotels, and surprisingly noteworthy attractions, South San Francisco is now a tourist destination all its own. Here are the three best things to do in South San Francisco, no matter how long you plan to stay there.

San Bruno Mountain State Park and Sign
Image via Flickr by Tim Adams

Sign Hill is visible before you even land at San Francisco International Airport. From the air, you'll see huge letters along a mountainside welcoming you to "South San Francisco The Industrial City". Made in the 1920s, the sign recognizes South San Francisco's contributions to World Wars I and II. Along with 30 acres of open space and 2 miles of hiking trails, the concrete letters on Sign Hill are completely accessible to the public. Sign Hill also features an electric Christmas tree that is lit from Thanksgiving to after New Year's Eve.

Just across from Sign Hill, active travelers will find San Bruno Mountain State Park. Photography enthusiasts will find stunning views of San Francisco and the Central Bay Area, while avid hikers are sure to enjoy the challenging slopes that climb 1,314 feet to the summit.

Looking for easy access to these natural attractions? Consider staying at the Embassy Suites San Francisco Airport.

Golden Gate National Cemetery
Image via Flickr by wetribe
This U.S. Army cemetary, built in the 1930's, is strictly used for military veterans. Well-known naval officer Adm. Chester W. Nimitz is laid to rest here, along with a number of distinguished veterans from the Spanish-American War, WWI, WWII, and Vietnam. Dedicated to the sacrifice of military heroes, visiting the Golden Gate National Cemetary is an overwhelming and emotional experience.
Book a room at the comfortable Best Western Plus Grosvenor Airport Hotel, one of the closest hotels to this historic site. 

History and Art Walking Tours
Image via Flickr by Marlon E

Perhaps one of the best ways to explore South San Francisco's culture is to take a walking tour of historic sites. South San Francisco has 50 designated historic buildings throughout the community, each marked with a plaque describing its significance. Sites include historic homes with authentic Queen Anne architecture and the 1918 Bank of South San Francisco.

If you decide to tour the area's culture, be sure to make room for the Orange Memorial Park Sculpture Garden on your itinerary. Winner of the California Parks and Recreation Society's Award of Excellence, this creative space includes some of the area's best public sculptures. Along a winding walking path, you'll find a pair of "Puzzle People", a metal Yin and Yang, a mother and child sculpture called "Safehaven", and a child-size statue of a boy and his dog. This centrally located park is found near many South San Francisco hotels.

No matter what your travel plans in San Francisco, don't discount the attractions in South San Francisco. Please share your South San Francisco travel tips in the comments section below.

Author Bio:A former journalist, Tammy Banfield is a freelance travel writer who loves scouring the web for the best travel experiences. Tammy has written about more than 2,000 hotels, throughout Canada and the United States, for sites like Hipmunk.

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4 Best Business Hotels in Irving

The Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex is one of the busiest business destinations in the country. With some of the country's largest corporations located in these Texas cities, many business travelers have passed through the DFW complex. Irving, the charming master-planned suburb that actually houses the DFW airport, is an excellent alternative for business travelers who want to avoid the densely packed urban center and experience a more leisurely — and inexpensive — stay. If business brings you to Dallas, here are four great Irving business hotels you might want to consider.
Image via Flickr by Texas Explorer98

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Dallas DFW Airport North
This Irving hotel, ideally located with easy access to I-635 and Highway 114, greets business guests with a warm, freshly baked cookie, a pleasant after-flight token. Business travelers love the 24-hour business center, A/V equipment rental, video conferencing capabilities and ample meeting facilities. The DoubleTree by Hilton Dallas – DFW Airport North has a lush outdoor pool, well-equipped fitness center, 24-hour Market Pantry with snacks and beverages, and Flatland Grill, a modern Texas Bistro. Executive suites are available with connecting parlors for in-room meetings. 

The Westin Dallas Fort Worth Airport
Everyone loves the Westin's signature Heavenly beds and the Westin WORKOUT fitness studios with its gear-lending program for busy executives. The Westin Dallas Fort Worth Airport pampers stressed out business travelers with perks like the SuperfoodRx menu, in-room massage services, and indoor and outdoor pools for a relaxing soak no matter the weather. UNWIND, an evening ritual in Westin hotels, offers guests an opportunity to relax, mingle with other guests, and enjoy specially priced wine and food pairings.

NYLO Dallas Las Colinas
Las Colinas is one of the most charming and progressive neighborhoods in Irving, and the NYLO Dallas Las Colinas is perhaps its most unique hotel. Styled as an urban chic loft with trendy amenities like poolside cabanas and fire pits, the Library entertainment enclave also features a pool table and board games, a dynamic nightly happy hour, and a sophisticated sushi bar. The hip, minimalist décor and business-friendly features like free Wi-Fi and wired HSIA, iPod docking station, spacious meeting rooms, dry cleaning and laundry services make the NYLO the perfect choice for today's young professional travelers. 

Four Seasons Hotel Dallas
This 400-acre resort property is the place to impress business clients and guests. The Four Seasons Hotel has an 18-hole golf course, indoor and outdoor tennis courts, and all the ultra luxe amenities guests expect from the Four Seasons brand. Treat clients to a massage at the full-service spa and enjoy signature cocktails at one of the four pools. The Four Seasons has exceptional conference facilities and more intimate meeting rooms for any business need. The hotel also offers concierge service, valet parking, limo services and 24-hour room service. 

If business travel brings you to the Dallas Fort Worth area, why not consider a budget-friendly and convenient Irving business hotel? These four great properties have every amenity to make sure your next business trip is comfortable. 

Are you a frequent DFW business traveler? Do you have tips for cheap hotels in Irving? Please share your tips and suggestions in the comments below!

Sheila Westin is a freelance travel writer and food blogger who writes about the charms, cuisine, and culture of the places she visits. When she's not on the road, Sheila enjoys exploring the excellent restaurants and jazz clubs of her native Washington, D.C. Sheila is a writer for the #HipmunkCityLove project. 

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A Guide to Finding Cheap Kansas City Hotels Close to Barbecue Hotspots

If there's something to love about Kansas City, Missouri, it's the barbecue. Fortunately for barbecue enthusiasts, the city boasts budget-friendly hotels, such as the Sheraton Kansas City Hotel at Crown Center, within driving distance of several barbecue legends, such as Fiorella's Jack Stack Barbecue. Here's a look at a few cheap hotels in Kansas City close to some great eats.
Image via Flickr by Rick McCharles

Hotels Near Gates Bar-B-Q

Gates Bar-B-Q is a Kansas City barbecue empire. In 1946, George Gates parted ways with his railroad job and opened Gates' Ol' Kentuck in Kansas City. Today, the barbecue dynasty, managed by his son Ollie, has several popular locations in the city, including downtown, east, midtown (in the Crown Center Area), and southeast.

The Crowne Plaza Kansas City Downtown and the Fairfield Inn Kansas City Downtown/Union Hill by Marriott make it easy for diners to get to Gates Bar-B-Q's downtown and midtown locations. The discount rates that you'll find at both hotels means that you can go high on the hog over luscious ribs and barbecue beans without breaking your budget.

Hotels Near Danny Edwards Blvd BBQ
You can't miss the big, pink concrete pig at Danny Edwards Blvd BBQ on Southwest Boulevard. A lunchtime favorite among locals and visitors alike, its slogan "eat it and beat it" attests to the crowds who have descended on Danny Edwards over the decades. Those with a hankering for brisket sandwiches, ribs, or pulled pork with a side of chili won't be disappointed here.

For those seeking to grab an early seat for lunch, booking at the Fairfield Inn Kansas City Downtown/Union Hill by Marriott and The Westin Crown Center will take you from hotel lobby to your seat at Danny Edwards in short order (just don't make your food order short, though).

Hotels Near Fiorella's Jack Stack Barbecue
You know that this franchise must be exceptional when even Zagat's gives it high ratings (#1 barbecue in the country). Russ Fiorella started this Kansas City institution in 1957. Today, its four city locations boast extensive menus featuring lamb, pork spare ribs, beef ribs, burnt meat ends, and taste-tempting hickory pit beans. In short, it's a ton of barbecue, so come hungry!

Several great, budget-friendly hotels can be found within an easy drive of its locations. If you're staying in the Country Club Plaza area, the Sheraton Suites Country Club Plaza or the InterContinental at the Plaza are two attractive hotels within a few minutes from Fiorella's Plaza location on Wyandotte Street.
Book Early for Barbecue World Series

Hotel rooms fill quickly for the annual American Royal World Series of Barbecue® contest each fall; be sure to book your rooms early!

Author Bio: Michael Vyskocil is a travel writer who enjoys writing about unique people, places, and things to do in locales across the country. His tourism and travel industry experience includes writing for Hipmunk. Michael's tourism career spans more than seven years in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, at visitor destinations such as the Gettysburg National Military Park Museum and Visitor Center, and the Gettysburg Seminary Ridge Museum.

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