Our day at Adventure Science Center in Nashville,Tennessee

Last Saturday was sunny day and the air is cool. It doesn't bother to us and I wear a light jacket for spring. The day was perfect for us with no humidity. Its our first spring family weekend were not freezing though. So we decided to spent our day in Adventure Science Center in Nashville,Tennessee and about half an hour by car.

Adventure Science Center is a children museums to educate  kids through interactive exhibits.We were lucky  we pick the right day and  time so its not crowded  "Little Travelentz" enjoyed the interactive exhibits and played for many times considering we have more time to kill and no one is in queue to play.

The Adventure Science Center has general admission and Planetarium is another cost if you want to experience.

Admission Price: Check before you go,Price is subject to change without prior notice:

General Admission

Adults/Teens                     12
Youth (2-12)                      10
under 2                            Free   

It is located at:800 Fort Negley Blvd  Nashville, TN 37203.

Adventure Science Center Exhibits:

  • Magic School Bus-it started January 26- April 28. You will learn the different types of weather and its characteristics.
  • Adventure Tower-is learning interactive like musics, sports and Little Travelentz had a blast to climb the tower and seen the panoramic view of Nashville.
  • Body Quest- This is so much fun to explore considering our little ones loves to play a doctor.
  • Space chase-is one of our favorite exhibits and the big plus was the touch screen where you learn in one tap.
The place is pretty cool and fun for all ages.

Have you been in Adventure Science Center? What's your your favorite exhibit?



  1. This is really a nice place for your lovely daughter:)

  2. Your daughter is such a lucky young lady, she gets to travel and visit beautiful places often times.

  3. My daughter has been wishing she could visit this place soon! She loves Science and this is the perfect place for kids like hers. I am sure you all had a blast! Look at that daughter! She sure enjoyed it I can tell! ;-)

  4. Kids of this generation must get an opporunity to visit educational places like this. They must be taught great information through interesting tours!

  5. how nice...the little girl looks like she had a blast! I've been to one in san francisco...:)

  6. I've been to Phil Science Centrum before and it's a lot fun.. I bet Little Travelentz enjoyed Adventure Science Center too!

  7. I am sure the little princess had a fantabulous time. She is a wanderlust in the making going to one place to the other.

  8. Science Center is not only for kids, adults alike will find interesting stuff there.

  9. Looks like your daughter really had a great time there. I, myself enjoyed visiting Science Centers.

  10. oh so love that pic of little M in a scope, i love visiting science centers too, and my favorite exhibit is watching kids enjoy the exhibits :)