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Handy Tech & Gadgets For Driving Holidays

Typical Devon road 2

Road trips are exciting and exhilarating, but if you’re planning on driving abroad for the first time, they can also be quite nerve wracking, especially as you become accustomed to driving regulations that are different than in the UK. Fortunately, there are some high tech gadgets available that can take some of the stress out of driving holidays, ranging from mapping devices to slightly more decadent drinks makers! Here are four of the best gadgets for any roadtripper:

Speed Detectors
Different countries have different speed limits, and some countries such as Canada even post limits in kilometres per hour rather than miles which can confuse some drivers, especially when driving across the border from the United States, where miles per hour is used. Speed detectors are handy little devices that can detect the correct speed limit wherever you are, and tell you if you need to slow down to comply with local laws and stay safe.

Some speed detectors can even alert you to speed cameras, reducing the risk of needing to deal with foreign law enforcement. However, it’s always best to keep your documentation to hand, and make sure you apply for an international driving permit if you’re planning to drive outside of the EU. As well as being a legal requirement in some places, the standardised license makes it easy to deal with foreign laws.

Sat Navs
Satellite navigations systems are the ultimate must-have gadget for any driving holiday. Preloaded with maps, it’s so simple to type in your intended destination and driving preferences, such as no motorways or toll roads, and receive an easy-to-follow route to where you need to be. Not only does this ensure you stay away from private roads and properties, it also saves you time by taking you on the most direct path.

If you’re renting a car abroad from a major car hire firm like National Car or Avis, you don’t need to worry about taking your personal sat nav with you, as you can hire these devices along with the car. You can rent other features too, such as a booster or infant seat if you’re travelling with young children.

Rearview Camera
When on road trips, some drivers like to hire a car that is the complete opposite of their normal, everyday commuter vehicle. In simple terms, they like to go big! While this may look and feel good, the problem comes when it’s time to park. Getting a large car into a small space isn’t easy, but it can be much simpler with a rearview camera.

Cameras mounted at the back of the vehicle allow the driver to easily determine where their car is headed, as well as see how much space is available for maneuvering. A parking sensor is also a good idea, with audible cues that tell you how close you are to another vehicle. These devices can be invaluable when reverse parking a car you’re not familiar with.

In-Car Coffee Maker

Finally, one quite bizarre, yet very useful gadget: the handheld coffee maker. Road trips can be tiring work, and while high doses of caffeine aren’t recommended, moderate doses can be very beneficial in providing short bursts of energy that keep you alert, making it safer to drive when you’re not at your peak.

Handheld drinks makers are non-electrical, making them safe to use, and are often compatible with a range of ‘coffee pods’ made by major UK brands. These machines are especially useful if you’re driving through open countryside or the Mojave Desert while driving Route 66, where coffee shops are few and far between.
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Move It! Move It! DreamWorks Parade

 Move It! DreamWorks Parade was based  from the DreamWorks movie Madagascar and the parade  held at Royal Promenade,Freedom of the Seas during our cruise.  Passengers line up all along the promenade to see the "Street Spectacular". The characters  are Shrek,Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda and more. 

Here are some snapshots:

Kung Fu Panda 
Stilt walker
 the scooter

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A step back into history: The Hermitage, Home of President Andrew Jackson

We're a  history freak , so we feel auspicious  every time we visit this kind of attraction and one of it we can't pass is the The Hermitage, Home of President Andrew Jackson. Actually, I don't know who is President Andrew Jackson until we had the tour last weekend. A step back into history is one of a kind particularly he is the 7th President of the United States.
at the back of Hermitage Mansion 

A step back into history:
Before the tour began we watch the introductory film about the The Hermitage and  President Andrew Jackson and the film  started when he was a young boy  and how he became a President. President  Andrew Jackson  was born on March 15,1767, a lawyer and a landowner  who became a national hero after defeating the British in New Orleans year 1812 . He is the founder of the Democratic Party and died on June 8,1845 

President Andrew Jackson tomb
Audio Tours:
We decided to purchase a ticket that is self-guided tour and we were given  an audio tour to  learn more about Jackson’s farm, garden, the lives of slaves, museum exhibits, and many historic sites.Inside the hermitage mansion has a lead-interpreter tour and photography are not allowed. 

Do I recommend:
The place is huge and the hermitage mansion is beautiful which much of it is original so it's worth the visit.The President Jackson was buried in the garden together with his wife. Give yourself at least 3  hours in this tour.

Type of Tours:
Basically the type of the tour are walking so wear comfortable shoes for walking. Some stairs inside the mansion  but not too many. Stroller are not allowed so we leave it  outside the house but most of the pathways are smooth and easy for the stroller.

Little Travelentz enjoy wandering in the garden.
It is located at 4580 Rachels Ln  Nashville, TN 37076. General admission  for adults-$19, children (6-12) $9 and children 5 and under are free.

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Don't read if you're going onboard at Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas, Day 3

Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas, Day 3  all day sail and it was a long day to us. Hubby did not slept well, he vomit all night. I was listening and watching  him makes me sick and want to vomit as well. Little Travelentz slept well and doesn't know what was happened. 

Hubby did not eaten any breakfast as he scared to death he will going to vomit again. So mother-in-law and I asked him to see a doctor for check-up to make sure his fine considering he's only one who was sick and we think it was his dinner last night. 

We go down at the guest relation desk and hubby queue but they advised him to go down to see a doctor to make sure he had no any virus. We book our tour for day 4 and day 5 so all are set.Father-in-law and husband went down to see the doctor while mother in-law and I went to a seminar about shopping.

Doctor's advice:
The check-up went well and my husband is not sick and the doctor can't figure out what he had. The only finding he thought was digestive intestinal-as the cruise has a protocol when you vomit you have to be quarantine at least 24 hours.

I was surprised when I called my husband and ask where he is and told me the story that he is quarantine for 24 hours,I was shock and don't know what to do. I pick-up my daughter in Aquanauts program and had lunch and went down to see my husband. 

No Menu in the room:
I'm not complaining but the situation  I have and no menu at our room gives me a headache so I decided to go up and get some food for my husband considering he can't go out. I have to taking care my Parents-in-law, my daughter and husband at the same time. It was too much in my plate at that day.

Hubby regrets he went down to see a doctor considering his not really sick, he ate a bad food or something that doesn't goes to his stomach. His been traveling international only time he gets this is food poison or bad food.

Sleep all day:
I don't like to leave my husband so I decided to stay with him and put our little one to sleep. I told to my parents-in-law what happened and they are all surprise so they told just taking care of my husband and they will just get some sun.

Ice show:
I told hubby we have reservation at the Ice show but he can't go and  hubby told me I have to go so I enjoy myself considering he watched it many times and I never seen yet. 

After the show hubby was so bored to death and unhappy that he stayed all day at the room doing nothing. We are thankful he is not sick and he had no Norovirus though he was quarantine for 24 hours. 

So, if you want to know more about our onboard experience at Royal Caribbean  Freedom of the Seas you can start on Freedom of the Seas Itinerary.

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Booking Holidays Online v Travel Agent

With the internet becoming a mass medium we sometimes struggle to find the best deals for holidays because there are so many options for holidays. What’s better, book online or with a travel agent? That is the question! Let’s take booking a cruise holiday as example.

Pros & Cons for Booking with a Travel Agent


  • Less work for you. Simply tell them where you’d like to go and how long you want to go for and let them do the work, saving you time and effort.

  • ATOL protection. If you need to fly somewhere to begin your cruise doing it through a travel agent will give you ATOL protection, meaning your money is protected and you won’t be stranded abroad.

  • Less expensive. Contrary to popular belief, you may actually be able to get a cruise for cheaper from a travel agent since they are able to negotiate directly with companies.


  • Less choice. Travel agents may only work with certain cruise providers, meaning you may still have to look around for your perfect cruise.

  • May require human interaction. If you like to use the automatic checkouts at supermarkets and prefer self check-in at the airport, you may hate the idea of visiting a travel agent in person.

  • More expensive. Travel agents can sometimes be more expensive than finding and booking a cruise for yourself.

Pros & Cons for Booking Online


  • Comfort. Browsing cruises online from your sofa while relaxing in front of the television is a great way to search for a cruise.

  • Completely tailored. You can find exactly what you’re looking for, allowing you to construct your dream cruise.

  • User reviews. If you book your cruise online you can take advantage of user reviews, giving you a more objective view of what you can expect from your holiday.


  • Time consuming. Finding the perfect cruise is a nice idea, but it can take a very long time and end up being frustrating.

  • Where to begin? With so many cruise operators it can be difficult knowing where to begin - a travel agent on the other hand has experience in finding people the perfect cruise.

  • Potential for disaster. Booking the component parts of your holiday through different companies can be risky. If a delayed flight means you miss your cruise you may not be covered and lose out financially.
So clearly, both options have a lot of pros and cons, both with risks. But sometimes for cruise holidays cruise you get what you get, regardless of where you book, so you might as well book online!

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How to visit one island that's divided by two independent countries

St. Maarten is the last port we visited during our Family Cruise. The place is  inviting and wishful thinking we have a cottage there. At this time we did the family tour that less walking for my father-in-law. Geez! the tour is so popular considering the  itinerary is about the island that was divided by two independent countries. Isn't that interesting? Yeah! it attracts tourist.
The panoramic view of St. Maarte from our deck

St. Maarten is the port  and is popular for less expensive and known as a  Dutch side where your cruise arrives and you will find yourself in Philipsburg.

St. Martin is a a French side and known most likely a European style. At this side expect a little bit more pricey compare to Dutch. If you want to shop for fashion you can get one on this side. At the french side I seen  many Yacht and that week they have a Classic Yacht Regatta. You know the type of people who can afford yacht.
Some of the Yacht
History Lovers: Hubby and I prefer history and so my parents-in-law so we learnt about the two countries in less than 2 hours. Though the people come for sun and enjoy the island activities like snorkeling, swimming and Jewelry shopping.

Whether you like it or not Jewelry shop is one of the most popular there and most shops are Jewelry and its  cheap considering no sales tax.

My mother-in-law and my daughter enjoying the view.
Although the countries speak on their  language people could speak English so you have no worries at all. People are friendly but of course you have to be careful as a traveler as it applies where ever you go.
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Our day at Adventure Science Center in Nashville,Tennessee

Last Saturday was sunny day and the air is cool. It doesn't bother to us and I wear a light jacket for spring. The day was perfect for us with no humidity. Its our first spring family weekend were not freezing though. So we decided to spent our day in Adventure Science Center in Nashville,Tennessee and about half an hour by car.

Adventure Science Center is a children museums to educate  kids through interactive exhibits.We were lucky  we pick the right day and  time so its not crowded  "Little Travelentz" enjoyed the interactive exhibits and played for many times considering we have more time to kill and no one is in queue to play.

The Adventure Science Center has general admission and Planetarium is another cost if you want to experience.

Admission Price: Check before you go,Price is subject to change without prior notice:

General Admission

Adults/Teens                     12
Youth (2-12)                      10
under 2                            Free   

It is located at:800 Fort Negley Blvd  Nashville, TN 37203.

Adventure Science Center Exhibits:

  • Magic School Bus-it started January 26- April 28. You will learn the different types of weather and its characteristics.
  • Adventure Tower-is learning interactive like musics, sports and Little Travelentz had a blast to climb the tower and seen the panoramic view of Nashville.
  • Body Quest- This is so much fun to explore considering our little ones loves to play a doctor.
  • Space chase-is one of our favorite exhibits and the big plus was the touch screen where you learn in one tap.
The place is pretty cool and fun for all ages.

Have you been in Adventure Science Center? What's your your favorite exhibit?

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How Musicians Can Save Money When Buying Instrument?

Buying an instrument could be expensive if you're not buying wisely. As a musicians you need a reliable instrument that you could proud of at the same time you make a lot of use.Considering that the price of every instruments could cost you thousands or hundreds dollars of one instruments and not including the accessories.

Every instrument are different but here are some ideas how you could find a good deal:

1. Buy quality products:
Buying  a quality products  meaning buy an  expensive  one and you could save  more money in a long term.Invest your money in a quality products and you'll save money.

2. Purchase the right equipment at the right time:
You have to think what is  important when buying an instrument and buy what you really needed. Use the right equipment at the right time with high quality that will produce a phenomenal result.

3. Online Music store:
Some online store have a great deal and shipping cost is free. You have to check  the return policy before buying online.

Whether you're in budget or not  spend money wisely.
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Spring has sprung

Spring has sprung and I love it. I see all the flowers that starts blooming and and here are some photos I took.

fresh from the garden-white tulips
nothing special,hubby gave some orchids last week to me.

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Do you know this?

I was surprised when my husband told me he's going to buy a salt soap, what? why? and he told me he likes it and its good for your skin and as you know Sea salt get toxins out of the skin, will naturally lead to feeling rejuvenated. Sea salt, by nature is grainy  and it makes for a great scrub, when using it,other than that it improves blood flow and allows for the skin to relax the ingredients from other items more effectively. So when we use salt soap we used it  will be benefits the complete advantages from the bar - like moisturizing.

I guess i'm too ignorant about many things, but thanks to my husband who never tired to explain  me what are the things that I needed to know. So every time I go shopping I buy one for my husband as this soap is one he uses.

How about you? Do you know this soap? 
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Our day in Nashville downtown,Tennessee

Nashville is known as a Music Center and were some of the country music singer are from.I'm glad I have had a chance to see what is Nashville Downtown all year-round. 

There are a lot things to see in Nashville from museums to sports.We went down to Nashville last month and enjoy the day there but its cold for me so I did not enjoy as much as my family considering i'm in hurry to go inside.

He's enjoying the day with his dog and I felt cold.
I love fountain

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Buying Gold Coins

I'm planning to buy  a gold coins as my investment. As you see the  price of silver and gold are down today.As I'm watching the price graph os silver  its shows the market is getting better. So, I am thinking it if it is the right time to buy.

Silver and gold is a good investment if you want to keep it for a long time and wait the right time to sell and buy. Timing is always important if you're not in a hurry to sell it.As for me,whenever I have a chance and extra money I would plan to buy some gold and silver as my investment.I worked before in Jewelry shop and I experienced how to check the real gold but am not good at in silver considering my boss is focus more in gold bar.
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Travel Tips: What to Consider

No matter where you’re planning on going, or who you’re planning on going with, it is far too easy to overlook one little item, and the next thing you know is you’ve left your passport on the kitchen table.
Okay, so maybe you’re not so bad as to forget your actual passport, but things like this happen surprisingly often – it’s not difficult to forget something, whether that’s your sun cream for your holiday in Dubai or your gloves when visiting the Christmas markets in Nuremberg.
Here is a small list – it’s by no means exhaustive – of useful travel tips, cherry picked from our collective years of travelling. Hopefully you’ll find it of some use!

Pack Your Bags
If you’re going long haul, we’d suggest you choose some form of hard-cased luggage – stories of baggage handlers slashing soft-shells looking for things to pocket are becoming increasingly common. Pack carefully.
For short haul flights (or if you’re travelling via light aircraft), you are normally stuck to a rather limited weight allowance, so take canvas bags or softer cases.
In some countries, it is legal for customs to break open a lock when searching cases. It’s best to try and use luggage with an integrated lock. Check the internet for further information on TSA-approved locks.

Get Vaccinated
Depending on where you’re headed, you may have to get some injections or tablets. Yellow fever, malaria, dengue fever – whatever the disease, you’ll want to be protected. Approach your GP as soon as you know you’re travelling; some medications can take up to a few weeks to get up to speed, so you need to get it sorted as soon as you can.

A great resource is the Fit for Travel website, operated by the NHS – it lets you search by country, and will tell you which vaccinations are recommended, as well as whether malaria is prevalent.
It’s very important to know all about the diseases of your destination, so get your prescriptions ASAP.
Are You a Blogger?
If you’re planning on writing up your travels, but you don’t need to publish it on the go, just leave your laptop at home. It’s a target for thieves, and the potential for it to get damaged is high.
Instead, take a notebook and a few pens – much simpler, and your notes will allow you time to expand and embellish when you get home. To make the most of your travel stories, look online for tips on travel and PR.

Sort Your Money
Check the exchange rate before you go, and convert your cash in advance – it tends to be cheaper this way. There are plenty of useful exchange rate calculators out there, so don’t be afraid to do your research!
It  tends to be a safe bet when it comes to swapping your cash, and the Post Office is always reliable. If you’re taking a lot of money, it might be best to take some traveller’s cheques, as these are a lot safer.

Bon voyage!
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Boracay,Philippines is  one f the best beaches in Asia. This island consist 3 stations were people loves to stay in station 2, you can walk barefoot and everything you can find from food,shopping and nightlife.Don't get me wrong all station are accessible by  foot or tricyle so need to worry wherever you want to stay. During our family vacation we stayed at station 2.

Here are some snapshots of our Boracay vacations.
Station 1,Boracay
enable to take photos,you have to give tip to those who make the sand castle.
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Shopping for Work out Apparel

I enrolled my daughter in some programs this spring or else I get nuts all day with her and I don't like to bored her if I can do something. 

Though she's in ballet and swimming,I decided  to check if she likes arts and we try it last Monday.It seems she's a well rounded kid's and like too many things. In this art programs I have to wait her for 2 hours so I need something to do while she's in the art programs. They offer  some mom's activities if I'm interested to kill my time. One of it is yoga class. It seems very interesting , done the tour in the fitness room and get familiar all the things I needed and saw some yoga block, mats ,balls,yoga props and etc.

So I'm ready to take another challenge of my life so I need to get some shopping for Work Apparel:

  • Clothes- Though I have some exercise clothes I need  a pull-over sweatshirt during the  meditation portion in the class.
  • Pants-I needed one that fits on me and I know it will be a big challenge to shop at my size.
  • socks- I'm always cold so I have to get one so I can focus on my class.
  • towel- well this is important to bring one and it serves many purposes during the class.
  • water- one of important things I needed.
Shopping for work out apparel would be easy if I have more time to shop around so wish me luck.
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Fire Dance in Boracay,Philippines

Fired Dance is one of the things you will consider to check out when you're in  Boracay. Its a dance where the dancer has a number of small warp speed bins and dances freestyle or based on the kind of songs they are dancing while the audience are enjoying the drinks and the breeze in the beach side.
Some of these professions are relevant to balancing or baton twirling, and there is also an appreciation between flame dance and stroking gym. Fire dancing is often conducted to songs. Fire dance has been a conventional part of societies from all over the world, and contemporary flame performance often contains visible and stylistic components from many customs. 

We did not go in bar considering we have a little ones so we just watch the Fire dance that is in open to the public and it is in the beach sides were they have a beach lounge chair  you can sit and  order some drinks.

After the show's done you have a photo ops if you want and you can give gratuity at your own discretion.

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Places to party in Kuta, Bali

Bali, with its beautiful beaches and rolling surf, is a favourite backpacker destination. Kuta is undoubtedly the place for lively nightlife, packed with bars and clubs around Legian Street and the surrounding area. Check out our rundown of the best places to party and be sure to find the cheapest flights to Bali online to conserve the funds for partying.

1. Bounty
Taking place on a giant pirate ship, this open-air disco is one of the biggest club nights around. Join the packed dance floor for trance, hip-hop or and tribal or sample the signature drink   local spirits served in a jam jar. Aye, aye, Captain!

2. MBarGo
With two floors pumping out different music, this is the place to go to bust some moves to a range of hip hop, electro and gangsta beats spun from elevated DJ booths. Get hot and sweaty on the packed dance floor as you check out the amazing light shows.

3. GreenBox
With two branches, one in Poppies Lane and one in Legian Street, these distinctive bars are perfectly placed for a few pre-club drinks. The booze is incredibly cheap, the clientele friendly and the staff are very welcoming. Head for one of these bright green beauties and you're in for a great night.

4. Paddy's Reloaded
Relocated to a place near Bounty, this club remains a firm favourite with backpackers and is packed with Brits and Aussies. Pounding speakers and varied entertainment keep the crowds busy whilst plenty of promotions ensure the drinks are cheap. Great facilities, clean toilets and friendly staff.

5. Sky Garden Lounge
Spread over several floors, this club offers great views from the rooftop bar. The extensive bar menu and great cocktail deals make this a popular venue with backpackers and there's plenty to see with spectacular fire dancing and exciting floor shows. Check out the top-name DJs or simply watch the young and beautiful strut their stuff. Noisy, busy and fun.

6. Su's Bar
A lovely laidback venue perfect for a bit of downtime before heading out to the frantic clubs. A mix of locals and tourists enjoy the chilled-out vibe of this arty hangout over a bucket of Bintang. Friendly and fun.

7. Espresso
The Espresso Bar on Legian is ideal if you want something a little different to do with your evening. A live music venue with local bands playing rock covers of the last 50 years, it's small but perfectly formed. Cheap cocktails and a friendly vibe make this worth a visit.

8. Nero Restaurant Bali
This lively restaurant and bar serves top-quality Mediterranean food and delicious frozen cocktails. There's live acoustic jazz three times a week on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays as well as Happy Hour from 4 until 8. If you fancy something a little more laidback after the frenetic pace of Kuta's club scene, then try this bar to enjoy fabulous food in stylish surroundings.

9. Hard Rock Cafe
Perfect for those looking for a little taste of home, you can get all the usual burgers, fries, wings and combos you'd expect from this global chain. Its Kuta beach location might be exotic but inside the roomy interior is filled with rock'n'roll memorabilia. This is the place to enjoy great live music in familiar surroundings!

10. Eikon
A plush venue on Legian, Eikon serves a huge range of food from lasagne and quesadillas to fried fish. The mojitos are incredibly cheap, the music is loud and the atmosphere is warm and welcoming.

Kuta is jam-packed with exciting nightspots and when the sun goes down, the fun really starts. So grab your glow sticks and join the party!

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