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Nassau Bahamas: Family Excursions

During our 4 days Disney Cruise, we docked at the Nassau, Bahamas: Family Excursions. We decided to do the Historical Excursions where we bought from Disney Cruise. It is raining in Nassau, Bahamas when we arrived, we want to cancelled our family excursions but we can't get our money back so it is not worth to cancel ;however, another option is to wait the rain to stop and go from then.
Christopher Columbus Statue,Nassau,Bahamas.
As we waited, they told us that it is raining season at Nassau,Bahamas,so we have to be patient and not to  worried about the time of excursions, since the time would be adjusted and the excursions would resume when the rain stopped.

Nassau Harbour Lighthouse
Nassau Bahamas: Family Excursions:

1. Historical Excursions-  included the English tour guide, transportation and entrance fee, tip is not included but gratuities at your discretion.
     a. Junkanoo museum- This is one of the best excursions we ever had.
     b. Fort Fincastle-offers the spectacular view of the ocean and the ship.
     c. Fort Charlotte-interesting history and learned about Nassau,Bahamas and give us a chance to walk around in the Fort Charlotte.
     d.Queen’s Staircase-we didn't finished the tour since it's pouring and I'm scared for my camera. lol! actually I don't have a waterproof case and I can't afford to replace my camera as of now.
2. Atlantis Adventure-One of the popular excursions at Nassau,Bahamas.
The pier at Nassau,Bahamas.
Things to do in Nassau,Bahamas that is  close to the Pier:

a. British Colonial Hilton Beach Pass- it is close to the pier and you can walk if you want too.
b. Pirate Museum-is in the located in the heart of downtown,Nassau,Bahamas.

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Disney Dream Cuise: All Aboard Day 2

Disney Dream Cuise: All Aboard Day 2 is kinda slow, as we docked at Nassau, Bahamas it rained and we booked the Historical excursion so sad we can't cancelled it. We stayed in Nassau,Bahamas for 3 hours and headed back to the ship as the rain is pouring that time.
Can you guess?

Before,started the day we went to deck 11 for breakfast buffet and enjoyed the panoramic view of Nassau.

We had our lunch at the Disney Dream Cruise ship since we have a limited time at the Nassau,Bahamas  because of the rain and you know it is not fun to explore on rainy day.

After our lunch, we put our "Little travelentz" to sleep for a couple hours since we stayed late at night and she's far in her regular schedules at night.
While waiting
Everyday at the Disney Dream Cruise ship has entertainment for all ages and one of it is the Disney's Character appearance on different time-where you have a chance for photos or autograph with your favourite Disney's Character in different  outfits/costumes or theme of the day.

At night we watched the Villain ( photos are prohibited at the show) but sad to say we didn't finished the show because "Little Travelentz" scared and decided to go out. My daughter scared or cautious that's why we seated at the back so we can go out easily without disturbing other people and explained to her what was it.
"Little Travelentz" dressed-up minnie mouse dress on second day.

As I told you on my first post about Disney Dream Cruise: All aboard day 1, we are on second seating and same tablemate so "J's" celebrating 4th birthday.

They spent extra bucks for their daughter's birthday cake.
Please, bear with me as I continue to share our 4 days  Disney Dream Cruise vacation. 

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Disney Dream Cruise: All aboard Day 1

Our Disney Dream Cruise vacation is phenomenal, on Day 1 I am  excited;however, my husband is   kinda antsy because of my paperworks and he's confused about the requirements stated in our Disney dream booklets. On the immigration they just asked my Green Card and my passport.

Finally, we're all aboard  Disney Dream Cruise for 4 days, and our day 1 times goes by fast. First,we registered "Little Travelentz" on  Disney's Oceaneer Club- where the themed is about 3 to 12 years of age, and open house for the parents to  have an idea what it looks like inside.

After, we finished the registration we headed to  Deck 11 at Cabanas Restaurant for lunch buffet. If you like seafoods this is just for you.Since, our room would be ready around 1:30 p.m. we roam around on Deck 11 and took some photos.   

Around 1:30 we headed to our room to changed casual dress and our hostess knocked the door for our luggage. He is really nice and introduced himself if we needed anything in our room he's the one to taking care of us for 4 days.He showed us our mobile on the cruise, our life jacket we're we could find and our personal navigator.

Before, we sailed they have a mandatory safety drills. It doesn't took too long, from then we headed to Deck 11 for "Sailing away party."

Disney Dream Cruise: All aboard on day 1 was full of excitement and my dream vacation come true. We decided to see the Golden Mickey at the Walt Disney Theater-( photography is not allowed) but the musical live show, and the shows was phenomenal,even "Little Travelentz"glued in the  musical live show.

In the evening, since we are on second seating our dinner starts 8:15 p.m.,however, we ate some snacks around 5:00 p.m on Deck 11, so it works out good.On the first night,the  head server, assistant server introduced us that they will be taking care for us for 4 days and followed us every night as we dine-in, in different restaurant theme, so we have the same tablemates and servers.What I like is when the servers said if you don't like the food, we can return and request a new one and they try to  cooked what ever we want.

That's our Disney Dream Cruise: all aboard in Day 1. Have you ever been in Disney Dream Cruise, how was your first day at Disney Dream Cruise?

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Winter sports and adventure

 Whether I like it or not, Winter is just around the corner. I really don't know where the month goes. As of now I'm looking something to do for family this coming winter and I found the luxury ski deals. I have  never been  skiing, but my husband told me ski is fun for all ages and our daughter will love it. 

Thinking to go for another adventure and have a luxury ski deals makes me excited and can't wait.There are a lot things to do during winter, you can do sledding, skiing, ice skating. If you want to be more adventurous or more advance you can do the ski jumping. 

There are important things  you should  learn before  you do the winter sports, First you need to prepare yourself physically- it is important you learn this basic rule. Choose the proper equipment and don't forget to wear helmet for you and your kids.

My husband told me it will be fun for all of us especially for me, and he told me to starts my exercise and eat more rice, so I'll be prepared on winter sports. Hahahha!!!!( As you know rice is my favourite side dishes) Well, I'm not really planning to join on Olympic I just want to experience the winter sports since we got  luxury ski deals.

Have you ever been skiing? Share your experiences with us?

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Flights to USA

Our flights to USA makes me excited all the time.Imagine that, having 50 States means you  have a lot things to explore and choose where you want to go. Here are some of our top  flights to USA.

1. Arizona- Offers and interesting adventures who loves hiking and nature's lover. One of the top attractions we visited are the Grand Canyon,Petrified Forest National Park.
2. Florida- Our favourite States to visits and has a lot things to offer for all ages. Aside the top attractions we considered the weather as well, for my Parent-in-law.
3. Michigan- We fly to Michigan to visit my Parent-in-law and stayed a couple days with them. Autumn and Spring are  my favourite season of the year.
Petrified Forest National Park.
4. Colorado-We're planning to go back on Chicago this coming winter for skiing. Well see if our plan go through this year. The place we visited was Denver Downtown Aquarium.
5. Chicago-One reason we went to Chicago is to renew my passport and we did some sightseeings while we are in town.Skydeck Chicago is one of the landmarks that has a  spectacular views reach up to four states.
Little Travelentz
Our reason why we choose to flights  in USA are:

1. Infrastructure- They have a good infrastructure all over the States and makes our travel easy.
2. Entertainment- They offer a good entertainment for all ages, all year-round in different seasons.
3. Friendliness and hospitality- I guess this is true of every country in the World.
Our Disney Dream Cruise-Florida
What is your reason to travel abroad? Have you been to USA? 

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My New buddy:Firmoo Sunglases

I got a new buddy that helps a lot to me wherever we go this time. Sometimes I can't live without it especially when I'm driving or if it is too sunny outside. Fortunately, I found  the Firmoo.com on online that helps my problem and got a new pair of fashionable sunglasses.

Buying sunglasses  on online  is easy to browse and have tons of fashionable eyewear and sunglasses to choose. Firmoo is offering free eyewear for first-time buyers. 

Last week, my new pair of sunglasses arrived and I'm  happy with the quality of the product by Firmoo.com. It came with  microfiber lens cleaning cloth and a cute map case (and a soft case) . I chose the  John Lennon style sunglasses, antique styled with round lenses. As of now, I am happy with my sunglasses.

Disclosure: Thank you  Firmoo.com for a pair of sunglasses. However,I will always share my honest opinion. 

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Disney Dream Cruise: Our four days itinerary

Sailing is one of my dream vacation, I was fortunate  one of my dreams come true and we sailed last week for 4 days on  Disney Dream Cruise.I was all getting ancy over the hurricane and sea sickness.And the day came when we are in-line to checked in  the Disney Dream Cruise. 

We left in our Hotel around 11:30 AM and rented a private car to sent and picked- up in Port Canaveral. To make it easier  we did the "My Online Check-in" before we disembarked and chose the early checked-in around 12:30 PM, so we can explore the Disney Dream Cruise.We had a family picture with Mickey Mouse and enjoy our lunch in Cabanas buffet on deck 11.

Nassau-Nassau Bahamas is our first stop.Nassau, Bahamas on that day was pouring and had no chance to explore the place as we booked the Nassau historical and Culture excursions.We waited the rain to stopped and went to our excursion.Bahamas has an interesting culture as I continue on my next post you will get a peak about our Bahamas excursions.

Disney's Castaway Cay-Disney's private port-of-call paradise.The place was beautiful, all we did  enjoyed the paradise and the ocean. The weather was perfect on the Castaway Cay.They offered lunch buffet and we didn't book any excursion since we are afraid to rain on the day. 

Ship-On our third day we sailed  and enjoyed the ship.The water was calm,no seas sickness and I had a chance to rode the Aquaduck. There are a lot things to do in the ship and fun for all ages.I'll never get bored  in Disney Cruise. The entertainment was phenomenal.The food was average. The hospitality was great.


  • Prepare cash for tips in port.
  • Bring your camera.
  • Lunch buffet is served in deck 11.

Have you  ever sailed on  Disney Dream Cruise? Share your experienced to us?
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