Tips for Buying souvenirs on Vacation

Vacation is one of the best thing I look forward and buying souvenirs is kinda so-so for me considering I am not a shopaholic and I hate to  waste my money and ended to donations.Yeah! my husband has a bleeding heart, he will donate all our stuffs if we don't have any  used of it. 

Photo Album: This is a huge selling price on vacation. I really notice that photo album theme has a huge market though. 

Shopping at the end of the trip: Husband and I make sure our last day on our trip will be shopping galore, so we buy  liquor and wine-make sure you know how many liter is allowed in your State.Though cigar is not allowed to bring back to US, hubby buy on online

Women Apparel: I usually buy some apparel for myself that's hard to resist. As you know I'm a little bit picky in-terms of apparel.

Collectibles: Husband and I love collectibles that is unique,simple,rare and caught our attention. 

Foods/snacks:Its my weakness and mostly I buy on our trip and enjoy for couple months.I love to buy snacks that tickle my taste buds.


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    What else.. hmm ok about my hubby's knee operation you asked, he had damaged his knee that time when he was still a football trainor, he played as well then.