Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers at Franklin Tennessee

Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers at Franklin Tennessee was one of the best pizza we've ever eaten. We brought my parents-in-law in Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers at Franklin Tennessee last week. The place was  busy and the server forgot my hubby's beer.

We ordered two kinds of Pizza.Sorry, but I forgot the name of  pizza we ordered,as I  know we loved and enjoyed the food , we'd definitely go back. It has  good thin crust pizza  that suit to our taste.
Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers at Franklin Tennessee is located  317 Main St.  #100  Franklin, TN 37064.

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Traveling with Fairy Hobmother

Traveling with Fairyhobmother is like a wish come true. Yeah! Fairy Hobmother gave something  I needed in  my  home. Hubby was surprised when he saw it and  thankfully I travelled  with Fairy Hobmother as  my wish was granted and I have new things in my kitchen.

I'm spreading this, as I know Fairy Hobmother is just around the corner to spread his fairy to those who needed.You never know, he's there for all things you needed and I'm sure he will do his best to give what you want. 

Traveling with Fairy Hobmother was fun and that was a great experienced, indeed.If you know what you want in life- make it happen. 
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Birthday girl at Aquarium Restaurant-Nashville TN

The ceiling and decoration of Aquarium Restaurant
We asked the birthday where she wants to go on her birthday. We showed her some brochure that is around in TN. The birthday girl picked the Aquarium Restaurant at Nashville Tennessee. Well, we're not surprised if she picked the Aquarium Restaurant because she loves fishes. The second choices she had was the zoo, since we have family passes we went at the Nashville Zoo after we ate at the Aquarium Restaurant. 
the wall decoration.
Aquarium Restaurant was a little bit busy during that time, we needed to wait 10 minutes before we got a table. Its not really bad to wait because in the waiting area you could saw all these fishes in the aquarium and the birthday girl was fascinated and happy.
Bowl of Tortilla Soup-Love it.
After 10 minutes waiting, the employee asked us to follow her on  our table and our server came. We're not really hungry, we just ordered appetizers  and kids meal with birthday girl choices and dessert. The food was good and the server was really nice to us. She explained the aquarium and what kind of fish they have in the big aquarium. 

We ordered the Castway Combo- in the platter it has Crispy Calamari,Shrimp & Crab Dip served with tri- color tortilla chips and homemade Fried Cheese with Marinara Sauce. I like most in the platter was the Crispy Calamari and I don't care for Fried Cheese.

The birthday girl got the Pirate's Pasta with Alfredo Pasta and didn't finished it.
It was pretty cool when you want a dessert, your server will bring a fancy tray that is full of dessert and you can pick easily. So the birthday girl got what she wants on her birthday and she was happy about it.

Everyone knows it was her birthday that day since she wore  a shirt saying " HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME" with pink tutu.hehheheh

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Traveling abroad

Wat Arun-Thailand
Traveling abroad sometime gives you a headache. I remember the first time I traveled abroad by myself  to find a job and to experienced the beauty of its country.I landed in  Thailand and stayed   for four years both work and leisure- Thai is the first language and thankfully I find a teaching job which my co-teacher are very nice to me, I enjoyed and loved my job.People are friendly and I love their culture. During the processed of  Visa was a headache. I find it difficult to do at the same time while working.In processing some legal documents it is important to consult  an expertise. I was glad to consult some translation service and make my life easier.
Floating Market-Thailand.
During our vacation in Vietnam  we immediately  find a translation agency to processed my hubby's Visa. Our 10 days stayed in Vietnam was fantastic, everything we want was on our hand and no worries especially in legal documentation. Nowadays people are dependent on translation companies because they don't want to worry and stress all the requirements that needed to be done.
Sunrise Nha Trang Beach Hotel & Spa-where we stayed at Nha Trang Vietnam
I find my self dependent on translation companies especially in handling legal documents. After all my experienced on processing legal documents is better always to consult expertise for easy approval and hassle free.They understand better than us and explain what we needed to be done. Aside from it, I proved that hiring and paying an expertise is worth the penny.
Notre Dame Cathedral at Ho Chi Minh City-Vietnam.
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Marengo Cave with family

Stalactite Formation
Marengo cave with family is another fun day. In this adventure we chose both tours the Chrystal Palace and Dripstone Trail.Both tours  offered different formation of stalactite and stalagmite. You'll be amaze how this formation formed and preserved until today.If you are inside the cave you're not allowed to touched any formations. We did the walking tour during the day.

Stalagmite Formation
As you know "Marengo cave is the United States National Natural Landmark"; there are plenty of things to do for all ages.If you decide to do the triple cave crawling you need to bring your best camping equipment  to enjoy your adventure. In this adventure one night camping is included in your itinerary so don't forget to bring your camping tent. 

It might be cool during the night and crawling inside the cave needs the best equipment for camping. Good thing hubby is always prepared and we have camping equipment that he bought in Camping Gear Outlet before we did the tour. If you're more adventurous this  camping site offered nonelectric , preparations and  things you need to bring on your camping tent is really important for more fun and make your life easier on the camp site.

Exploring cave is always fun and I always amazed how the formation made. Every cave has different stories how they discovered it. Marengo Cave is discovered on 1883 with two kids. 

Taking pictures during our Marengo Cave tour is a little bit challenge, you're not allowed to bring a tripod and limited light and you're in a group. Good thing I still have a good picture during our tour. We spent two hours for walking tours.It might be cool during the night and crawling inside the cave needs the best equipment for camping. Good thing hubby is always prepared and we have camping equipment that he bought in Camping Gear Outlet.

Travelentz Tips: Wear comfortable shoes for hiking and bring your jacket if you feel cold.Most of the cave stays 58 degrees all year- round.
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Capture the Colour

One of the comments to me was encouraged  to join the photo contest of the Capture the Colour Photo Contest  by TravelSupermarket.I visited the website and read the rules. I guess there is nothing wrong if I will  join for fun who never know I will win cash or Ipad.Well its only on my dream. The  entries must be submitted before 29th August 2012 and nominate 5 bloggers to join the contest.Aside your entry you need to  notify them via Twitter or Facebook. The good new is you don't need to be nominated to join the contest.All you need is to post the 5 capture the colour and nominate 5 blogger and you will have a chance to win cash or ipad.

Browsing all my pictures and choosing the right one is very hard.I spent a day just to pick the best entry for every colour.  Good thing I was able to get the best pictures I had on my gallery.

Here are my entry:

1. Blue
One of our road trip on Arizona and this is taken on National Arches Park.
2. Green
During our visits on Nashville Zoo at Grassmere.

3. Yellow
Consider this colour on yellow category during our holiday on Philippines at Pearl Farm.

This is taken on our tour at Meteor Crater.

5. Red

This is one the caverns we visited in Alabama.

Hope you find colours is really important in our life.
“The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love color the most. ” 
                                                                               ~ John Ruskin~

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Sweet Cece's downtown Franklin,Tennessee

This is not our first time in Sweet Cece's downtown Franklin, Tennessee. This is one of our favourite  place during summer. Our first time on Sweet Cece's downtown Franklin, Tennessee was so funny,as you know Sweet Cece's downtown Franklin, Tennessee is a self service- where you can make your own creation by filling your cup and put some  toppings like brownies, gummy bear, fresh fruits, nuts,candies and more-we almost over fill our cup and we didn't know we have to pay by pounds,lol.We learned in a hard way.Its okey, we still finished  and it was good.
you have to fill your cup here.
So, if you plan to go on Sweet Cece's be careful not to over fill your cup. First you have to choose the flavor and fill your cup, next is the  toppings station, last weigh your cup and pay and enjoy your own creation.
Hubby's creation-toppings granola and strawberry.
Don't worry about selecting flavours if you're in Sweet Cece's you can ask sample if you want.The last time I ordered was the coconut and hubby got the no sugar added blueberry with our own creation.

My creation-toppings walnuts,brownies and chocolate fudge

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Cheekwood TreeHouses with my Parents-In-Law

Ocean of Notion
My Parents-in-law came down for a week to attended "Little Travelentz" birthday party, we decided to spent a day in Cheeckwood TreeHouses with my parents-in-law. We picked the best day on the week the weather is perfect so we all enjoyed the Cheekwood TreeHouses. 
Inside the Rainbow fish.
Chekwood Treehouses was impressive, how I wish we have one in our backyard.As you know this is my second time in Cheekwood-it was hard to took pictures and push the stroller of "Little Travelentz",hubby needs to work on that day.
Rainbow Fish
The Cheekwood TreeHouses is uniqued and very artistic.Little Travelentz  had so much fun and doesn't want to leave the treehouses. We need to  bribe  "ice cream"  just to go home.
Conch House
Travel tips: Early is the best time to go or late in the afternoon to avoid the crowd. As you know, kids has so much fun in all the TreeHouses.
Walden TreeHouse
The Walden Treehouse is one of  "Little Travelentz"favourite-You know why? because all the kids went inside the Walden TreeHouse, pretend they're cooking or  served juice, and salad. They picked- up some acorn or nuts, grass and made it salad.lol. 
Inside The Walden TreeHouse.

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3 Years of Being a Mom!

Last week, it was my daughter's birthday,3 years of being a Mom-was the best thing happen in my life. I'll be honest with you this is the best career I ever had in my whole life. Raising a child is a big responsibilities, no-coding, no uniform-no real boss and most of all no resignation, 24/7  and 365 days on  the job-lol..

Remember, having a child makes you not to be selfish-but I guess I am selfish, as of now I  have one  child and its been a roller coaster. Don't get me wrong I was on labour for 18 hours just tried to have a   normal delivery. My OB was  oppsssss since they don't know that my baby was 8.8 lbs. and I can't really delivered it in normal-in short I was on emergency Cesarean Section after 18 hours of labour plus pain-thanks to Epidural.

3 Years of Being a Mom:
  • Happy and Content in life as stay at home mom- I have a luxury to  travel and my own time.
  • Raised my own child.
  • enjoying my free time through blogging and get some extra money.

If you ask me,I'm  thankful to God coz I have an opportunity to raise my child and watched all her developments through these years. Becoming a mom was a great opportunity for me, I've been matured and always think the best for my child.

3 year-old developments of "Little Travelentz"

  • stinker
  • goofball
  • knows  the toys advertisement in  TV and ask to buy-and she will said "tell Grandme" ( her grandmother hahaha-she is a spoiled brat but a good baby).
  • Helps clean and arrange her toys before bed time.
  • Likes dance and balls.
  • Can say all her Alphabets and count numbers 1-40.
  • Difficulty of saying 4.
  • not scared a water-and loves to swim.
  • Recognized her animals very well.
  • precisely-scary cat.
  • eager to learn and interested in reading.
  • she has reading class every Monday and Thursday.
  • know what she want to do and eat.
  • she likes Disney Princess.
  • she traveled 19 States out of 50 States in the US and one out of the Country (Philippines).
  • she's not allowed to have a barbie doll.lol
  • she's cautious on everything.
  • she's shy at first but once you know "Little Tavelentz" and she gets to know you she's sweet and silly.
  • as of now she loves "My Little Pony".
How about you,How has becoming a mom changed your life?

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Broiled Mahi-Mahi with Mango Salsa Recipe

Broiled is an easy way to prepare your Mahi-Mahi fish especially if you are lazy to grill it. I love fish especially I grow up in Asia country where fish is affordable to buy. This time I prepared my Mahi-Mahi in different ways. Instead of frying I made it by broiling the Mahi-Mahi fish and prepared my own mnago salsa, and hubby ask me? Are you pregnant? lol!  as you know Little Travelentz during my  first trimester I craved mango, so he used to it.

Broiled Mahi-Mahi Preparation:
  • 2 Fillets of Mahi-Mahi
  • 1 tsp extra virgin oil
  • pinch of salt and pepper to taste.
  • 1/2 of lemon if its big.
Procedure of Broiled Mahi-Mahi:
  • Mix all the ingredients oil, salt,pepper and lemon and add the mahi-mahi fish and marinade 3 minutes before you broil.
  • If you don't like to clean up ,line your baking sheet with foil and put a rock on top and turn your broiler.
  • Broil for 5-8 minutes, make sure not to overcook to keep them moist and tasty.
Prepare your Mango salsa first  and set aside for better taste.
  • 1  mango,diced
  • 1 small cucumber ,diced
  • 1 small   red bell pepper,diced
  • 1 small red onion,diced
  • 2 tsp lemon.
  • pinch of salt and pepper.
  • 1 tsp chili seeded.
Mix all the ingredients and  refrigerate overnight and serve anytime.

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Flowers Photography :Toledo Zoo

As you know Toledo Zoo has also gardens that mostly Photographers would love to shoot. Here are some of my shots during our visits on Toledo Zoo last month with Family. 
Leek Blooms:
Mammillaria Elongata:
Forgot the name of the flower:
All flowers in time bend towards the sun, I know you say there's no one for you, But here is one.

~Jeff Buckley~

Art is like a border of flowers along the course of civilization.
~Lincoln Steffens~

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DinoTrek at Nashville Zoo Grassmere

One of the exhibit in Nashville Zoo at Grassmere is Dino Trek. You have to pay an additional to get in the exhibits. The Dino Trek in Nashville Zoo is cool. I guess this is good for kids who  who really understand what is Dinosaur and adults. Little Travelentz scared in dinosaur so she doesn't enjoyed the whole exhibits. 

Here are some of my photos...Have fun.
Me and hubby enjoyed the Dino Trek and the price is reasonable.Being a member we paid $3 each person.

What do you think all the pictures I showed you, Are you scared?

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10 Best Ohio Travel Shots: Toledo Zoo

Here are my 10 Best OhioTravel Shots taken in Toledo Zoo during our visits: Find out more about the Toledo Zoo with family.
Up Side Down Cat Fish:
Eastern Spiny Softshell Turtle:
Tiger CatFish:
Rainbow Agama:
Scarlet Cleaner Shrimp:
Sloth Bear:
Golden Frog:
Rhinoceros Hornbill:
Not really sure the what kind/type  of Orangutan:

Which one do you like most?
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