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Fort Walton Beach Family Itinerary for Four Days

Family vacation is the most wonderful things you can  give to your children, then expect the unexpected when you are in vacation. As much, we want to have a perfect vacation,there are little  things that will ruin our moods.

Keep in mind, this vacation wasn't the best days we spent in Fort Walton Beach, I have sore throat ( my body was fighting something) and Little Travelentz's had temperature in our second day.Glad to say, my in-laws are easy to be with. 

Fort Walton Beach Family Itinerary On Summer:
Every one wants to go in the beach during summer to enjoy the sea, sand and sun.When you hear, summer, it's peak season and expect crowds even you're in the beach.Fort Walton Beach has things to offer for all ages and it's more family friendly than I thought.

Day 1:Arrived in Fort Walton Beach Florida.
After 6 hours on the road, we finally arrived in Fort Walton Beach,Florida. Though this is my first time to be in Fort Walton and so my in-laws.

Travelentz's stayed in Fairfield Inn & Suites Fort Walton Beach, which was an ideal place to enjoy the beach.It's one of the hotel that has an oceanfront view and  stayed for 3 nights and 4 days has it. Summer time is a peak season and we are fortunate to get this room even at the last minute.

Sea,Sand and Sun,we arrived at the descent time, the sun is strong and I have a sore throat in this vacation.Little M was excited to play in the sand to build a castle and find some shells with her grandme.

Dinner Time: My family loves to eat seafood so we dine-in at AJ's Oyster Shanty,Fort Walton beach for dinner.We take our time to enjoy and stroll the beach after dinner.

Day 2: Explore Fort Walton

There are things to do in Fort Walton beach for all ages.Second day, my sore throat was worst and the worst thing I did not get any happy hour.

We have breakfast at the hotel and enjoy the company of my in-laws. Having an oceanfront room makes a big difference as I see the waves  and enjoy  watching from our room.I don't have to rush myself to go in the ocean as I see it from my room.

Driving around Fort Walton Beach and checked what's out there. My daughter saw the mini Golf and asked to play.We stopped at the Liza Jackson Park  and let Little M play in the park.With the age of my in-laws, walking  and standing  for long time is a big hindrance for them.

We decided to headed, Destin and had a late lunch at Panera. It was crowded and Little M's running a temperature.Too much excitement for a day, we ended-up staying in our room for the rest of  the afternoon and monitored my daughter's health condition.

Dinner at Old Bay Steamer,Seafood is just around the corner from the hotel we stayed.The food was excellent and highly recommended if you love seafood like I do.

Hubby and I had  a chance to watch fireworks for 4th of July.

Day 3 Explore Destin,Florida
Had breakfast at the hotel and thankfully Little M feels and wbetter e planned the day to stayed in Destin.ea
  • First stop was in Henderson Bch State Park. 
  • Drive around  30A
  • Explore TopSail Hill Preserve State Park
Lunch at Jasmine Thai then headed shopping with my MIL. To make it short, My MIL and I went to our favorite store then headed back to our hotel.

Late afternoon, decided to played mini-golf with the family.After the game, we all decided to have dinner at Sealand Restaurant.

Day 4: See you again Fort Walton
I was exhausted so ready to go home. After breakfast,we started to packed up and hit the road.It was quite different from our vacation, one thing for sure,I created memories with my bundle of joy.

If given a chance to go back with my family:

Things to do in Fort Walton Beach
  • Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park
  • Wat Mongkolratanaram Buddhist Temple

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Weekend: Connors Steak and Seafood,Franklin Tn

I know most of you ,weekend is important for me, to spend time with family and do things together. Basically, I run the show every weekend at home, plan where to go and things to do for the family. Hubby and I had open communication   and agreed  about our weekend.If hubby and I can't decide, then Little Travelentz will help to make a decision on our weekends.

Connors Steak and Seafood, Franklin, Tn is newly open restaurant in the area. It is located in Cool Spring where the Mall is. Hubby and I like to eat seafood and so Little Travelentz.It's our first time to dine-in, then, early dinner were my family option to beat the crowd.

The ambiance is inviting and the decor is more in modern industrial and rustic looking which attracts me. I would definitely plan to go back and bring my in-laws when they're around. Staff is friendly and accommodating and willing to help you- it is our first time, then they explain to us what's to order. The only thing we're disappointed  is about the  oysters-no option in-terms of how they cooked it like baked or grilled.

 Complimentary bread when we dine-in.It was good.
Crispy Calamari with their own zesty homemade  cocktail sauce
I don't eat it, hubby enjoyed the oysters by himself.

It was so good. Definitely will coming  back in Connors Steak and Seafood.This would be included in my favourite restaurants in Franklin,Tn.You can find my foodie adventure for more here.
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3 Tips to Hiring a Reliable, Reputable Mechanic

When your car is having trouble making it off the freeway, or you roll out of your driveway with a flat tire, the last thing you want to worry about is whether your mechanic is reliable or not. You want to simply know and immediately trust the person who is supposed to fix your car. But the reality is, there are mechanics out there who would rather make a quick buck with sloppy, temporary fixes. Lucky for you though, there are those in this line of work who fit the bill of both reliable and reputable, making your life a whole lot easier.
Read on for 3 helpful tips on hiring a reliable, reputable mechanic to work on, and ultimately fix, your automotive issues.

Look Towards Online Reviews

When service is good, customers will leave a beaming review for others. The same goes for when service is bad. Most of the time, you can check major automotive websites, like Meineke auto care, to gauge whether their mechanics will be a good fit for you and your vehicular needs. If you need to form your own opinion, go to an automotive care facility and ask to speak with the master mechanics. First impressions are usually spot-on, so you will easily be able to decide whether you trust your potential auto tech. You have every right to be picky.

Research Your Car

One of the biggest complaints from mechanics is that their customers know very little about their own cars. You drive it regularly. It is yours. You should know the basics of your own vehicles, like the year, make, model, and what’s under the hood. Most mechanics will also take the time to explain things to you about your car, but it is good to have general knowledge so you can follow along with what they say.

Start Small

If you are searching for a regular auto technician, consider taking your car somewhere for a basic tune-up. This is a small way you can gauge the reliability of a prospective mechanic without sacrificing your vehicle. Start small with something like a bulb replacement, oil change, tire rotation, or routine inspection.

It is completely within your power to ensure you hire a good mechanic; one who genuinely cares about your safety and the condition of your car. Luckily, they aren’t difficult to find if you utilize the aforementioned tips.
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Visiting Jaco, Costa Rica

The town of Jaco is on beach in Costa Rica. If you are planning a trip to Jaco, a website with information about accommodations and activities in the area will be very helpful. You can use this site to help you decide if you want to stay at an all inclusive resort Costa Rica or at a condo on the beach.

Fishing Packages

Your five-day fishing vacation will begin when a luxury van takes you from the airport to your condo or penthouse. If you purchase the luxury package, you will stay in a three-bedroom condo with an ocean view. Accommodations for those who purchase the premium package are in a four-bedroom penthouse. Both packages include two days of fishing and a day of relaxing. Your vacation will end with a trip back to the airport in a luxury van.

Surf Packages

Both surf packages that are offered include transportation to and from the airport in a luxury van. A five-night stay in a two-bedroom oceanfront condo and three surfing lessons are included in both packages. Yoga is part of one package, and you can choose an outdoor activity if you purchase the other package. These activities include mountain biking or horseback riding.

Family Package

Airport transportation in a luxury van is part of this six-day package. Your family will stay in a two-bedroom condo on the beach. Outdoor activities include riding a zip line in the rainforest and exploring beaches in an all-terrain vehicle. You will also see animals at a national park and relax on one of the country's loveliest beaches.

Romantic Package

If you are interested in a romantic getaway, you can enjoy a private dinner on the beach at sunset. A trip to a national park and a visit to a beautiful beach are also included. This six-day trip also includes a massage and a day to relax. A luxury van will take you to and from the airport.

Looking at these promotional packages on the website will give you an opportunity to learn about the variety of things to do during a vacation in Jaco.
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