Family day at Diamond Caverns,KY

It was rainy during our tour in Diamond Caverns
Family day at Diamond caverns is another exciting day for us. This time we spent our weekend at the Diamond Caverns,KY. The tour is about an hour  with guided tour. Actually, we love caverns, can you imagine the natural beauty of stalactite and stalagmite formation for  hundred years or more.Gosh!!! the formation is impressive and I will visit more caverns and I don't get bored doing it with  family.

Caverns we usually go are good for family adventures.I have 2 years-old and she enjoyed it.Me and hubby had turn to carry my little ones,if she's tired walking.

Inside the caverns is 58 degrees no matter what is the weather outside."Little M" is excited this time. She doesn't know really what to think ( What do you expect for 2 years old). Only she understood is we're walking and she loves it. She doesn't like if the tour guide would stop in one corner to showed us and explained about the formation of the caverns.

At the end of our tour,"little M'' noticed some formation of the caverns and we're happy to showed her what is outside the box. I know she can't remember all the places she visited but through all the photos I kept, one day she will say I want to go back here.

The reason Why I love to go in Caverns:

Diamond caverns has a lot of formation

Diamond Caverns has more formation.

Things you can't bring inside the caverns:
4.water or food allowed during the tour.
5. stroller

the beauty of cavern
Travel tips:

1.wear comfortable shoes for walking.
2.350 stairs scattered inside the caverns so make sure you can go up and down stairs. They have handrail so it is really safety.
3.bring your camera-they allowed to take photos inside but you can't use tripod.
4. Bring some jacket during the tour.Maybe you need it.

Hours of operations:
March 15- 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
October 31- 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
November 1-March 14-10:00 a.m-4:00 p.m.

1900 Mammoth Cave Parkway -
 Park City, KY 42160 - (270) 749-2233
Some stairs inside the caverns

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Family went to American Cave museums

Could you believe that the water will filled this cave if they have heavy rain that would last for many days.

Family went to American Cave museums for a day,we saw the advertisement on the road and we are curious about it.Hubby asked,are you  interested to checked the area?  I said yes.

Bad timing:
When we arrived, we immediately asked what time is the next tour-the tour guide said 5 minutes the tour would started but he said, we can't go underground it's all water because of the heavy rain during that week.We end up to purchase the tickets for historic tour.Our tour guide was friendly, knowledgeable about the place and ready to answers any questions.Actually he is not a boring tour guide,he's a person you would love because of his good sense of humor.
For more about Kentucky vacation and getaways, please check here:
Types of tour:
Well, as I know they offer 3 types of tour, "historic tourwill take you through one of Kentucky's largest & most scenic cave entrances to a subterranean river flowing over one hundred feet below ground,wild tour-is the caving adventure will take you  off the trail into the exciting and dark reaches of Hidden River Cave and sunset dome-you have the chance to see the largest room in Hidden River Cave."

Climbing up and down  stairs is always a  challenge for us-having a tot's who have a lot of energy.

travel  tips:
a. Climbing the stair-the historic tour requires a lot of stairs up and down  the same stairs.
b. Call before you go
c.  more in history and educational- ( base on our historic tour) 

Museums Gallery:
In our tickets Museums Gallery is included, they have some few displays and photos that will explain about the caves from Prehistoric  to Modern Cave Exploration. 
 the formation that you can see in the ceiling  is called stalactite-
To read more about caverns adventure,Please check here:

Hours of Operation:
Open daily from 9am - 5pm CST year-round,
9am-7pm Memorial Day through Labor Day weekends.
Closed Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve & Day,
New Year's Eve & Day.

119 East Main Street  Horse Cave, KY 42749
(270) 786-1466
I took a lot of photos:
For more about my Photography,please check here:

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Alligator Snapper at Aquarium Newport,Kentucky

This is a continuation in my previous post about Newport Aquarium,Kentucky. I just wanted to share you guys this little creatures that caught my eyes. I had never seen this Alligator Snapping turtle before.
 Facts about Alligator Snapper:

   life span in the wild: 20 to 70 years 
26 in
220 lbs 
   Group name:bale or dole
Alligator Snapper 
Glad I have a fast shutter and caught in the action

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Second stop at Newport Aquarium,Kentucky

This is our second stop at Newport, Kentucky last  weekend and we made it to Newport Aquarium . I was on  travel for a week that's why I don't update my blog if I am on vacation.Let me share you all my itineraries on our vacation.This time we're heading to North which is colder, so expect some snow and delayed.

 World River- For more about Aquarium check
What to expect in Newport Aquarium? 
Actually I don't expect anything if I go in Aquarium.Every aquarium is different and has its own uniqueness.I've been in aquarium for many times but I don't get bored going.The staff are friendly and very informative if you have questions.They offer different exhibits. The place is in a good size.

Our favourite exhibits?

Our favourite exhibits is the FROG BOG, is a playing zone for all ages of kids. "little M'' loves it she climbed through the tunnels,crawled in the tubes and sliding the sides. They have also a video game that kids can play by jumping on frog pads.Actually, we missed the time to watch  theater exhibits,

Address : Newport Aquariu

 1  Aquarium Way, Newport, Kentucky 41071

(859) 491-3467

Jellyfish Gallery

Cost for General admission: Single Entry
The cost of aquarium is 23 bucks per adult and 15.00  bucks for Children (ages 2 through 12) for a single entry. We had $ 2  coupon discounts, or you can get some of it in the rest area just look some coupons. If you don't like to do check any website for some printable discounts in advance.

Annual Pass Pricing
• $44.00 Adults • $38.00 Seniors (ages 65+) • $28.00 Children (ages 2 through 12)
What do you think about the price? By the way they're open 10:00 am to 6 p.m.Always check 
their website before you go.

souvenir we like
Do I want  to go back again?
Yes,the place is neat, good for family getaway, like us,who has 2 years old. The smile and excitement of my daughter every time where in the aquarium is worth million for us. So travelentz.com will find more things and places for family.

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First stop Newport,Kentucky

 Our first stop in Newport, to see the Aquarium,was not a good time.Our first stop was last October 2011 and we had no luck,15 minutes the Newport Aquarium would closed,we don't purchased the ticket yet.

The place has some to offer if you don't have a chance to see the aquarium. We walked around the place, dine in the restaurants and have fun in the mall.

It was gloomy.For more about Kentucky you can check here:

Things to do in Newport:

The Purple people bridge- The bridge connects Ohio and Kentucky across the Ohio river.  This is your time to shoot a bridge if you like.

Walk- in the river bank- is a nice place to walk along the river.

Riverboat  cruise- if you have time you can do the cruise with your family for an a hour, where the captain or  the tour guide will explain the history of the Ohio river and some part of Cincinnati. 

Newport Aquarium-this is the reason why we went in Newport, Kentucky.

Dine-in the restaurants-
            Mitchell's Fish Market
            Seafood Restaurant and Bar
            One Levee WayNewport, Kentucky 41071   
            (859) 291-7454 


            Brio Tuscan Grille- Italian food

            1 Levee Way Newport
            (859) 431-0900  

Live -band - during that time they have a live band in the complex, so check out the events before you go.
Accommodation- hotels according to your budget is around the place.

Newport levee Complex-where you can enjoy the shopping, theater, restaurants, game works and more. We pay parking space before we park our car. Valet parking is also available.

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Cheesecake is my hubby's favourite dessert. Once in a while I buy one slice for him and for me and make it a surprise dessert. I dunno how to make cheesecake from  scratch, so buying is easier and he gives me credit every time I do.Well, there's a saying "way to a man's heart is through his stomach".

I have a sweet tooth and  chocoholic, I always order any thing that has chocolate and makes me happy.

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Family bonding in Antler Hill Village & Winery tour

if you could see some kind of sign makes your life easy to find and decide where you want to go first.

We had a chance to bond with my in-laws and family in Antler Hill Village and winery tour. The best part in the tour is shopping and wine tasting. Wine  complimentary tasting i, so we don't missed the part of wine tasting and it's really good.The wine hosts are friendly and helpful. They're ready to help you if you have some questions about their wine and give you some recommendations if you need it. Hubby likes red wine-dry not sweets,and I do like white wine that is semi-sweets. Yeah! I have a sweet tooth.

view of the Bitmore inn

Other than wine tasting in winery, I bought
some dressings that I like and ate some sample goodies. We really had fun in our winery tour even my in-laws.
Winery Address:
1 Approach Road
                                                                 Asheville, NC(828) 225-1333

I like the gazebo, as you see people are just sitting,relax and enjoy the panoramic view of Biltmore.

After the tour in winery, we went to the village where we roam around and saw some exhibits like  Tiffany and Vintage Car on Display. The exhibit in Tiffany is impressive but you're not allowed to photographs inside the exhibits.

"It is global cuisine presented with Biltmore flair. Open daily for lunch, dinner, and late night entertainment."

Did I mention that Antler Hill Village & Winery tour is part in the Biltmore estate.

In this place "little m" is happy since she can ran around especially  when we went to farm life that made  in the early 1900s.
I like these flowers, it looks like a christmas tree.
I was inside the car when I took this photo.

Things to do in Antler Village for family:
a. Carriage Rides
b.Guided Horseback Trail Rides
c. Biking
d. relax and enjoy in their restaurants

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Cats make us happy

Imagine yourself having 5 cats, well I have 2 cats sometimes  I babysit my parents in-law 3 cats when they're on vacation.

Our  cats,can't get along  with my in-laws 3 cats except if they're sleeping and eating,other than that they're always fighting.This is their favourite room in the condo.I was surprised when I  saw they're in one bed and slept, so I took a picture and showed to my in-laws.

Actually cats are more territorial and you will hear hissing all the time if they're new in the place, but I love cats they're good company,playful and low maintenance.

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Fact about Orange hawkweed flowers

It took me a while to identify this flowers, till I remember my in-laws told me.I took this photo in our cottage during summer.

Do you know,the Orange hawkweed flowers is also called  Devil's-paintbrush, King-devil,

bouquet rouge. This kind of flowers have seen anywhere like in the roadside, edges of woods 

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Panoramic view of Biltmore house and garden

The Biltmore house
As I told before we visited the Biltmore during Christmas. The panoramic view of  Biltmore house and garden are spectacular.Indeed, it is a gem from the view,landscaping and architecture. Traveling with family is always fun with me,it's not just the travel but the memories that we gave to our daughter and educate her.
still in the Biltmore house

I love the scenery especially in Fall the colors are perfect.

during our tour there are no flowers since it is winter.

yours truly with "little m". Hubby took this photo.

Can you imagine to stay in Biltmore house and enjoy the  beauty of their garden with 255 rooms in the house?
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Things to do in Gaylord Opryland Resort at Nashville during holiday season

one of the restaurant of Gaylord Opryland

This is our second time that we visited the Opryland Resort.We usually went during the ice show.After the ice show we enjoyed the place.

Things to do in Gaylord Opryland Resort at Nashville during holiday season:
1. Ice show-this is  the reason why we usually go and enjoy the place.
2. Holiday Shrektacular-in 2011 they had a free musical show where we liked it so much, hope they have another theme for next year.
3. Eat- the restaurants are good and we love to eat there especially there pizza.
4.Enjoy the riverboat-we did the delta river boat  tour in Gaylord, and gave us an idea how the river made  and you can ask some questions.

5. Walk around the place and enjoy.
We missed the the Christmas lights this year because we went early and my little one is tired and crabby.
Yours truly posed in their christmas tree

How to get there: there are two ways to go there.In our first experienced we pay for the parking space around $15 plus tax. This year we're glad to know and  enter off of Briley Parkway at exit 11the where you can park in Opry Mills and it is free.

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Happy New Year to All of us

Happy New Year to all of us. 2012 is another year to look forward and I am excited this year, I dunno why, I just feel the excitement. My 2011 is been great, I travelled so many places as usual, did the road trip, vacation with my family here in State and of course the  down moment in my life.I am no different with other people in this world I have down side and challenges everyday.But I always look all the good things happen in my life and thankful until now my sanity is still intact.

I remember when I was studying in grade school I have to make my new year resolution after the christmas break. Hmmm, speaking of new year resolution, I ask my hubby what is his new year resolution, so he told  me what is it..heheheh, well it is secret, since he's not blogging. My new year resolution this year are:
1. Limit my time in facebook.
2. More time in blogging.
3. Improve my Photography.
4. Continue my self-study baking-I'm bad I stopped baking.
5. Finish my cross-stitch.I started my cross-stitch when I was pregnant, year 2008 until now is not done yet.

Well, that is only my few new year resolution, but my priority are my daughter and hubby.How about you,What is your new year resolution.
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