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Handy Tech & Gadgets For Driving Holidays

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Road trips are exciting and exhilarating, but if you’re planning on driving abroad for the first time, they can also be quite nerve wracking, especially as you become accustomed to driving regulations that are different than in the UK. Fortunately, there are some high tech gadgets available that can take some of the stress out of driving holidays, ranging from mapping devices to slightly more decadent drinks makers! Here are four of the best gadgets for any roadtripper:

Speed Detectors
Different countries have different speed limits, and some countries such as Canada even post limits in kilometres per hour rather than miles which can confuse some drivers, especially when driving across the border from the United States, where miles per hour is used. Speed detectors are handy little devices that can detect the correct speed limit wherever you are, and tell you if you need to slow down to comply with local laws and stay safe.

Some speed detectors can even alert you to speed cameras, reducing the risk of needing to deal with foreign law enforcement. However, it’s always best to keep your documentation to hand, and make sure you apply for an international driving permit if you’re planning to drive outside of the EU. As well as being a legal requirement in some places, the standardised license makes it easy to deal with foreign laws.

Sat Navs
Satellite navigations systems are the ultimate must-have gadget for any driving holiday. Preloaded with maps, it’s so simple to type in your intended destination and driving preferences, such as no motorways or toll roads, and receive an easy-to-follow route to where you need to be. Not only does this ensure you stay away from private roads and properties, it also saves you time by taking you on the most direct path.

If you’re renting a car abroad from a major car hire firm like National Car or Avis, you don’t need to worry about taking your personal sat nav with you, as you can hire these devices along with the car. You can rent other features too, such as a booster or infant seat if you’re travelling with young children.

Rearview Camera
When on road trips, some drivers like to hire a car that is the complete opposite of their normal, everyday commuter vehicle. In simple terms, they like to go big! While this may look and feel good, the problem comes when it’s time to park. Getting a large car into a small space isn’t easy, but it can be much simpler with a rearview camera.

Cameras mounted at the back of the vehicle allow the driver to easily determine where their car is headed, as well as see how much space is available for maneuvering. A parking sensor is also a good idea, with audible cues that tell you how close you are to another vehicle. These devices can be invaluable when reverse parking a car you’re not familiar with.

In-Car Coffee Maker

Finally, one quite bizarre, yet very useful gadget: the handheld coffee maker. Road trips can be tiring work, and while high doses of caffeine aren’t recommended, moderate doses can be very beneficial in providing short bursts of energy that keep you alert, making it safer to drive when you’re not at your peak.

Handheld drinks makers are non-electrical, making them safe to use, and are often compatible with a range of ‘coffee pods’ made by major UK brands. These machines are especially useful if you’re driving through open countryside or the Mojave Desert while driving Route 66, where coffee shops are few and far between.


  1. Very timely post for us Mhie, you are giving us tips since am planning for summer get-away in Canadian Rockies, we're wondering if auto/driver's insurance work in Canada or do we have to pay extra.

  2. Nice to know when travelling by car:)

  3. Ang high tech na ng mga car accessories ngayon, the best yun coffee maker! :)