Perfect Places for a Family Holiday in the UK

The UK has so much to see and do. Planning the perfect family holiday can seem like a daunting task, regardless of the many adventures waiting for you in the UK. Taking care of varied interests, different needs, and still keeping the costs reasonable is somewhat of a balancing act. Here are some ways you can spice up your family’s summer with some great options in the UK.

Large Holiday House in the Country
The UK countryside may be quiet, but it is where all the good stuff is hidden. From the forests of Nottingham, sleepy villages of York, and the hidden orchids of Oxford, you have so much to enjoy and sample. Large holiday homes end up being very cost effective ways of keeping your family together and maintaining your privacy, as well as freedom of schedule. 

While the overall price may seem daunting, when you consider the cost per individual, it almost always ends up saving you big time. Put up at a large self-catering home and take charge of your own diet and menu. Alternatively, hire a local chef to indulge you in the area’s specialties, leaving you free to enjoy your time with the family. 

Log Cabin in the Cotswolds
Set in the Cotswolds area of “Outstanding Natural Beauty”, the log cabins of the Cotswolds are a thing to behold. Located snugly inside the Cotswold Natural Reserve, these log cabins offer nature’s delights served up to you on luxury’s lap, perfect for a UK family holiday or weekend escape.

There are only seven exclusive cabins set around a beautiful lake, easily accessed from the log cabin itself. You can choose to drink in its sights from the comfort of your hot tub on the balcony, or venture in on a provided boat for a romantic boat ride. Alternatively, you can take long walks around the perfectly landscaped area, taking in the stunning sights and sounds of the 130 acre nature reserve. After the day’s adventure, relax in front of an open fire before retiring to your cozy bed lined with Egyptian cotton sheets: luxury galore. 

For more adventure, venture into the nearby towns, villages, and farmlands for lovely views. Indulge your senses with a tailor made food tasting tour by Taste Britain, and sample Cotswold’s finest cheese, bread, meats, and produce. 

Trip to the Scottish west coast
The Scottish west coast is provides some of the most rewarding experiences in the UK. Approximately 60% of the UK’s total coastline lies within Scotland, with close to 3,000 miles of glorious coastline within the western side of Scotland alone. 

With this area, one is spoilt for choice where to start off and what to do. A good place to start is Glasgow, the 4th largest city in the UK. Visit Glasgow’s famous ship yards, before heading inwards to explore centuries of history in her streets. Then head over to the Hebridean islands, for a glimps of the Corryvrechan Whirlpool, a dangerous collection of whirlpools. If your taste for adventure isn’t as daring, then head to Eigg and Rhum to catch sight of the delightful Minke wales. Don’t leave this area without going to Oban, the seafood capital of Scotland for local beer and a seafood platter. 



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