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Do you like collecting things?

My husband likes  collecting money in every country he traveled so I ask him why not include the rare coins i'm sure it will be a  challenge coins to have all of it. Well, he thinks about it maybe he will consider.

I'm sure all of us are collecting things.I personally  like collecting bling-bling and purse every time I traveled. I'm happy with it so hubby doesn't care. I like to collect things that's only bought during our vacation so everything has a story and I could see all the difference of style and uniqueness.

Why do you think people like collecting things?
In my opinion people likes to collect stuffs because:

  • satisfaction- people loves to collect and give them a satisfaction once they completed it. 
  • happiness- whether we like it or not people are happy once they see their collectibles. Like me every time I see my bling-bling and purse I remember all the good days I visited the place.Oh! how I love it.

Most common collectibles:
 Well, collectible things is all depend of the type of person but most people  the most common collectibles are:
  • coins/money
  • purse
  • stamps
  • stationary
  • postcards
  • figurine
  • dolls
  • toys
  • comic book
  • DVD/games
  • Christmas Ornament
  • Halloween Ornament
Collectibles are merely happiness of each person that gives  satisfaction.Some of the things are free or you have to pay for it. How about you, do you like collecting things?


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  1. Mahilig lang ako magumpisa Mhie. But maybe hobby books:)