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Why I know my daughter is ready for a ballet dance?

Why I know my daughter is ready for a ballet dance? Being a first time mom and new in a country is hard to adjust. Believed me it is not easy, all you know is learn everyday even in my mistakes. You don't know where to go especially in any activities for  kids. I research and call some of the learning school and attended some open house or try-out.

My daughter likes to tip toe:
 When I found a ballet school for my daughter, I ask some parent were are my friends now "why did they consider enrolling their daughter". We have the same reason why we enrolled our daughter in a ballet dance class because they want to walk tip toe and dance.

Basically, what they seen in TV influence them. I  enrolled my daughter in Ballet dance when she was 3 year old and  made some of her dance picture frames from her recital.

Benefits of Ballet on a young age:
In my opinion, Ballet has a benefits especially my daughter is a bashful. At the end of the program and even in her recital she is a different girl.

  • Confidence-My daughter is bashful and scared to talk to any people even to her teacher in the class. She won't answer whenever they ask her. After the first term of her ballet  class,we are all surprised,her confidence is beyond and e don't expect it. During her recital she dance well with confidence and i'm so proud of my daughter.
  • Focus-During the recital my daughter was really good and focus her part on the ballet dance.I know they taught them how to focus.
  • Follow simple instruction-My daughter started 3 year old but she knows how to follow instruction and listen to her teacher. For me it is important at the very young age she knows to understand and follow simple instruction.
  • Social skills-She gain friends and enjoy at the same time.
  • Free style-Before the recital there is a time that parents are allowed to watch what they're doing in the class. The teacher give them a free style were kids can dance on their own best dance style.

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  1. Maganda andg upbringing nya kasi Mhie. Meron sya na mabait at suportive na mother like you:)