Tips on How to Get the Best Car Rental Deals in Singapore

Today, many individuals are constantly finding it necessary to travel, either on business trips or for leisure purposes. If you fall in this category, car rental services makes it possible to enjoy your trips abroad without having to face the hassles that come with using public transport. High profile business persons can now seek car rental services to experience what it's like to travel elegantly and comfortably.
And this is especially important if you are visiting a city that you are not familiar with. Yes, you've booked a high end hotel where you'd love to spend your nights for the few days you'll be around, but a good and reliable car rental service is inevitable as it is a real basic need. It gives you the freedom to move around the way you want, plus you'll not arrive in meetings late because Exclusive Limo is always around the clock.
Even though the web has made it easier to find good car rental deals conveniently, this can turn out to be an uphill task especially if you don't know how to go about it in relation to the etiquettes you need to follow. The following are some relevant tips you can use to help you find your ultimate car rental service.
1. Definitely, you'll need a driving license on your part. If you are a tourist, you'll need an international driving license that lets you drive in all parts of the world. Car rental companies don't hand their cars to people who have not fulfilled this requirement.
2. If you are going to stay longer than 12 months, say you are working, then you'll need to convert your driving license with the traffic authorities after the stipulated time.
3. If you are traveling to a foreign city, always do your research online before settling for the best deal. Before finalizing, you must get at least 6 sites offering the same service. Compare their prices and services and settle for the one that appears to be the best. But the same procedure also applies when you search for a car in the real market. You can inquire from at least 3 car hire offices just to know the pulse of the market.
4. Don't go for last minute rush. Prior booking are cost effective and convenient for you. Early booking exposes you to numerous benefits, so you can choose your ultimate exclusive limo alongside many discount deal offers.
5. When seeking to hire a car in a foreign country, be ready to carry your passport, ID and driving license. Car rental companies want to ensure that they are only letting out their cars to individuals whom they know.
6. Check for any flaws or dents on the car before driving it away. This way, you won't get into unnecessary arguments when returning the car.
7. Return the car within the stipulated time frame. Car rental companies have a way of charging you for any delays, some charge for every hour that the car is not returned, others might charge you for the whole day.
8. Lastly, don't forget to request your deposit. In Singapore for instance, the deposit is anything between $50-$200.
The above tips will help you hire your ultimate exclusive limo hassle free and cost effectively. When you follow them, you will be sure to enjoy a smooth ride throughout your stay.
Johnny Lai is the owner of Exclusive Limo & Car Rentals; a Singapore’s premier luxury car rental and limousine company. They provide a complete range of transport services and our business philosophy of 'Quality Service to Customers at all times' ensures that we constantly strive to serve you with our best, and with a smile. Feel free to contact Johnny Lai at 9101 8983 for any queries.


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