5 photos you would love to see from Farm Alligator in St Augustine,Florida

One of the reason I want to visit zoo,aquarium,wildlife animals and nature is to introduce to my daughter and showed it in person. Sometime,if you're lucky enough they have shows and educate you about animals and nature. Most of those kind of attractions they allowed  you to pet or touch the animals in certain parts of the body with their supervision.

I was starting to bring my daughter when she was 6 month old in the zoo. Every time we went in the zoo,aquarium and wildlife animals she has different reactions. Now she is 4 year old and she enjoy so much and ask once in a while to visit those kind of animals.

When we went to vacation in St Augustine, we had a chance to visit the Farm Alligator and took many photos. I have 5 photos i'm sure you would love to see from  Farm Alligator.

I'm not sure what's the name of this bird.
Another type of Alligator
Morelet's  Crocodile
Another type of turtle
Goeldi's Monkey



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