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Must Haves: Essential Beginner Tri Gear

Preparing for a triathlon can be exhausting and strenuous, as well as exciting and fulfilling. If this is your first triathlon, you might be wondering what equipment and clothes you need to train in. The fact is, training in the same clothes and with the same equipment that you race in is the best way to ensure that you are the most prepared and the most comfortable for race day. When you purchase training equipment and clothing from a triathlon store, get the actual gear that you plan to use for the race itself.

The Biking
For the biking portion of your triathlon you will need:
  • Triathlon specific shorts and a top. Wearing these items underneath your wetsuit will aid you in a smooth transition. You could also purchase a tri-suit that is specifically made to be worn for all three events and is comfortable when swimming and running, with a thin cushion for comfort on the bicycle.

  • Bicycle specific shoes. You could also look for triathlon-specific bicycle shoes, which typically have 
  • Velcro straps, making them easy to get on and off.

  • A bike helmet. Any time you are on the bicycle, you will need to have the helmet on in order to comply with the triathlon safety rules.

  • A good quality bike. You don’t have to spend millions on your bike, especially if you aren’t sure that you will continue to do triathlons after this one, but even a couple hundred dollars can get you a decent ride. A road bike or a triathlon-specific bike are the ideal choices, and entry level bikes are fairly affordable . Your bike should be light and made from a carbon fiber material. Before you purchase the bike, test out the size and be certain that it is the right size for your body.
The Swim
There’s not a whole lot that you will need for the swimming portion of your triathlon, but it is essential that you get the right items:
  • A good pair of swimming goggles.
  • A comfortable swimming suit.
  • A swim cap (which is often provided by the triathlon officials).
  • A wet suit if you are swimming in cold waters. Even if the water is warmer, the wetsuit could aid you in buoyancy.
  • Vaseline. Applying Vaseline to your neck, armpits, ankles, and heels will allow the wetsuit to slide off a bit easier, helping your race time.
The Run
For the running portion of the triathlon, you can wear the suit you wore for biking, as well as the following:
  • Comfortable running shoes. If you are going to break the budget on any triathlon training equipment, this should be it. Having shoes that are comfortable, safe, and ergonomically correct for your feet is an essential part of the race.
Extra Items
After you have all of the necessities, there are some fun extra items that you could purchase if you had the means. They might just make the triathlon a little easier and a little more comfortable:
  • A race number belt to hold your race number.
  • Socks, if you prefer them.
  • Sunglasses, especially for the biking portion.
As you train, try out some different articles of clothing, shoes, and some different extras to learn what essential triathlon gear you need. You will soon discover what works the best for you, what is the most comfortable, and what will help you perform at the top of your game.


  1. this is a very good lists for those who's doing this thriathlon! i am exercising evryday. I do a bit of bike in the gym and bit of swim with my daughter and more of running

  2. i don't have plans of joining a triathlon but i do biking, so i make sure i have my helmet on. if ever i do join, i will put these in mind.

  3. very informative Mhie, thanks for sharing. I wear wet suit here each time we swim since our water even in the summer does not get warm, and the deeper we go, it gets colder too. but i never learned about using Vaseline in aiding to put on wet suit, I should try, since it's actually not easy to put the wetsuit, especially, if it is new. right now, my wet suit had loosened because of age ( 3 years of abuse), am thinking of buying a new one, and i know the Vaseline part will help me :)

  4. I wish I have the stamina and strength to do a triathlon. Very helpful information sis.

  5. my younger brother were thinking of working and be in shape for triathlon, he wants to achieved all the sports as long as he is still younger. which is a great thing, i should share this info with him.

  6. Wow! I've learned much today about Triathlon. Burt I too old na ata to join this event.

  7. So these are the things that would be needed in a triathlon. This is a very informative post.

  8. The only thing I know in a triathlon is to run...LOL. The biking and the swimming? Naahhh...

  9. I've watched Triathlon on TV and I can see that everything you mentioned are very vital to perform well. Thanks for sharing.

  10. How I wish I could participate into this kind of physical actities :) Mefyo sedentary ang lifestyle ko. Thanks for sharing the list.