Things to consider before traveling

I love to travel and it's one of my way of bonding with  family and friends. Living abroad and away with my family and childhood friends is kinda hard. I miss all the those old good days were  we are on the go all the time. Today,that I have kids it's far different and  more things to consider. Traveling with my acer laptop is my first priority as I can't live without a laptop. 

Things to consider before traveling:
  • Visa- Every time I plan to travel outside the country I first check the visa requirements  before I make any plans.It is important you consider the Visa before traveling abroad. Every country has its own requirements and policies. Even if you fly,by train and cruise they have its own policy  requirements.
  • Health-It is very important to stay healthy and not sick before your flight and check the travel health advisory before traveling. In my own experience I usually ask my doctor if there is some thing I needed to know before traveling.Like in cruise ship vacation you're not allowed to board if you get a contagious illness within a couple days and they would ask you before boarding.It is a protocol and you can't do anything or else you pay the consequences.

  • Money-Remember you can't bring a lot of cash and you're only allowed to bring a minimum of cash in every country as I know you're not allowed to bring more than $10,000 in cash. When bringing money make sure bring 100 bills  so the exchange rate is higher compare the 50 bills and  it is new and no writing or your end-up stressful. 
  • Credit Card-Some country would not accept foreign money when buying foods or any in the store.Most major credit cards are acceptable so make sure to bring one and check your credit card policy about foreign transaction fee. Like us we don't have foreign transaction fee so we're not worry to used our credit card in abroad.

  • Passport-Whether you go on cruise vacation or neighboring country make sure your passport would not expires within 6 months. Passport is one of the most important things before traveling so make sure it is safe and not expires.
  • Insurance-For me this is consider as one of the most important things you should have before traveling or purchasing any vacation and packages. It is your protection if something may occur before and during your vacation.
  • Taxi-Getting around in a new place especially if you are in tourist area is challenging. Hiring a taxi is your another option but some taxi's driver will take advantage on you so make sure you talk to him nicely and if possible ask him by meter and always check the meter if it is in zero or in a minimum price set.
  • Culture-We have different culture and beliefs. Respect and observe if you're in a new country.If possible research before you go on a new country about their culture. Always act with respect to the local people and you'll amazed how they would respond on you.Just remember " Do not Do unto others what you don't want others Do unto you"

Traveling is stressful without proper planning. Even if you plan if you're not flexible it is still hard. Remember your goal why you like to go on vacation or traveling. Once you let go what you have in your  comfort zone and enjoy the new environment I'm sure you will get into addiction of traveling.


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