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Beautiful Places For Beautiful Adventures

Petra - Jordan

Petra, the Rose Pink City is an extraordinary beautiful city with intricate architecture curved out of hard rock and full of exciting adventures, especially in the winding canyons. Follow the adventurous trails of the Nabateans along the tombs and buildings hewn from rock in this hidden city: the destination of many who visit Jordan.

This magical city can be accessed through the narrow Siq: an interesting gorge through hard rock, towered by overhanging cliffs on either of its sides. You will be transported to a whole new world as the rock formations and varied colors inspire you. The massive fa├žade will make you feel like a dwarf!

Take a walk in the Roman style theater and see the obelisks, temples, museums and sacrificial alters which will open a door to the past in your mind.

The Petra archeological Park which is also named as a UNESCO world heritage site is a must see: it is a breathtaking landscape of pink colored rocks within Wadi Musa.

Goa - India:

Goa has an endless list of adventures for those with a keen desire to keep their adrenaline juice flowing; from water sports, snorkeling, scuba diving, to go-karting. Take a trip to the Grand Island and be refreshed by the variety of the marine life or try diving in the Bogmalo beach. The Taj Exotica in Goa is the perfect place to let the worries of the world slide away.

Get thrilled by catching a huge fish on a boat or if you are truly daring enough you can indulge in deep sea fishing expeditions off the reefs of the Grand Island and Bat Island. When is the last time you felt like superman? Well hold that spear tightly and try aiming at that elusive fish.

The Mondovi River near Panaji is a great place for sightseeing dolphins and crocodiles, take a cruise down this river and you will never regret.

Go-karting is the resent trend in Goa, be thrilled in the ever winding twists and turns of the Margao Highway track at Nuvem which boasts of almost 500 meters stretch of hair-raising fun.

Marrakech  - Morocco

This is one unforgettable city in Morocco with fascinating sights, culture and unbelievably vibrant colors, tastes and smells. Get lost in the souks that sell sweet smelling spices, Berber lipsticks and even love potions. You may even be amazed by watching a donkey wash!

Venture into the bustling Jemaa El Fnma square and discover the entertainment of daytime story tellers and dancers at night, you may even try to charm a snake if you wish. You will be fascinated by the diversity of the people that visit the square: from exotic and gorgeous to the crippled and poor.

An amazing sunset beyond the Koutoubia Mosque will inspire you as the Atlas ranges turn pink in the twilight and the city streets smokes with grilled chicken and beef; as the music gains speed at the square.

You can now take a deep breath and soak yourself in the relaxing traditional Hammam with black soap. Cleanse your body in this age old practice after a long adventurous day visiting the museums and mosques.

These tips are courtesy of Tom, editor at Malta Holidays, which has its own beautiful things to see and do.



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