Friday night Light: Bruce Munro at Cheekwood,Tn

I've been at Cheekwood many times and every time I visited with my family or friends I seen different exhibits and activities which keep me going back every year. Last year we went the Treehouses exhibits with my parents-in-law. So far one of my favorite was the Chichuly exhibit and Light this year. It was one of a kind that I look forward to do things with hubby and parents-in-law. This year my parents-in-law has no chance to see the light show as they both busy and had limited time  when they come down in Tennessee.

Hubby and I spent friday night at Cheekwood, we arrived around 7 and the parking space are full. We parked outside the Cheekwood were they have a parking space if needed like this kind of events. I was so  excited like a child and the place is so romantic at dark with a combination of LED light and sound effects  as we looked around in the water-towers.It has an ethereal music was has been hanging throughout the audio speakers in every single tower and added such a real great ambiance.

Well, I have simple tips if you want to visit the Light: Bruce Munro at Cheekwood. It is not really a lot but maybe would give you an idea if you're planning to visit: The worst we forget is the bug spray-just imagine it. Actually is not really bad if you're not attracted with the bugs.hehehhe.
  • Bring spray bugs.
  • If you want a discount ticket: buy online ticket  in their website.
  • Bring your friends or family and have some picnic there. I seen people bringing picnic basket and  enjoy the ambiance with their friends or family.
  • the extended hour are Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings from 4:30  until 11:00 p.m
The exhibit looks like when  it is not dark:
The exhibit looks like when it is dark:
Blue Moon
Fagin’s Urchins
Light Shower
Bell Chandelier
We have had a great friday night light: Bruce Munro at Cheekwood,Tn. 



  1. So amazing to be there mhie. Fantastic pictures :)

  2. It's really a wow! Can't blame you why you were keep on coming back in that exhibit and gets excited all the time like a child. This one that I read is the first that amazed me so I assume the past exhibits was also amazing as this!

  3. I'm sure I'd be enjoying to watch the exhibit of lights and sound effects around the water towers. I am fascinated with the photos you have.

  4. Fascinating, no wonder why you keep coming back to see the place yearly because it is worth to go and experience the amazing exhibits.

  5. This is the first time that I see this kind of artwork, and I say - superb!!!

  6. I can't help but marvel at all the lovely photographs especially the capture of the garden. Simply romantic! I can imagine you feeling so excited like a young kid. Hahaha!

    We have the same exhibit here called "Vivid Sydney" where you will get fascinated with the display of lights and colors at night. Sadly, I failed to watch that in June. Hahaha! I hope to witness that next year :-)

  7. I have never seen quite a spectacular lights show like this.

  8. I only see light show at YouTube.And I really love them how much more seeing it live. Ganda ng place.

  9. Wow!!! Those are great stuff you've captured in photos, sis! I wanna see those in real! :D

  10. Ahhh gusto ko sa museum nato. I want to witness an exhibit in the dark :) The kast time I had an experience was grade school pa ak. Lol

  11. Wow talaga. That's so beautiful. The colors are so inviting.

  12. Wow! that view is breath-taking :-) I am in awe :-) I bet it is spectacular to see in actual :-) I have never been to TN yet, hope someday :-)

  13. Whoooaa, it looks truly amazing at night, awesome view!
    Will take note of your tip about the bugs, hehe! Though I know I wont be able to visit the place, ngek!

  14. Wow! I have never seen such view like this. I want to see it in actual... in my dreams, LOL

  15. I can't stop saying wow here!!! gee wish I could visit the place in this lifetime..you are so lucky for being able to travel a lot..thank you as always for the awesome virtual tour...truly amazing sights especially at night..those colors are so inviting!

  16. yay, back here ...checking if my comment went through last night, unfortunately hindi pala. anyway, this place looks awesome, must be really lovely to see those lights...i can't imagined my kids happiness if they will be given the chance to see this. :) the garden looks really great in daytime too. have a great week sis. :)