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Chichuly at Cheekwood,TN

impressive artwork of Dale Chichuly

I was browsing all my photos and deleted some of it, and saw some  photos taken in Chichuly at Cheeckwood in Tennessee. Gosh! it was beautiful and can't resist to blog it. We visited the Cheeckwood Botanical Garden, year 2010 where they had some exhibits about Chichuly.I forgot how much we paid, it was included the garden, the museum art inside the Cheeckwood Graden, and the exhibit of Chichuly.

About Dale Chichuly:Dale Chihuly is most frequently lauded for revolutionizing the studio glass movement by expanding its original premise of the solitary artist working in a studio environment to encompass the notion of collaborative teams and a division of labor within the creative process. However, Chihuly's contribution extends well beyond the boundaries both of this movement and even the field of glass: his achievements have influenced contemporary art in general. via: Cheeckwood

reminds me, today is the first day of Spring 2012
The artwork is impressive, I'm glad we don't missed the chance to visited,back then. Chichuly exhibits  offers in different museums and botanical garden displays around USA and Europe, so you might check your local museums and botanical garden if  the exhibits is there.

Chichully Nights:
We missed the Chichully nights in Cheeckwood garden,back then I have a month old baby that has schedule to put in bed.



  1. Ang gaganda nga ng artwork! Yeah, what are those made of? My fave is the second pic ;)

  2. Really impressive... this is a redundant... beautiful art captured beautifully in your camera. Double work of art! Ganda ng reflection sa tubig!

  3. Interesting shots. I like 'em all. ;-) ~SittieCates

  4. My! It is beautiful and very impressive. I have never been to Tennesse so it is nice to see photos of other places I have never been too as well. :) Beautiful! Visiting via TT.

  5. not only are they impressive, they are quite beautiful. thanks for sharing! visiting thru Tuesday Travels here.

  6. That's very interesting and really impressive-- wow! I'm sure I'll be amazed myself when I land on this place! :)

    Thanks for joining last week's TT! Please join again; this week's linky is now up! Hope to see you!

  7. beautiful beauty of the nature, beautiful pictures too :-) Dropping by from last weeks TT