Star Wars In Concert:Nashville

I'm sure you hear the Disney bought the "Star Wars"  and they're making the movie at this time. Yay! I can't wait to watch the Star Wars considering it is our family  favorite show series and we watched the Star Wars In Concert that held in Nashville and visited the exhibits in Alabama. 

Star Wars in Concert was pretty  amazing. The Conductor of an Orchestra was so good and they're showing some of movie clips from Star Wars  while they're playing the classical musics from the movie/tv series. It was my first time to watch the orchestra shows and I am glued in the concert.I was amazed how the conductor of an orchestra moves his hand and the tempo is beautiful.

I was browsing  and find the orchestra instruments at wwbw. I wish my daughter would find playing instruments is awesome.
The concert has an opportunity to have photos taken with some of the cast in Star Wars.



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