Glimpse of Australia

Australia has lots  a of things to see and do for all ages. Whether you are traveling or plan to stay in Australia you won't get bored. My sister has a chance to share me all the photos she visited and I called it "Glimpse of Australia". 

I never been in Australia but I am so happy to share you all these photos that she took when she visited the local place, attractions and etc. I wish sometime I live close by with my sister so we can both  travel like we do when we both single. Life is different now, she has her family to taking care and she traveled with her family at the same time. We get together last couple years when we both went home.Indeed, it is happiness to see each other with our kids and share things in common in life which is travel.You can follow my sister's adventure blog. She's been in Australia since 2009 and graduated in Information Technology in Sydney,Australia  last year.

Australia is famous with Natural Wonders, beaches,Kangaroos, Koala, Outback and more.

~Sydney Opera House~


~Saphire Coast,Australia~


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