5 Essentials for Serious Wakeboarders

More and more people are taking to the water to enjoy the sport of wakeboarding. There is a thrill associated with moving through the water at a fast pace on your feet. People of all ages can enjoy the activity, given that they have the right training and equipment, and follow general swimming safety tips. There are a number of items every boarder should have, such as wake towers, wakeboard racks, and a quality life vest. Here are five essentials to have if you want to get serious about the sport.
1.The Boat
Wakeboarding is literally impossible without a boat (Duh!). However, not just any boat will work. It should be modified in order to accommodate the sport. Even if your boat has pulled a water skier, you will notice that someone on a wakeboard has a different set of needs when it comes to the wake itself, as a boarder typically wants the biggest wake possible.
You can make modifications to most boats. Typically, a good tournament inboard means the boat will work well. Ski boats tend to have the right handling and power and simply need to be able to make the wake, which usually means adding weight. Many experienced boarders add bags of water to the boat to weigh it down. A good place to start is to add a bag of water on either side of the engine, increasing the weight by at least 600 pounds. This can add as much as a foot to the wake.
An extended pylon can really help a wakeboarder catch air. These poles actually give the rider a big pull without the individual having to exert a lot of effort. If you are just learning, you may not need an extended pylon just yet, but for those looking to really make waves, it is a must.
There are several materials that lend themselves to a zero-stretch rope. Look for ropes made of spectra, for example, that will almost appear to be shoestrings and are very lightweight. Most standard ropes are 60 feet, which is 15 feet shorter than the ropes that water skiers use.

Getting the right board can make all the difference in your riding experience. People dedicated to the sport all have their own boards, as it enables them more comfort every time they are on the water. There are constantly new models on the market for boarders to try. There are a number of factors that affect the way a board rides, so users should always take that into consideration before making a purchase.
Boots are not meant to be shared. Each set of boots should comfortably fit the rider and should perfectly match the board. Boots are preferable to surf straps, as straps are adjustable and outdated. Look for a high-tech model with a good reputation or even custom-made options.
While there are many more items that wakeboarders should have, these five items are among the most important when it comes to buying wakeboard boat accessories. If you are ready to really hit the water, make sure the boat has been properly modified. The right pylon and ropes will ensure you get the hang time you are looking for, and a good board and pair of boots will add to your safety and your comfort.



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