Explore Tennessee: Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park,Nashville

Tennessee is known as a Country music in USA-one of it is Elvis Presley so one of the best place to visit is the Country Music Hall of Fame that is located in Nashville. I did not visit the place yet-husbnad is not interested -hopefully one day I can drag him  to see what is inside the Hall of Fame.

I go up in downtown Nashville during Farmers Market and I really want to see what is all about. To be honest I don't mind going back there-After I bought a little bit of everything what I want, we saw at the back the Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park, Nashville so we decided to look around the place.

It is neat and I don't mind going back and enjoy the scenery plus walking. 
The view
Fun things to do
The Wall History
History are all over the Park
Peaceful and so relaxing.
Beautiful piece of arts
Our time was worth spending in the park. I would love to go back there during fall season and enjoy the beautiful colors.


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