Snuggle-up: Best Cities for People who Love the Rain and Snow

Millions of Americans are complaining about the weather as relentless sleet and snow blanket the country's South and East Coast. However, there's also a very vocal minority relishing the extreme weather conditions, which give them a chance to snuggle up with loved ones, hot chocolate, and a good book. If you prefer spending your time in the great indoors, these American cities are best places to live.

Kona Hawaii

~Volcano, Hawaii, is America’s Soggiest City~

Many people mistakenly believe that Seattle, Washington, is America's wettest city, but Volcano, Hawaii actually takes that honor. The tropical island village usually enjoys more than 240 inches of rainfall every year, compared to just 36.15 inches in Seattle.
Volcano is famous for its volcano, Kilauea, and its lush green rainforests, but the rain is what most visitors remember. Sometimes it's just a soft mist and at other times it’s a generous downpour. There are occasional breaks of sunshine, but they never last too long so residents and guests can enjoy plenty of snuggle time indoors.

~Mobile, Alabama, Gets a Soaking~

In fact, Seattle isn't even the wettest city in the 48 contiguous American states. You might be surprised to know that title belongs to Mobile, Alabama. It gets around 67 inches of rainfall every year, nearly twice the amount that falls on Seattle. That rain falls over around 59 annual days, which amounts to roughly two months of wet weather.
With all that rain, it's a good thing that Mobile is famous for its museums and historic homes, which can all be enjoyed no matter what it's like outside.

~Syracuse, New York, is America’s Snowiest City~

The rain of Volcano and Mobile comes coupled with subtropical weather conditions. If you love to cuddle up inside, you're better off in Syracuse, New York. This chilly city typically receives 126.3 inches of snow every year, more than five times the American average. The city has even taken home the Golden Snowball, awarded to the Upstate New York city with the most snowfall in a season, nine times in the last decade! If you love snuggling on a snow day, then Syracuse is where you should be.
No wonder Syracuse is also home to the world's biggest snow plow, a 32-foot bladed monster used to clear the white stuff at Hancock Airport, where Syracuse's snow is deepest. Its enormous blade can clear 8,500 cubic yards of snow in just an hour.
~Erie, Pennsylvania, Challenges Syracuse for Snowfall~
Syracuse might have the most average snowfall in America, but this year Erie's coming out on top. The Pennsylvanian city is out in front in the newly expanded national Golden Snowball competition with 115 inches of snowfall for the 2013-2014 season. That's 15 more inches than they've seen in Syracuse.

If you think that's impressive, cast your mind back to the turn of the century, when a whopping 149.1 inches fell over Erie. The city's ski and snowmobile businesses are booming, but the icy weather in Erie's also perfect for snuggling under a blanket indoors.

If cuddling up on the couch is your idea of heaven, these American cities are perfect for you.


  1. not planning of spending any more snows i would prefer warm weather, i guess it's best to have sweat dripping rather than freezing it for the longest time.

  2. I want out of here hahaha. I'm nowhere close to Syracuse, but we do get our more than fair share of snow :-)

  3. I like the sound of hot chocolate and a good book. Personally, I'd rather soak up in the sun though.

  4. Maybe i could only stay up for a mere try but to stay forever in snowy place? I cannot consider i cannot tolerate cold for too long so i would still prefer the sunny days.

  5. hmmm, i wonder how long would I last staying indoors, haha, I am very much of an outdoor person, but good to know there are places for people who loves to snuggle.

  6. Unfortunately I don't like snow, and rain's only OK when I'm all snuggled up and warm indoors. Interesting list, though!

  7. Hawaii is one of the many places I would love to visit somedaY.

  8. The soggiest city is difficult if you just commute. Hehehehe! I can relate because it's very hard here in Cebu if it rains.

  9. I wanna visit the snowiest cities of Syracuse and Erie! Even though it may seem impossible for now but maybe soon will do.. :D

  10. Oh my!! No more snow please... rain??? well, I can take that! I do love to just watch TV on snowy days, that is if I'm not working... and just play with my boys...

  11. I love to snuggle and just enjoy the cold weather, but I wonder how much they pay for electricity as they need spin dry their clothes all the time!

  12. I've never been to any of those cities but it would be good to visit but not to stay. I don't like cold weather and rainy season. Hawaii is one in my bucket list though.