5 Awesome Hobbies You'd Take Up if You Lived in America

The United States of America is the largest area of land in the entire world with open borders, and so it’s unsurprising that people have much more choice when it comes to selecting a hobby to keep them occupied. Nowhere else on earth is it possible to find both deserts and arctic temperatures in the same nation state. With that in mind, today I’m going to fill you in on some of the coolest and most exciting hobbies you’d definitely try if you lived in this great country. Don’t get me wrong, they aren’t all suitable for everyone, and those with physical disabilities might find some of them almost impossible. However, every activity I’m about to mention is incredibly fun, and guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

So, whether you’re considering emigrating in the next couple of years, or even if you just fancy taking a holiday over there sometime soon, you should pay attention to all the hobby ideas I’m about to list, just in case you have the opportunity to take part in the future. I can personally recommend them all, as I’ve tried them myself a number of times.

1 - Shooting

As guns are mostly legal in America, deciding to take a trip to a local shooting range is often a wise move. Here, you’ll be able to try out lots of different firearms, and practice your targeting skills in a safe and friendly environment. Just be warned, you might like to pick up some cheap ammunition before heading down to the range, as bullets and cartridges can be very expensive.

2 - Dune Buggy Racing

If you’re more of a desert eagle, then getting involved with a dune buggy racing team could provide all the thrills and excitement you’re ever going to need. Make sure you buy some suitable safety gear though, as this one can be a little dangerous at high speeds.

3 - Surfing

Obviously, you could go surfing in the UK or Europe, but the water’s going to be very cold, and wave quality is very unpredictable. In certain states of America near the coast, the water is warm, and you’re always guaranteed to find perfect waves.

4 - Hunting

In most European countries, hunting any animal is all but banned, however; this isn’t the case in the US. There are many endangered animals you should avoid killing, but for the most part, hunters are given free range in designated forest areas, meaning those targeting skills will come in useful.

5 - Basketball

For whatever reason, the sport of basketball has never made it across the pond, but in America it’s one of the main activities fit and healthy people engage in. You don’t need to travel to a leisure centre or become a member of a team to play, far from it. Most towns and cities have public outdoor courts available for usage at any time.  

Well my friends. You’ve read about some of the coolest hobbies you’d take up if you lived in America, so now it’s up to you to ensure you have the best possible experience whenever you finally fly across the Atlantic.

I hope you have an amazing time!



  1. I think basketball is really popular over the world though baseball and football may even be more popular in the US.

  2. I think surfing would be great in places like Florida. Thanks for the interesting list of hobbies to take in USA.

  3. Surfing would probably on the top of my list, haha!

  4. I really love to learn how to surf. Not only it's a good exercise but it is a fun thing to do with my sons.

  5. Shooting scares me although I go with hubby when he practice shooting lol.

  6. If I live in the US, I'd be one happy arts and craft enthusiast because US supports that area and has plenty of community and shops selling arts and crafts stuff unlike here. Another hobby I may pick up is sightseeing and hotel-hopping for my reviews. :)