Money Saving at the Zoo

If you are taking your family to the zoo, chances are you are ready to spend a bit of money on fun at the zoo, but there are ways to save as well. Keep your eyes out for the exciting deals that are available, and you’ll be able to enjoy your time at the zoo, with less strain on your budget. Enjoy a trip to the zoo with a family of any size, as with so many things there are to spend money on, it’s a jungle out there

~Buy Tickets Online & Save Money & Time!~

 Online tickets are an easy way to save money while purchasing tickets to the zoo for your family. Just simply go to the venue’s website, and you will see the tickets available, sometimes with special promotions, just for online purchasers. Make sure you print the confirmation information, or bring a smart-device with you, so that you can scan in per the regulations of the ticket office at your local zoo. It’s important to make sure you don’t have to re-purchase the same tickets for your family, when you get to the gate and realize you didn’t bring the confirmation number.

~Age Discount Pricing~

 Knowing the differences in the ticketing price is important as children, adults and seniors usually have different pricing.  If you are bringing a mixed group, check with the zoo’s website, and see if they offer any specials for different age groups. Often, they have group pricing as well, so this may be an option, depending on the size of your family or group trip.  Make sure to see if there are special deals for the kids, or interesting cinema-stations for the older folks visiting with you. Venue website have all this information, and you’ll be able to get a great deal, and plan your trip even more affordably.

~Free Shows  & Admission Promotions~

To drum up business to particular exhibits at the zoo, there will be special promotions available for limited-time only. Plan your family visits to the zoo taking advantage of these promotions, and you will see the newest exhibits, at only a portion of the cost.  Whether it is a free movie showing, or maybe a deal on a special elephant exhibit, or a free themed birthday party, make sure to check out the zoo’s special promotions, and when they expire. Plan your trip round the promotions, and save! 

~Eat at Home, Bring Snacks~

Resist the urge to buy lots of food at the zoo, and instead pack several healthy and portable snacks with you and your family.  If there’s a special treat your family likes to enjoy at the zoo, make it something you can bring from home, or instead limited it to only one special item you purchase there. Bring portable snacks, and eat breakfast or lunch before you come, as some zoos do not accept outside food into the park. Most will have picnic benches, or areas to rest and enjoy snacks with your family.

~Become a Member~

Adding a zoo membership may be right for your family, if you plan to visit often, as the perk packages will be geared to benefit the multi-time visitors.  If this is right for your family, by purchasing a zoo membership, you will be able to save on special events, get premium access, and often save on parking and transportation fees as well. While you plan your visit with your family, research the membership, and see if it is something of benefit, as the membership packages will include special members-only coupons, and goodies for the little ones.


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