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Seven Reasons to Holiday in Kavos

Corfu's main party resort, Kavos, was once just a small fishing village, but has since become one of the hottest clubbing destinations in the world. Although the nightlife is the main attraction, just about anyone looking for a summer holiday that’s packed with fun should definitely consider a week in sunny Corfu.

If you're not convinced that a trip to Corfu is what you need this summer, here are seven excellent reasons to consider a holiday in Kavos. 

 Kavos may be famous for boozy nights, but during the day you will be able to take in the scenery. The area has a natural beauty that will take your breath away; from golden sandy beaches to the crystal blue waters, this Greek island is absolutely stunning. 

 Whether you’re looking for traditional Greek cuisine or something closer to home, you’ll be able to find it in Kavos. There are hundreds of bars and restaurants serving up a vast array of cuisines, from Mexican to Thai and everything in between. 

 Kavos is the Greek party hotspot. It is one of the biggest clubbing destinations in Europe, so if you’re up for partying all night and sleeping all day, this resort is definitely for you. There is a wild atmosphere at night, with the big clubs, such as Future-Atlantis, Limelight and Venue opening in the wee small hours. 

 The shopping in Kavos is fairly limited as most of the shops are targeted at tourists, so you’ll find plenty of souvenir and clothing shops. However, if you do visit Corfu Town, just a 30-minute bus journey away, there are plenty of places for shopaholics to get their next fix. 

 One of the biggest reasons that Kavos holidays are so popular with British holidaymakers is the weather. During the summer seasons, this Greek resort boasts 12-13 hours of sunshine per day, with temperatures averaging around 25°C. 

 The main draw to the five miles of beach is the water sports. Whether you’re a professional water skier or just fancy having a go at something for the thrill, you’ll have plenty of fun on the water. 

 Why not take a break from the relentless partying to enjoy a little culture? Kavos isn’t all about the crazy nightlife; the area also has a rich heritage to be explored. Whether you fancy taking a trip over to the island of Paxos to take in the scenery or would prefer to visit Corfu Town, which is home to a number of archaeological sites, the choice is yours.


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