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Ripley's Ghost Train Adventure in St. Augustine,Florida

In our first day in St. Augustine, hubby saw some fliers about Ghost tour so he decided to book the tour on that night. There are  some choices or route you can pick, but we chose the train ghost tour included the Ripley's Believe it or not in the itinerary.

Investigate the paranormal activities:
They will give an EMF ghost meter for everyone and laser pen for each family member. It was fun and not creepy at all.Its a kid's friendly they bring us at the 3 places. 

First stop of Ripley's Ghost Train Adventure:
We enjoyed the first stop. They decided to divide the tour  since the train was almost full into two so everyone would have a chance to investigate and enjoy the place. The story was interesting and my family enjoyed investigating the paranormal. Did we see a ghost? Just find out when you're there. 

Second Stop: Cemetery
We didn't enjoyed this stop and its kinda boring and we didn't understand what was the story and how it become a paranormal. Actually it was distracting and  we just standing  outside the cemetery were its along the road and you can hear some people who are out there.

Third Stop: Ripley's Believe it or not:
This is my family's  favorite stop, the story was interesting and creepy. Don't forget to stay with your friend's or family perhaps the ghost  is in your side.hehehe.Make sure to hold your husband's hand and not the ghost.



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