Cruise Control: Family Luxury aboard Ships

Cruises are an often misunderstood holiday for those who have yet to take the plunge and step on board. It may come as a shock to many, then, that a cruise vacation is swiftly becoming a family’s preferred choice of relaxation and exuberance.  The days of cruises being a retirement excursion are gone and the modern day cruise ship is a place of variety, excitement and family fun.
On board a cruise liner you will find luxury and relaxation coupled with plenty of ways to keep the smaller members of the family entertained. Kid-friendly cruises come with children’s clubs, where your offspring can search the decks on an exhilarating treasure hunt, or dive for gold in the ship’s swimming pool.  Many cruises have wild water slides on board, which are guaranteed to evoke screams of pleasure from the kids, whilst the parents catch a few rays by the side of the pool.
As the sun dips into the sea at evening time, the fun doesn’t stop; a whole host of entertainment is on show for both child and grown-up, leaving the whole family feeling stimulated and involved.
Luxury is found in the cabins, in the food and in the top notch service. When you take the family on a cruise ship, you allow them to experience pure extravagance, with plenty of merriment.

Cruise options:
A fantastic first-time cruise to try with the kids is the Carnival Legend, from Co-operative Travel Cruises, which drifts around the Mediterrean, catching the rays from May to October.  You will get to experience the sights of Venice, where the kids can be entertained with a Venetian ghost hunt. Adults can woo their other halves on a gondola ride, or experience some of Italy’s finest pizza together. 

Barcelona is a stopping point on the trip; this beautiful city is dripping in culture but still has with plenty of activities to entertain the children. Try taking them to the zoo or the aquarium, or let them gaze upon the twisted spires of the unfinished Gaudi Cathedral, whilst you educate them on what they’re seeing. Barcelona is a city that is a playground for children, so their involvement is encouraged.
 Co-operative family cruises offer a range of options for families looking to experience a different type of holiday. Working with P&O and Carnival, they can offer a package that will delight and entertain both young and old. A full range of cruises can be found on the Co-operative’s website where you are sure to find one to suit every family.


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