First Day of Summer: Bike trip with the family

Today is the first day of summer and were thinking a bike trip with the family every weekend. Though we have to get up early to do this kind of activity and avoid the heat as possible. We done some bike trip lately in  parks that has a a bike trail. Even I want to bike everyday in neighborhood is kinda hard for me because I have to put my bike at the kuat bike rack so I need to wait my husband to do it.

Bike rack:
Considering I live in the city the only option I have is to find a bike trail in the neighborhood and it requires a bike rack to transport our bikes.

How was it:
I enjoy spending time with my family. Though I'm not as fast as hubby to ride a bike at the end of the trail  he has to wait me to make sure we were the same trail. At first it was a pain but when I used to it I have fun and its good for a our health. My daughter enjoyed her ride with her daddy.

Fall bike trip:
Last fall we have some day trip in the neighborhood parks and we bring our bike since hubby loves to do this kind of activity.The park was beautiful and has a lake at the same time.



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